CSS Blog in Spanish • WordPress Help

I recently discovered the CSS Blog and I'm really delighted, they have a frenetic publication rate (I do not know who they remind me of) and in a short time they have come to offer a huge amount of very interesting information about CSS in Spanish .

Mamando from different sources, they are breaking down information about CSS code. One of the things that I liked most, because it coincides with the concept of WordPress Help is that they offer content depending on the level of knowledge of the user, being able to review the posts by categories of Basic CSS CSS Medium and Advanced CSS very much in line with our tags of Beginner Advanced and Experts a great way for each reader to find what they need at all times.

From here, I congratulate myself on the blog, which I am already subscribed to since was born on January 2 of this same year .

If you like WordPress you must know something about CSS and this blog is a great place to do it

GMail Theme

If you are a fan of Gmail the Google web email service, or if you want to create a blog about that service or … go and find out why, you're going to love the theme Google Gmail which mimics the look of this service Web 2.0 .

It's amazing how well it mimics it, even the favicon, with the sidebar blocks simulating the boxes or widgets Gmail Another surprising (impressive) aspect is the integrated search engine, if you display your options you will be amazed with its possibilities, very interesting to integrate in other themes.

You have a demo in this link and you can ] download here .

BuddyPress 1.0 Beta 2

As promised is already here the Beta 2 of BuddyPress 1.0 just a few hours away from available WordPress Mu 2.7 Final . In this version there are corrections to hundreds of bugs so if you already used Beta 1 it is a recommended update.

This is an original content of WordPress Help – Resources, themes, plugins and tutorials in Spanish ] and published it Fernando Tellado first here: BuddyPress 1.0 Beta 2

Themes bbPress automatic generator

The community bbPress is growing rapidly despite the silence of Automattic there is no day when a new plug-in update and the support forums ] Each time they are more active.

One of these innovations, which are gradually making the bbPress forums system better is generator of themes for bbPress .

All themes are designed to integrate 100% with the WordPress themes exported from the template generator. When both are integrated, the bbPress theme automatically grabs the WordPress header, sidebars, etc. so you can integrate them perfectly.

It is certainly an interesting development, still in the improvement phase but that works reasonably well with many themes . On the side of the tool you have links to some of the generated / integrated themes and to start generating your theme you just have to send the WordPress theme and / or start modifying each section of it by clicking on the button that identifies it (header , sidebar, footer, etc) and make your customizations.

Defensiveness purchased by Websense • WordPress Help

Defensio is a really powerful and interesting system, which protects comments on blogs and other services from spam, working in a different way than other systems like Akismet because Defensio uses something called as Spamminess a way to mark the words spam and spam comments in its database, making it very effective.

Now, this system, with WordPress plugin, has been acquired by the web security company called Websense which intends to incorporate its technology into its services.

Hopefully they continue to offer this good plugin for WordPress and do not disappear from the map of antispam commenting systems.

Custom templates (page template) • WordPress Help

We can create custom templates for static pages. Based on the file page.php

We can, for example, duplicate this file and give it a name like this: page_personalizada.php

Now, we include at the beginning of the code of this new file the following :

The name of the template can be any, and it is the name that will appear later in the administration menu

Once the custom file has been created, we go to the administration of our blog, and from the option of create / edit a page, the option "Page template" should appear "Where will appear the name of our new template . We selected it and it's ready … our page will be based on the design we have made.

The code should be more or less like that, depending on what you want to add: