How to migrate a blog from La Coctelera to WordPress

The fact of the features and virtues of WordPress is motivating many renowned bloggers to migrate to this platform.

The Shaker is a system of creation of blogs very simple but when it comes to wanting to migrate the system to a WordPress blog, things get complicated. Well, Blogstudio in the process of moving the blog of Chica de la Tele ( the wife of Enrique Dans ) made a little script that facilitates the most delicate issue – the content and its insertion into the new database. And for the joy of all of us they have published the script, which you can download from this link .

Readers tagging posts? tag this

A rather peculiar plugin is tag this which allows readers to tag posts something that can be quite useful for some blogs, it's really something new and I'd like to see a blog with this system working.

Its operation is simple, by allowing users to tag the posts, and when a tag number reaches the stipulator by us, the post appears tagged.

Example: imagine this post , and that we have the active plugin, so I configured that if five people taguean a post with the same word (plugin), it appears as a tag.

One of the points against is that it requires PHP5 to work, although there are plans on the part of developers to make it compatible with PHP4 .

It also requires WordPress 2.3 or higher, I do not think that's a problem.

Hacked the Yahoo CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart – Fully Automated Public Turing Test to Separate Humans and Computers) is that box that we find in many blogs and registration services for avoid receiving SPAM of atomized systems .

If you use a system of these in your blog you should know that it is possible that soon only Akismet can stop the unstoppable concern of spammers to fill your advertising blog and comment soeces.

In addition, since the CAPTCHAS recognition engine has been published on the network it is possible that similar applications are developed, even suitable for novices. A real threat.

WordPress in Spanish

Thanks to Xema I found out about a new WordPress blog in Spanish that started on December 7, 2007.

 amadou_logo.gif The blog aims to offer a ] distribution of WordPress translated into Spanish but not only the localization file but a complete package with useful themes and plugins included in the zip. In addition to that they also have a download area especially functional (the truth, I loved it) where you can also upload your themes and plugins translated into Spanish.

From here we will be happy to share efforts and experiences with WordPress in Spanish, supporting this content niche in which the Spanish-speaking world is very poorly represented.

Publishing on the blog from Firefox • WordPress Help

I recently discovered a wonderful application for Firefox that can replace the usual editor in a blog or any other service that offers an editing system for posts, articles or similar. [19659002] What Xinha does is open in a place of your choice (bottom or new window) a very complete visual editor that you can replace the WordPress editor without having to touch code in the installation of your Blog .

In addition to the usual buttons it has advanced functions that will allow you to do the code with the code without having to type a line of it. Moreover, this article has been written with Xinha and proven some of its functions as …

Template in Spanish – IndoMagz • WordPress Help

IndoMagz is a theme premium magazine style with 2 sidebars, ad space, customizable homepage and more features. Includes the PageNavi and Breadcrumb plugins .

In the zip you have two folders, themes with the folder indomagz that you must upload to wp-content / themes and plugins with the plugins folders (optional) that you can upload to wp-content / plugins .

Interview with Andres Nieto ( • WordPress Help

Taking over from Guillermo and his stupendous interview to Hernán de CodigoGeek I present the second interview of this series, in which I have the honor to introduce you to Andrés a reference in the Hispanic blogosphere, so we started with the interview that I did and that I recommend because in addition to having a good time you will learn a lot.


Andrés, to begin, tell us something about your career as a blogger that you want to highlight, your blogs, if you have other than the principal one we know you for or if you participate in a separate project.

As a blog:
and many earrings of ter Minar

Why did you start the blog? What goals did you have? and tell us if they have been fulfilled.

The initial idea was to make me a kind of in which I would add what I discovered by documenting it so that after a few months I could understand and remember what it was. The truth is that it has been fulfilled, because in my daily work I use infinity of times to the posts written in these 2 years and I usually find what I'm looking for.

How many entries do you usually make weekly on the blog? Do you publish some programs?

Well lately I'm being quite irregular, I like to write at least 1 a day, and that would be 7 a week. But there are weeks in which I write 7 per day, which makes it 49, … so there is no specific number. Generally I do not program them, and it is because of the idea of ​​the blog, as I am introducing things that I am discovering I can not use the posting system to the future, but I keep them in a kind of TO-DO list to be written

Do you have a comment moderation system or spam control? Tell us something about your theory about it.

I am currently using Akismet, to control SPAM and a hidden field system that Emezeta published . Currently I receive about 10 SPAM a week, something that makes me happy to remember the 200 a day a year ago.

That data is impressive Andrés, I'll have to try it because 10 SPAMS per week in a blog like yours is all a milestone 😮

By the way, why do you use WordPress? And what version do you currently use?

In the first week of the blog's life, I used SpynBlog, a blog system that I developed myself, but it lasted a week. I spent too much time covering the needs of the blog and not writing what I needed to do. Since then I decided to look for a comfortable and above all easy to use system that would let me arrive and write without having to worry about anything else. I am currently using 2.3.2.

