WordPress 2.8 – Columns on the Board

Another new functionality that has appeared in the development version of WordPress 2.8 is the possibility of organizing the administration board in more (or less) columns. Little useful I think but I had to inform you that that's what we are for.

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50 WordPress Personalities to follow on Twitter

Tremendous work by Ryan Imel to collect information about 50 relevant people from the Anglo-Saxon WordPress world that you can follow on Twitter.

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HeadSpace – The Ultimate SEO Plugin

Some we used All in One SEO Pack others Ultimate Tag Warrior some even ] SEO Title Tags or Headmeta description and for all of us it's been there for a while HeadSpace a plugin piece with EVERYTHING you might need .

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<p> It has several modules, all in a visual interface, which allows you to manage all this: </p>
<li> Specific modules applicable to posts, pages, categories, files, pages 404 or even the index:
<li><strong> Page titles </strong> – titles optimized for SEO </li>
<li><strong> Tags and keywords </strong> suggested using an intelligent algorithm or through Yahoo, both for posts and for pages </li>
<li><strong> Plugins espe pages for </strong> – has plugins that work only on specific pages </li>
<li><strong> Specific plugins for the theme </strong> – to change the theme on specific pages </li>
<li> Description – what is shown to the search engines </li>
<li> ] Text "More" – you can change the text "more" in each post </li>
<li> JavaScript & CSS – add JavaScript or CSS files to each post </li>
<li> No index – configure if a page will be indexed or not </li>
<li> No follow – configure if the links will have follow / nofollow attribute </li>
<li> Name and description of the site </li>
<li> Name and description of the RSS </li>
<li> Almost everything you can imagine – HeadSpace allows custom metadata </li>
<li> Modules Global:
<li> Configures AutoFormat (<code> wpautop </code>), automatic quotations, links to autoclick or disable visual editor </li>
<li> Tracking codes for <a href= Google Analytics (code or new and old), Crazy Egg StatCounter 103bees Mint FeedBurner Stats Yahoo! Site Explorer, HitTail, Google Webmaster, Piwik and Apture with the possibility of not tracking registered users

  • Google Objectives section
  • New visitor ] – to show a special message to first-time visitors to your site
  • Disable Widgets
  • Change the PHP memory limit, timeout and error reporting level
  • Also, so that do not lose what you had with your previous SEO plugin import data from the following plugins:

    • UTW (Ultimate Tag Warrior)
    • SEO Title tags
    • All-in-one SEO
    • Jerome's Keywords
    • Simple Tagging
    • lud.icro.us HeadMeta
    • HeadMeta description
    • More Unique

    Do you want more reasons to use it ?, because there is one that is vital, and that is that all this information is in your language because is translated into Spanish among others 14 languages.

    The plugin installs like any other, you download, unzip, upload to ' wp-content / plugins / ', activate it and configure it to your liking. It only has one requirement and that is that your theme has the call to wp_head in the file header.php (and most have it).

    Nothing, to tell your experience with HeadSpace I'm testing it and I'm really impressed with its possibilities. If you dedicate a while you can improve the SEO of your site enough.

    Until there is a video of its operation …

    [youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8um7a0fUfc&eurl=http:/ /urbangiraffe.com/plugins/headspace2/&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]

    AVISO: this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

    Loading …

    That may also help you:

    Preview of theme that is not displayed • WordPress Help

    There are times when you install a new theme in your WordPress, go to the administration panel, click to see how your blog will look and ¡ZAS! is not seen, the preview comes out completely blank . Something like this is what has happened to the developers of the WP Contempo theme .

    Well, the solution is almost ridiculously simple. It turns out that it seems that Automattic guys do not like folders whose names contain spaces and if they do not show the preview, that's as simple as that. If you have a theme that does not show the preview you just have to change the name to the folder so that it does not contain spaces, for example from " Style WP " to " Style_WP " or " StyleWP ", and it will be previewed.

    Prevent search engines from indexing specific posts • WordPress Help

    There are times when you may want to make certain posts opaque to browsers either because they are not totally in line with the theme of your blog, or because you simply do not want them to hurt your SEO . If at any given moment you need to hide a post to the bots of the search engines you just have to add the following code in the file ' header.php ' of your active theme:

    Download content from your posts on your mobile • WordPress Help

    Blueding a content download service in mobile phones has developed a couple of plugins with which to integrate this functionality in your blog, either Blogger or WordPress ]

    What you get is that under each of your posts a new area appears from which to download post content on your mobile phone. For example, if in your post there is an image, a file MP3 even a link to an application for Symbian JAR or Windows Mobile then it will show a link to download each of those contents in your mobile.

    I find it a great application for Podcasts or blogs on mobile, and also great application for other types of blogs, like Fotologs do not you think?

    Transparencies in all browsers using CSS

    One of the hardships of any web developer is to obtain consistency in the presentation of content independently of the browser . One of these inconsistencies is the way in which each browser manages the transparencies of images and objects .

    Well, if you want to apply transparency to an element, regardless of the browser, you can get it by adding CSS lines to it:

    element {

    filter : alpha ( opacity = 50 ) ; ] / * internet explorer * /

    -khtml-opacity : 0.5 ; / * khtml, previous version of safari * /

    -moz-opacity : 0.5 ; / * firefox, mozilla, netscape * /

    opacity : 0.5 ; / * safari, chrome, opera * /

    -ms-filter : "progid: DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha (Opacity = 50)" ; / * internet explorer 8 – thank you Andres * /


    Of course, you must remember to modify the " ele ment "by which you are going to adapt, and also know that you can play with the different levels of opacity until you find the one that fits the aspect you want to achieve.

    CodePress in WordPress 2.8 (with bonus)

    If a few days ago I commented that WordPress 2.8 would include theme installation via web today I bring news of a feature that I personally liked: CodePress. What is it about? CodePress is a visual editor that highlights the code depending on the language in which we find ourselves working. The great news is that WordPress replaces the poor editor of themes and plugins with CodePress, that is, we can edit content via the web without using a special program, since the same WordPress will highlight the code.

    As usual (and to wait more anxiously version 2.8) I leave some captures:

     CodePress: CSS Language

    CodePress: CSS Language (themes)

     CodePress: PHP Language (themes)

    CodePress: PHP Language (themes )

     CodePress: PHP Language (plugins)

    CodePress: PHP Language (plugins)

    As a "bonus" a "little box" has been integrated into the plugin editor, which contains the WordPress functions used by the plugin that we are editing. Just select one, click on "Lookup" and we will open a new window with information about the particular function (similar to WordPress Functions Implementation History ):

    It's amazing that such simple things make me happy day in this way And what do you think?

    New plugin search engine

    Automattic announced today that they have modified the search engine for the plugins directory, using now the Sphinx which will work both on the official website and in the internal plugins search engine from the admin panel of your WordPress blog. At the moment it only searches in titles and descriptions but soon they will incorporate the search in the fields of author's name and in the tags.

    Limit the size of extracts and content

    If you want to improve page impressions (bad) or offer a different look on your blog through content or reduced excerpts (very useful in magazine type themes) there are, as usual, two modes of get it, with code and with plugin.

    – With this simple plugin you can define the size in words of extracts or content. To use it this is the process:

    – Just add the following code to the 'functions.php' file of your active theme: