FeedBurner will be integrated into Google accounts

Some time ago, Google bought FeedBurner . And it was clear that sooner or later FeedBurner would be integrated into Google accounts.

"The first steps will be seen in the coming weeks by a certain group of elected people, which will be given the possibility to continue with your accounts or migrate them to your Google accounts. "

In addition, a complete migration of all accounts is planned later. The problem comes, that they themselves have stated in their blog that the migration will be carried out if or if . For that user who does not want to change, they give the possibility to redirect the feed to its source.

Thanks to this, we will have greater integration with other services of Google . In Genbeta go a step further and think that "perhaps the most important" is with Google AdSense .

This integration is not only going to be done with FeedBurner if not also done with Measure Map . They have already sent an email to all their users warning of the need to migrate the accounts to Google if they wish to continue receiving the service.

Plugin to create personal icons of Feedburner

The icons, or chicklets, of Feedburner are really useful. Not only offer you a way to show the number of subscribers to your RSS feed but also link to your feed, fulfilling double function. Now, the possibilities of personalization pass only by the choice of colors and, with a little trick, change the name shown .

With Feed Count , a plugin for WordPress, you can customize to the maximum the way to show the subscribed readers to the feed of your blog . The installation process of the plugin is the usual and then you can configure many aspects of how it will be presented in the options page of the plugin.

Once you have configured it to your liking you can include its visualization adding the following code where you want it to appear in your template:

But it does not stop there but by retouching the CSS you can take it to the infinity of personalization, as they have done in Mapelli .

Another thing, we it points Neri that it is necessary to take into account that when activating it and so that it works if we still do not have activated the " Awareness API " of feedburner the counter does not work, to activate it they have to go to the Feedburner account, then to the "Publicize" part we go and activate the Awareness API, since by default it is deactivated.

Earn Money with WordPress (Free eBook)

Very interesting and complete this Free eBook that shows you the whole process of creating blogs in WordPress for making money online .

Much has been written about this subject but Caroline Middlebrook approaches it from a point of view of who is not yet a WordPress user, and explains all the steps from the very creation of the blog, its own installation … and much more.

Actually, what he has done is to translate his own experience of installing and running his own blog, and he does it in a Free eBook that you can download from this link (664Kb PDF), they are 43 pages full of good advice.

Update WordPress with a Plugin

Just yesterday he commented that he was a person of customs well, after reading several opinions favorable about the automatic update plugin WordPress Automatic Upgrade I decided to update a couple of blogs with this system, of course, without doing an old-fashioned backup, I may like to experiment, but I'm still paranoiac

I am going to comment a bit on the use of this simple plugin, so you know how easy it is 🙂

After installing the plugin (copy to the WP-Content / plugins folder), we must activate it: [19659004]  1 "src =" https://ayudawp.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/1-thumb2.jpg "width =" 450 "border =" 0 "/> </a> </p>
<p> Ready, now to start with the upgrade, we must click on: </p>
<p> <strong> Go to WordPress Automatic Upgrade </strong> </p>
<p> Which does not It will send to the kitchen of the plugin, where it does all the work: </p>
<p> <img style=  7 "src =" https : //ayudawp.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/7-thumb.jpg "width =" 450 "border =" 0 "/> </a> </p>
<p> I'm really amazed with this plugin, which since is already going to become r in one of my favorites, I suppose having the necessary care (backup! backup! backup!) gives us a lot of comfort when it comes to having our blog updated. </p>
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