Automatic style sheet refresh

In Nice2all we propose a great recipe to prevent the style sheet, the CSS of your site, to show a cached version of it.

What you have to do is replace the Call the style sheet in the file ' header.php ' of your active template by this one:

This code prevents the browser cache from saving CSS information and always shows a version updated style sheet.

WordPress and WordPress MU merged

In the last San Fransisco WordCamp it appears that Matt Mullenweg has announced that the WordPress base code and WordPress MU (multi-user) will be integrated.

It is not clear what this means or how it will affect the user, even if it is a step more in the synchronization of versions or something else, but it seems that it will be for version WordPress 3.0 when we will leave doubts.

If you think about it, it's not a bad idea to integrate or merge WordPress and WordPress MU, because it would be like a kind of – actually – more WordPress functionality: the possibility of creating additional blogs to the main one. With this, many processes would be simplified, as long as this new feature was seen as an add-on, if you want as a plugin. But I do not see the way that this is very useful to the global user, because most of us only create a lot of blogs, not always in the same domain.

In any case we will have to wait for this one (it seems that) announced fusion of WordPress and WordPress MU . Personally I do not see it as something vital, although it's interesting, what about you?

Separate syllables from justified text • WordPress Help

It was half complicated to make a fully explanatory title, but I think it is understood: when you justify a text in WordPress (either at the CSS configuration level in a theme or from the post editor) there is a defect"; and is that when a word "does not enter" in the line, it goes directly to the next.

Well, now there is a solution. When we reach the end of the line and a word does not come complete, we can "cut" it and continue down. This plugin what it does is to separate the last word of the line in syllables, add a hyphen and continue it below.

" Justified of texts and separation by syllables ] are two concepts that must go together (…) "Explains the author of post that brings us the solution .

Comments WhitList and Change Status • WordPress Help

Today I wake up with the notice of Fernando Serer that have published two WordPress plugins that improve the management of comments in WordPress . Based on their experience with Pequelia, the social network for fathers and mothers, they have created these plugins.

WordPress already has a field to make a blacklist of spam comments, and you can define that a comment must have been published to make it approve the rest, or that users are registered, or even have to moderate all.

Comment Whitelist allows you to create a white list of commentators who will not be restricted by WordPress settings. Once activated and created your "white list", the plugin reviews the e-mails of the commentators and if they are on the whitelist you approve them directly.

You already know that when there is a comment pending to approve WordPress it sends you an email with the Relevant links to approve it, mark it as spam or delete it. The bad thing is that all these links refer you to the comments management panel, to your site.

What Change Status does is offer you direct links to moderate comments, but without visiting your site, managing them directly from these links. Great!

More than 20 Plugins to manage advertising • WordPress Help

Although my mouth hurts to say that you should not open a blog or website to earn money but that should come later, when you really have something to offer, something for which the people do not mind suffering the ads, it is clear that there comes a time when one wants to at least offset the costs of hosting and domain, then surely you will need, or you will be good, some method to insert ads in your blog and manage them correctly.

I, as always, would run the risk of encouraging you to do it with code, but I understand that there are fantastic plugins with which manage advertising in your WordPress we will see a good amount of them. They are not all because there are many who do practically the same, it is a selection of the best.

GlotPress • WordPress Help

Every day I have more clear that we are on the winning team, and news like today is more endorsed by the idea that WordPress is " CMS ".

GlotPress is a new family project xPress in this case what is proposed to us is a web application of online translations, with the virtues we can expect:

At the moment it is not available, yet it's in diapers, but you can participate in the project by downloading the trunk files and informing you in development trac . Also the domain is ready: although at the moment it redirects to For now information will be transmitted in the list of polyglots and you can go testing the system, which can already import and export gettext files, but you can not create or save projects, this will come a little later.

Habari 0.6.2 – WordPress Help

Yes, I know that Habari is not WordPress but it looks a lot like chicha, at its core, because you already know that they created it part of the initial WordPress team.

And now arrives at version 0.6.2 of Habari with security and stability improvements, that I hope will bring you to be an increasingly better WordPress competition, with what users will win. no?

Comments marked as Spam without being

Leo in the blog of Akismet that a bug is occurring in the WordPress development versions whereby the comments of readers in whose name there are apostrophes or other characters are being marked as Spam without being.

The ruling is WordPress and not Akismet, and is already reviewing the code to solve it, although it will not be included as a patch but in later versions as it is a minor, easily susbsanable failure.

Which is more secure ?: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Movable Type

 security-cms "title =" security-cms "width =" 500 "height =" 153 "class =" aligncenter size-medium wp-image-5150 "/> </a></p>
<p> Notify me <a href= Dondado ] by email in Security by Default have made a great series of graphs that show the vulnerabilities collected by these CMS since 2007, where they have segmented differentiating whether the vulnerabilities have been derived by their own nucleus or by the conjunction core / modules (plugins).

Based on the safety notices of Secunia and CVE and as I see it, you can reach the following conclusions:

  • ] WordPress is currently the most secure CMS in its core
  • Movable Type is the safest CMS as a whole due to the few modules available
  • Both Drupal and Joomla are very secure systems but compromised by the failures of their modules
  • Drupal and Joomla have their own system of security notices, something that WordPress must learn

Do you have your other impression ?, I believe that the evolution of WordPress is fantastic, being currently the best option, even in security.

What you read is a original content of WordPress Help – Resources, themes, plugins and tutorials in Spanish and published Fernando Tellado first here: Which is more secure ?: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal , Movable Type

Different header by categories

This is safe one of the most gimmicky tricks that you can include in your site, through which you can define a different header depending on the category of the post you are viewing, very useful if you have a section Special that you want to highlight in particular. Let's not say to center the positioning in any specific category.

The process is very simple. Let's say you have a category called ' tutorials ' and have created a file called header-tutoriales.php from your file header.php but customized (for example the image), because you would only have to replace the usual code of with the following:

You can, as you can imagine, do the same with other footers or sidebars:

To show footer -mifooter.php would you put this on any page of your choice:

To show sidebar-misidebar.php you would put this on any page of your choice: