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In order to thank the people of Automattic (creators of WordPress) and also to promote more to those who consider (we also) the best CMS, the boys of WPCandy try, I hope successfully, that on July 1 Transform in the day of WordPress .

In passing, take the opportunity to recommend a donation to the WordPress development team in case your blog generates money or you just love the CMS , which I think is very good and we sometimes forget that we do not pay a penny for WordPress.

And as an incentive to promote this initiative, raffle several interesting prizes among which is a Theme of ] Blogalized and WP-Remix theme licenses, to enter the draw you have to create an entry linking to the post of WPCandy explaining why you love WordPress.

In my case, and among other things, I love him for the great community that you it is behind and of which we all form, that sense of belonging is unmatched.

WordPress Tweaks 1.8 available

The version 1.8 of the plugin WordPress Tweaks has just come out and as there are important changes, and we know that this plugin like here you have the news:

  • Added the function of "Automatic Scroll in the editor" ( based on the plugin WriteScroll )
  • Unnecessary HTTP HTTP calls have been removed
  • Useless code has been removed
  • Added POT file for plugin distribution in other languages ​​
  • Fixed a bug of compatibility with WordPress 2.6
  • Other minor improvements

Go for it!

What you read is an original content of Help WordPress – Resources, themes, plugins and tutorials in Spanish and published it Fernando Tellado first here: WordPress Tweaks 1.8 available

The WordPress Emoticons

Surely more than once you have wanted to use icons in the comments of a blog and you have not known how to use them, or you have simply stayed in the basics that are used in forums and chat. [19659002] Of course, there are ways to make life easier for blog readers, using plugins most of the time, and not having to remember how emoticons are inserted in a blog but since this is part of the culture of the network, in reality they do not use anything that did not already exist, and also the smileys plugins do not work very well that we say the majority, you better learn the most common ones.

You know, this post you have to have it in your favorite bookmarks until you learn them all, and I want to see how you practice in the comments : mrgreen:

* As you can see, there are times when you have several ways to insert the same emoticon

How to hire a good WordPress hosting

Now maybe the free hosting you got tired, and you want to leave ; have more independence … Hiring a paid hosting is a step that at some point we all give (or at least, we wish).

 Hosting Linux Web Servers PHP

But as we all know, choose a good hosting that responds, that is stable, fast and not of configuration problems, it is difficult task. Therefore, here I will try to explain for beginners (and why not for those who want to review), certain aspects that it is advisable to take into account at the time of hire a hosting plan for WordPress or any other project, how to choose plans, see transfer, etc.

NOTE: aimed at main, basic users. If you are a more experienced user, it is good to read it, but perhaps not much.

The most important thing is to define some ideas (with a lot of imagination):

  1. What use are we going to give? Take the hosting like an empty lot where we want to build a house. According to whether we want one or two floors, we must build the foundations according to it. Well, that is a choice between: Windows or Unix / Linux . If you are going to work with WordPress, you must choose Linux (then I'll explain why)
  2. What material will it be? It's very difficult … But it will be important to choose and build the columns and main pillars, the floors themselves, and some walls. That is called PHP or ASP with its respective databases, file systems, etc … PHP is managed with Linux while ASP with Windows platform. Eye! some Windows based services allow PHP, but it is not advisable to hire them.
  3. Once the materials have been chosen, and with a certain idea, we will have to build the columns and pillars: This is called CMS or Management System Contents, that is, your WordPress or Joomla, Drupal, etc … Attention: these systems, in our case WordPress, use PHP and MySQL (on Linux servers).
  4. Now if we go to the walls ! patience! This should be the last step to follow: you must complete the entire tutorial and then return here. The walls, with their colors and frames will be your theme (template, skin, face, design, etc.). While the furniture and amenities, will be the plugins .

