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<p> The other day I explained <a href= how to use the WP-Polls poll plugin , but this plugin has a "defectillo", and that is that only allows to create and manage surveys to the administrator user of WordPress, a silly mistake.The "normal" users (authors and editors) of a WordPress can only insert surveys but what sense does it have if the surveys have to be created by the administrator and provide the ID of the same to the authors? it seems totally unproductive.

Fortunately everything has a solution in WordPress and I found three ways to skip this restriction :

1. Modify the code of the plugin

This is a simple solution "a priori" you just have to open the file wp-polls.php of the plugin folder and replace this line …

for this another …

Only that does not always work, try and if it works perfect.

2. Modify in depth the code of the plugin

This other solution, proposed in the support forums of WP-Polls goes through a deep modification of some aspects of the plugin files, allowing to define more finely what each type of user can do

But bad news does not always work either.

3. Role Manager

I will not tire of recommend this plugin . And, in addition to its undeniable utility for a complete management of WordPress user profiles, it also integrates with other plugins that depend on these roles . Of course, also with WP-Polls.

Activating the creation and administration of surveys to authors and editors is as easy as going to " Users -> Roles " and in the supersubscribed profiles click on the "Manage polls" box. From that moment, users with an Author and Editor profile can create, manage and, of course, insert WordPress surveys.
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<p> Which one do you choose? </p>
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