Have you used other publication systems other than WordPress? What is your impression about them? (if you have used any) and why you chose WordPress.

Well, I have tried many, but I have never used others with as much intensity as I have with WordPress. The most used was PHP-Nuke, years ago and the impression was to be in a battlefield where any time you could get a shot, I mean total insecurity.

What options or added envy of other CMS and Would you like to see in WordPress, or simply, what do you think WordPress is missing and would make your life easier? and also, if it is not too much to ask, take advantage and tell us what you hate about WordPress if there is something

A WordPress, it lacks many things, but thanks to the flexibility of the plugins, we can expand the ones we already have and provide new ones. I think perhaps the most urgent would be a system that allows more expert users to disable fractions of WordPress in a simple way allowing to reduce memory consumption and polish the resources consumed.

Going back to WordPress … What plugins Do you use and why?

Well, I'm currently using about 5-6 plugins, only the ones I really need.

  • Akismet: Because SPAM has to be fought 😀
  • 1blogcacher: An excellent plugin that allows you to cache the pages in HTML format and lighten the server for recurring requests.
  • MultiUploader 4 WordPress: I try to complete the posts with many images, and upload them all in one go is essential.
  • AuthorFeed: Initially I used it to put the favicon of the blog in the feeds, now I use it to accompany it with related articles.
  • Share it (Share This): I found it useful to have a system to be able to add the posts to the most used social bookmarks

They are very few, if I give you the list of those who use insurance you are scared 😀

As for the template you use, is it free or paid ?. Why did you choose it? Have you made any modifications and what?

The template that I am using has been developed by me, and needs a change. I thought I needed a clear design that would make reading easier. That the images do not load too much the view of the reader and that it covers my needs.

Your blog is tremendously popular in the Hispanic blogosphere, did you perform any positioning action (SEO) to publicize the blog?

No, I did not need it. The validated and moderately semantic code guarantees you a "good" position. Anyway, it's not something that takes away my sleep.

Well, that and the content, everything an obligation to read for any blogger, of course.

Let's go with the taboo subject … What advertising system do you use and Why did you choose it? Does it offer you the income you expected? Have you tried other advertising systems?

I am currently using Adsense, although a few months ago I used Text-Ads-Links. The income obtained cover the costs of the server and allow me some caprice a year, will not allow me to stop working, but they are enough.

Well, I know how you got the iTouch it was paid by Google 😀

By the way, do you have training and / or knowledge of web programming? which? Have you been useful for your blog?

No 😛 … it's a joke, now really, thanks to that a few years ago I was managing a mobile phone community and I was forced to have to dig into the insides of PHP-Nuke and PHPbb , knew the code of the CMS of the time. Moving from them to WordPress was not a big change. The day to day gives me more knowledge and little by little I'm training for my work and the blog, because luckily or unfortunately, the path I've chosen involves being aware of the trends every day, not to say minute by minute

This would have been cover story. One of the blogs with more and better programming information is the good guy from Andrés who does not know how to program : mrgreen: "class =" wp-smiley "style =" height: 1em; max-height: 1em;

Andrés, Do you use the WordPress editor regularly or external editors? if it is the latter, which one do you use and why?

As an editor, I am using Xinha Here! an extension of WordPress that generates a pretty clean code and is very convenient to use since allows you to have the browser open as if it were a new window and change the tab without losing the content.

Look, in this we are similar because I use Deepest Sender, very similar to Xinha, which curiously I have a post scheduled for tomorrow

My question capciosa: What operating systems and browsers do you usually use and why?

Well depending on the work Windows + Firefox and at home Leopard + Firefox.

We agree on both elections, but for what is not blogging I prefer Safari, faster to navigate.

Do you think you have mastered WordPress or would you like to learn something you do not know how to do?

Unfortunately in this life we ​​can not dominate anything, because there is always something that we need to know. So yes, I would like to know many more things, I will be attentive to what you publish 😉

Look, it will be a pleasure to have you as a reader, especially when your blog has been and is a daily reference for us. I hope we know how to satisfy some of your needs as well.

Finally, as WordPress Help is an eminently practical blog I would ask you to share some tricks or advice on WordPress

Well, 4 tips better than 1.

  1. Always have only the plugins you are using.
  2. Add an empty HTML file called index.html in the wp-content /, wp-content / plugins /, wp-content / themes folders.
  3. Check the database every week ( or every day, depending on the amount of data you move) and optimize the tables (or that is done automatically)
  4. Stay informed about the new versions of WordPress and all the plugins.

Well, nothing more, Andrés, many Thank you for your time, and especially for the fun of your answers and good advice. I can not help but invite our readers to visit your blog aNieto2k .

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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