Well, leaving a little aside the illustration of your blog as a house; we will explain some more technical concepts and aspects where you should pay attention :

  • Web space (the square meters of land): it is the available space that you buy to make use of it. It is measured in Mb (megabytes), and you can usually start comfortably with 50Mb
  • Monthly transfer (taxes): visually it works like a road toll (the one that charges you for traveling on a highway or road). If you have many visits, you will use more "transfer". It is measured monthly, and in the GigaByte unit (Gb). A personal blog, on average, does not use more than 1Gb or 2Gb per month. Lately some companies prefer to express it in Mb, and offer 1000Mb, which is equivalent to 1Gb (approx.)
  • Availability and connection speed : this is very important, but maybe not at the beginning when you are undemanding. It is good to visit other sites hosted in that company, see if they open quickly and that they do not fall regularly. It is also interesting to ask and verify in the service conditions (contract) if there are limitations of "memory usage" or "php memory" or something similar. If you are going to have a website with a lot of national traffic, you can entrust it to a more specific company in your country instead of a very international one.
  • Make sure to try technical support send emails with half of your doubts, and then a second when they have answered. If you do not know English, it is better to hire in a company that speaks your language : The Internet is not only the United States, there are good services in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and even some in Miami (where there is great Spanish-speaking population).

As for hosting, it would be enough. Now you must choose an Address like your home: Street 2, 2nd floor, 4th floor, etc … or rather a "domain" it can be www. . Some companies do not register all types of domains, especially ".tv, .info, .biz, or country domains (, .es, etc.).

Finally, read, reread and verify again and again the characteristics of the plan . Sometimes, it can happen, that we hire, and then we find that it does not have FTP access, or such or such thing. That is often a mistake of not paying enough attention, beyond the scam companies.

It is very useful to search in Google about that company, it is commented a lot in forums about them the service; because the comments or experiences that may be published on the web hosting are often edited or censored.

What else to say, is a basic guide, if you want more! you will already learn it 🙂

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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The 26 WordPress 2.6 improvements • WordPress Help

It's time to stop complaining about the little ones WordPress 2.5 bugs and concentrate on everything that the new version will bring us; WordPress 2.6 .

And is that, although it has been said that it will be a minor update, I personally consider it a full revision of version 2.5 to consolidate the new concept of publication started with this new era that involved the pole vault from WordPress 2.3 to WordPress 2.5 .

In addition, there are many innovations and improvements incorporated, here you have nothing less than 26 :

Are there or are not improvements ?, and it goes without saying that some of them are not trivial. If you want to keep track of developments, check out the WordPress trac .

Footage – How to remove duplicate content in WordPress

In Daily Blog Tips have created a YouTube video in which they explain (in English, although easy to understand) how to reduce duplicate content in a WordPress blog with a few simple changes in the template

[youtube] [/youtube]

The entry Video – How to delete duplicate content in WordPress first published Fernando Tellado in WordPress Help . Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.

Plugin looking for broken links • WordPress Help

Broken link checker is a plugin that, after download it and install it, search our blog for all the links of our posts and in case they are not more active apart from notifying us and tell us the post where is the link dead and give us the ability to edit it (from options broken links), shows them, but crossed out.

A very good option to test our site from inside out and of course do not forget to try the plugin 404 notifier which notifies us by mail the wrong connection notices to our site, something that, barring distances, would be the opposite of what Broken link checker does

As in the image above are the broken links, I do not recommend that you check this option since it is more practical just to know where the broken links are, at least for me, this feature can remove it by distiling the option Apply class = "broken_link" to broken links from the plugin options.

WordPress Exploit Scanner

This plugin reviews the installation of our blog WordPress looking for possible ways of attack in the files of your blog and in the database. Must be used occasionally.

Seen in Anieto2K

Entry WordPress Exploit Scanner first published Fernando Tellado in Help WordPress . Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.

Do you like this blog? – WordPress Help

We have been asked many times, but between that neither William nor I are wild beasts of Photoshop and that too we are somewhat shameful to ask for favors, we have always been letting go what to do banners and those things for people to link to us from their blogs … with style.

But as we have good friends and fellow hobbyists, some little bank has been doing to us, and here you have them in case you want to place in your blog a link to Help WordPress and that more users of this CMS of our loves have a site where learn and share knowledge .

Choose the one you like best or adapt to the design of your blog. And if you dare to do another we will be happy