WordPress Mu 2.6.2

The version 2.6.2 of WordPress Mu for download is already available and is a major update as it fixes security issues:

  1. xmlrpc.php works better if you use several places # 735
  2. get_option () did not read all the options.
  3. Configurable media buttons in the editor. # 598 # 738
  4. 404 errors "file not found" in folder installations. # 745
  5. And there are more … ( timeline )


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Another Spam generator

Datapresser is another automatic generation of splogs which allows you to create up to 500 posts per day on its own. Come on, another garbage from the network of which we simply inform you so you know it exists.

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Themes compatible with WordPress 2.7

WordPress 2.7 comes with innumerable improvements in the management of the comments in the blog now, it is possible that your current theme does not support these improvements. It does not mean that it will not work, in fact I have tried a lot of them in the Demo and they work, but they may not take advantage of the WordPress 2.7 news .

If you want to adapt your theme to the news in the comments in WordPress 2.7 I invite you to read this fantastic post by Otto in which you break down the changes to make in the file comments.php of your template to suit the new functions of comments that are coming soon, as we have already commented.

WordPress Smiley Spam • WordPress Help

WordPress Smiley Spam is the new fashion when it comes to placing spam in the comments of blogs, the process is not difficult to do so you better be warned not to get any one of them shit spammers .

Very simple, placing a link, with HTML tags but instead of linking a word they link to an emoticon, like this:

It's not a question of that you go reviewing each post, but at least you should know that this exists.

YouTube in WordPress • WordPress Help

In today's episode of the Screencasts of WordPress Help I deal with an issue that, although trivial, often gives quite a headache to anyone with a WordPress blog hosted on their own server.

And it is that about how to publish videos YouTube on WordPress.com there is enough documentation but not so on how to do it on a WordPress blog hosted on your own server . Yes, you will tell me that there are methods, but the simplest one is not sufficiently explained, or at least that seems to denote the amount of queries to that effect.

If you want to receive the tutorials you can sign up for RSS feed or subscribe through iTunes by clicking on the following image …

WordPress at the 2008 Webmasters Congress • WordPress Help

The Congress of Webmasters celebrates its second edition on November 21, 22 and 23, 2008 in the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Madrid.

There are three days full of lectures, workshops, information and networking with more than 30 expert speakers in their area, as well as workshops and round tables to learn more about the current affairs of the sector.

Among those workshops and presentations, on November at 12:00 I was proud to have been summoned by the Director of the Congress, María Rosa to hold a specific session on WordPress which will deal with the following topics:

1. History and evolution of WordPress

The unstoppable rise of WordPress in recent years has been a combination of successes. WordPress is an Open Source development that is moving millions.

  • The keys to WordPress success

2. WordPress: tool for bloggers or for webmasters?

Is WordPress only a tool for bloggers ?. We will see how WordPress is something more than a simple blog creation interface, and it may be forging future webmasters.

Some topics that we will deal with are:

  1. WordPress SEO
  2. WordPress Hacks
  3. WordPress as portal

3. Present and Future of WordPress

WordPress is evolving towards the integration of services, social components and communication tools. We will see what we already know about the future of WordPress and what we still do not know.

  1. TalkPress
  2. BuddyPress
  3. BBpress
  4. Prologue

You can also request the inclusion of your blog in the Awards of the Congress of Webmasters in the following categories:

  • Prize to the best Website
  • Prize to the best Webmaster
  • Prize to the best Blog
  • Prize to the best Blogger
  • Prize to usability [19659018] Prize for accessibility
  • Prize for the best hosting
  • Prize for the best affiliate company
  • Prize for the best SEO

To point your website to the different categories you just have to put the banner official of the congress on your website and send an email to premios@congresodewebmasters.com indicating in which category or categories you want to participate and the URL of your site. The prizes for the winners are as follows:

  • One free year of Web Hosting
  • One Master of Programming and Design Asesprin
  • One button-certificate of being a winner to place on your website

The finalists of each category (second and third place) will receive a Master of Programming and Design Asesprin and a button-certificate of being a finalist to place on your website.

The list of attendees , even 2 months away from the congress, it is very broad so if you do not want to miss the obligatory appointment on new Internet technologies, Web 2.0 and social networks register in the Congress of Webmasters besides The first 1,000 attendees have a suitcase of gifts, such as Microsoft books and positioning courses on Google.

If you cheer up there, see you. I'm going!

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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WordPress 2.7 – The Debate Arrives • WordPress Help

One of the novelties of the last preliminary version loaded in the WordPress Demo 2.7 points to the intense debate that WordPress proposes for the next version.

One of the latest updates included options on the page of Options -> Discussion to better manage the comments on our blog. These developments are:

It seems that this is going fast, although it seems that they are still doing experiments with the organization of the administration panel, which changes almost every day, hence surely yesterday's survey .


WordPress 2.7 Confirmed in November

If you have done and the second survey that the guys from Automattic have drawn up to ask for our opinion on the organization of the administration panel of WordPress 2.7 you have surely noticed a small detail, and is that in the end, in gratitude, confirm that WordPress 2.7 will come out in November .

It is not something that we have not already commented, but it is one more confirmation. I remind you that you can continue testing this version on the demo site of WordPress 2.7 .

Do I use Cache or No?

There are many times that this issue arises in forums and it is not easy to answer because each situation is different . The cache plugins are very useful but not necessary at all times, and in some situations they can even be counterproductive.

Let's see their advantages and disadvantages …

Advantages of the Cache Plugins

] Basically what they do is make copies of the content of your blog in static HTML pages that are what your blog will serve instead of the original content, so that is not done even a single PHP request to the server everything loads faster to not have to serve each visit all the content, and that's good.

On the other hand, the current plugins with WP-Cache or WP SuperCache do not leave your blog dead but is refreshed every time you post a new post or someone writes a comment .

They are very useful if your blog receives a lot of traffic and the resources of your server are not unlimited and they are especially vital, in fact indispensable, if you receive a barrage of unexpected visits by a " wiggle " or similar. In those cases, only one cache system will keep your blog online .

Disadvantages of the Cache Plugins

Its virtue is also its disadvantage, since when serving static pages will not update properly active content of your blog such as rss feeds that show, rotating banners, social network updates or random images, all those virginities of modern WordPress themes.

Also, although most allow filtering agents (allow to pass through the cache to certain services such as bots), there are online revenue systems (Backlinks, Text Links Ads, Linklift, for example) that will not work properly if you have active cache and can unsubscribe from the service blog … and stop receiving revenue for that service.

What is my advice? since you always have a cache plugin installed and active, or not working, waiting for it to be needed . If your server is able to serve your blog in a reasonable time most of the time is not necessary to serve static pages, let your blog show in all its glory. And only if you see that you receive a trackback of social aggregators type menéame put it in march in anticipation of disasters .

NOTICE : this publication is two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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