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A few days ago I discovered a really impressive plugin not only useful but once you try it you can not live without it . It offers you a number of features in the entry management panel that should be required in the official installation of WordPress .

It is so much time that saves you from using this plugin that does not I know how I have lived so long without him . Keep reading because you will discover one of the best plugins that exist.

Admin Management Xtended is a plugin whose main function is to improve the administration panel of entries of your WordPress blog. The features that it adds are the following:

And all without having to leave the administration panel of entries, by means of icons that activate dynamic functions in AJAX as the calendar to change the date of publication, or the window that lets you choose the revision to modify, etc.

What is said, essential. It also has translation to 20 languages, including Spanish, do you need more for download it right now ?

(Note: the plugin is for WordPress 2.5 and higher, and includes the modifications of WP 2.6 to locate wp-content in another location)

Typepad antispam works, and well • WordPress Help

Since I installed Typepad antispam as an alternative to the excellent Akismet I had no doubts about how it would work, what I did not imagine was that the SPAM filter of the creators of Movable type is as good as the people of Automattic .

It's good to know that there are reliable alternatives, imagine if one day Matt comes charging for Akismet, well, there will be Typepad antispam waiting to be installed, for my part, and since it left such a good taste in my mouth, I'll leave it as Antispam of my WordPress for quite some time.

New search engine: Competition to Google?

Today read in several blog about the launching of a new search engine: Cuil (which in English is pronounced very similar to " cool " ). It is said to have been created by some former Google engineers, who join the search engines of those who try (but so far none) managed to remove a certain portion of the giant.

What's new? Well, we can already find about 121,617,892,992 web pages (according to them), and we can see that something appears on (although not yet much). You can already access a simple page with information for webmasters where it is indicated how to notify them of your site (send url), and briefly how to configure the robots.txt and the ip of their servers. In several places there is talk of a much better and more efficient algorithm than that of other leading search engines (it will be necessary to prove).

The most beautiful thing? It is to highlight the way it shows results : it does so in two or three columns (you can select it) and so you can see the results better distributed on your screen. It's pretty fast, simple; can be added to Firefox and its privacy policy seems to me "less scary" than Google.

What do you expect to use it? You can try it from or read more information .

The entry New search engine: Competition to Google? published it first ] Alejandro in Help WordPress . Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.

Do you visit my Blog with an iPhone?

Among the features of this device marvel called iPhone are web browsing, mailing, photo display of Incredible mode and, of course, telephone . All this on a base of applications Web 2.0 based on AJAX, CSS and XHTML.

What you may not know is that it contains a very special function that lets you read links written in HTML and that a reader of the page containing that link, if you click on it from an iPhone, make a phone call instantly.

This feature can be very useful for corporate blogs, advertising websites, phone contacts and a thousand more possibilities that let you discover and imagine.

Of course, the iPhone, thanks to its multifunctionality, can handle other types of links and load the existing application for each type of URL. Thus, a link to an email address will open the Mail application, and the same with links to Google Maps or YouTube videos, for example. This is the basis of the trick.

If you have a blog, CMS or whatever, you can create these links that, when you click your reader from your iPhone, activate the phone function and automatically call the linked phone . It's as simple as writing a code like this:

So you know, if you want that call you the happy owners who visit your blog with an iPhone now you can put a direct link.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Interview at SoyNacho

A few days ago I had the pleasure of attending the interview that I did Nacho Ferrer a young Valencian who, at 15, is already an active blogger and has made crowd of interviews with bloggers in your space.

What you read is original content of WordPress Help – Resources, themes, plugins and tutorials in Spanish and published Fernando Tellado first here: Interview on SoyNacho

Redirection 301 of Permanent Links

There are several occasions in which you may want, or need, change the structure of your links in the Blog for example, from /% year% /% monthnum% /% day% /% postname% / to something easier to remember like /% postname% / , which we have already recommended on more than one occasion.

But if you do this "bareback" you will discover with horror that the search engines are no longer going to find the articles of your blog, and you will lose popularity and visits . And we do not want that, right?

There is a way to tell search engines that a page has been moved permanently and that the old address should be replaced by the new one. It is called " Redirect 301 ", also known as Permanent Redirect . When you do this the search engines update their indexes quickly and you do not lose neither Pagerank nor visits, in fact you will continue to receive traffic as if nothing had changed. This works for both search engines, bookmarks, links, etc.

There are two main ways to get this kind of redirection, and we're going to see both, you choose …

1. Redirection 301 with .htaccess

Making a redirection with the .htaccess file is very simple. To do this you have to open the file to edit it, and you will find it in the folder where you installed WordPress. In the following image you can see it, it is the selected one.

Well, if what you want is a friendly permanent links del type that we are recommending you already know that you have to change them in the administration panel -> Options -> Permanent Links .

If we go back to the file .htaccess you open it and, except that you have already modified something, or some plugin has added some additional code, you must add these lines …

With this you get the redirection to the URLs of the type "". If it gives you something to repel, touch the files of the system go to the second possibility.

2. Redirection 301 with WordPress plugin

This is perhaps the method to which most users dare, and it is not that the method with .htaccess is difficult, but there is a certain fear of touching the system files, and more if you do not have some fluency with the code.

This method is less flexible, allows fewer options than the previous one, but it also works great and will solve the problem. For this we can use several plugins.

  1. Permalink Migration – Once loaded and activated you can define what is the old link structure of your blog so that the plugin takes care of making the necessary changes in order that neither search engines or links lose track of your blog. It has no options, it is simple and effective.
  2. Redirection – Much more complete than the previous one. Not only does it redirect but it also allows you to follow and control that redirects are done correctly.

You know, you choose, but do not stop doing redirects permanent 301 when you change the link structure in your blog

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Plugin to Insert Silverlight in WordPress • WordPress Help

Silverlight is basically the alternative to Adobe Flash from Microsoft.

As we have seen in previous posts with some plugins to embed Flash in WordPress, now it's our turn to do it with Silverlight, yes, maybe someone has a need for this, although I doubt it because most webmasters are happy with something like flash.

WordPress silverlight plugin will allow you to add XMP files (known as silverlight objects) to a site mounted on WordPress, the plugin is quite simple and allows to manage some parameters of the files that need to be reproduced.

Download: Official site .

How to Create Posts from Feeds • WordPress Help

There is a type of blogs or services very widespread lately, called " Planets ", which are nothing more than compilations in a single content space extracted from other blogs, usually from a network or ring of blogs .

You have a clear example of this in Planet WordPress blog aggregator with news about WordPress, where you can also read the articles of WordPress Help .

To get this special type of pages you usually use tools that "catch" the content of other blogs' RSS feeds and they show it on the destination site, as if you had written it yourself.

Of course, this type of publication must always be consented by the blog from which the contents are extracted because the indecent use of this is to use it p to make blogs made for Adsense ( MFA blogs), which are exclusively dedicated to publishing other material as if it were yours and cramming your blog? advertising for the sole purpose of making some easy money at the expense of the work of others.

But as the bad thing is not the tools, but the inappropriate use that can be made of them and how it is possible that this type of software can serve you for a specific project in WordPress, then you have what I consider most interesting for this type of pages.

  • Planet Feed Reader – Perhaps the father of the creature. Requires Phyton to work.
  • WP-o-Matic – Plugin for WordPress that allows you to publish posts from RSS feeds, and organize them into campaigns and themes. Very complete and with quite comprehensive options pages.
  • FeedWordPress – Compatible with all known versions of WordPress and WordPress Mu

Of course, use them with respect to the contents of the blogs from which you extract the information , always with your consent and without doing hotlinking or attribute authorship.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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