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It's happening to a lot of people, that when using a desktop blog editor, like Windows Live Writer when they go to publish they leave cut HTML tags and this sometimes causes huge problems in their blogs as pages that do not show part of the content and similar situations.

As you can see the tags are incomplete and this can cause, apart from the link is not active in this case, huge problems in the visualization of your site.

So you know, if you use Windows Live Writer ecto Qumana or any other desktop blogging client, and until you the problem is solved in the next update of WordPress, use the plugin or the modified file to avoid this problem.

BuddyPress 1.0 available

At last the final version 1.0 of BuddyPress has come to light, and you are already ready for download . The available plugins are also growing for this authentic WordPress social network .

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Optimize WordPress • WordPress Help

WordPress, since version 2.6, incorporated the article reviews an interesting utility for collaborative blogs (or forgetful users) but useless for most people who use WordPress. In addition, they are straw in our database, filling it with unnecessary information that only occupies a precious space and can eventually slow down the loading of our site.

We have already given a couple of solutions to keep the reviews of posts at bay, both with plugin as without but there is a plugin that, in addition to this feature, includes other really interesting features for optimize WordPress .

WP Optimize is a real toolbox to keep WordPress in good health, what it offers is the following:

As you can see, it offers interesting features.

2009 WordPress Plugin Competition

It's here, it's already started and you can achieve the recognition of your work as a WordPress plugin developer by contributing yours. It starts on May 3 and ends on July 31.

The entry WordPress Plugin Competition 2009 published it first Fernando Tellado on WordPress Help . Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers. – WordPress Help

As I already offered at the time I have redirected the domain to at no cost to the recipients (they already know, I informed them last night). I calculate that in an hour or so the redirection will work so if someone has a link to the WordPress Forum with the address, if you want to take it to our forum you should change the link to otherwise you will be directed to Thank you.

Antivirus for WordPress

Yes, you are reading it right: Antivirus for WordPress or did you think that WordPress is oblivious to the injection of malicious code? No, as any software hosted on a server is susceptible to being infected , and we have given some tests .

And of course, there is an antivirus in the form of a plugin: Antivirus for WordPress .

Identify hidden codes in your template and another type of exploits and vulnerabilities. You can activate it manually or automatically, and identify detection errors in the "white list" to avoid receiving more alerts. It will not automatically delete the code injections but it tells you what they are and in what file they are for you to take the appropriate measures yourself.

Different comment options in each post

WordPress allows you to define in general if you want the comments to be closed after certain days, if they will be open by default, even if you have to register to comment but How would you like to decide all these options in each post? ?

Per post comment settings is a plugin that adds a new widget to the writing panel so that you can decide in each post the usual options of comments, and that will only be applied to that post. One more way to convert your WordPress into a powerful CMS .

Include pages using PHP • WordPress Help


The organization of a template is not something to be taken lightly. If you dedicate to add any code that falls into your hands to, for example, the sidebar ( sidebar.php ) soon this file will grow in such a way that to find a call to a plugin, to say something , you will have to review dozens of lines.

There is a cleaner way to include codes in any file of your template, and it is through PHP calls to an external file . With this you get a cleaner structure, and if you have to modify the included page you do not have to retouch the whole theme file. This is used a lot in premium themes to, for example, add ad units and other information.

The way to do it is very simple, you just have to add a code similar to this one where you want to include the page in question:

Of course, this must be done together with the corresponding CSS so that it fits the rest of the template. For example:

If you had a defined style for that type of information concrete (and if you do not believe it).

In the previous example the page to be included is in the same folder of your template but you can also include pages that are in other routes, as in these examples:

in the subdirectory " extras "of your template ...

In the upper folder (normally ' themes ' ...

You only have to play with it and adapt it to your needs. You will see that it is a fundamental method to keep your template in order, create well-structured themes or simply make your life easier when making changes.

NOTICE : this publication is two or more years ago. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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