How to update WordPress MU

Update WordPress is easy, let's not say from the latest versions in which we already have a built-in autoinstaller, but WordPress MU is something different. If you have installed this multi-user version of WordPress you will have already verified that clicking on the option ' Update ' from the menu ' Administration ' does not do anything by itself.

As you can see it's really complicated, but if something different.

WordPress Quick Installer • WordPress Help

Dion Hulse has prepared an installer for WordPress that automates many options, without you having to do many of the previous tasks of a standard installation, it has been called WordPress QI (by Quick Installer)

You just have to download the latest version of the installer, upload it to your server and run the file called " installer.php " to start the installation process, similar to WordPress but with the difference that he does all the work for you to download the latest version, upload it, unzip it and start the installation itself.

To finish offering a round product, you can define some options, such as deleting the plugins by WordPress defect, that the test posts are not generated or that the structure of friendly permalinks is created, with its relevant file .htaccess .

Add breadcrumb navigation in a simple way • WordPress Help

Already we saw another time how to add those links that allow our readers to know where they are at each moment, but perhaps for some they seemed complicated. Well, there is a very simple way to add the navigation called "breadcrumb" ((From the English "crumbs of bread" like those left by Tom Thumb to know the way back home)).

You just have to add this code in the file single.php of your template (theme) wherever you want this navigation resource to appear:

Elegant Themes updates its options panel • WordPress Help

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 epanel elegantthemes

Elegant Themes one of the sites where for a small fee ($ 19.95) you can download a good amount of high quality themes for a year (with all its updates), just start update the options panel of all its themes to a really practical and elegant new design, the so-called ePanel .

If you are member of Elegant Themes the first 6 themes with the new panel are available, ready to download.

Change of agenda in WordCamp Spain and … Matt Mullenweg • WordPress Help

Just let me know José Conti that the agenda of WordCamp Spain 2,009 has been changed, where some papers change time and others are confirmed at last. I hope not to sleep to the assistants, because they have moved me to the worse hour (after eating). I'll change the presentation to make it more enjoyable ((I shit in the milk, now that it was already finished))

Personally I liked the round table much more at the end of the day but well, the organizers send.

of the novelties is the presentation, where will be incorporated Matt Mullenweg although we do not know how, we have to wait. I'm sure it will be a pleasure to hear your progress with Spanish, the language you said you wanted to learn this year.

The new agenda is this .

Show the theme Default to Internet Explorer 6

I hear from Andrés of a very cool trick to show the default template of WordPress to visitors who still use Internet Explorer 6 and that they see our content well even if they lose our aesthetic virtues displayed in our chosen template.

To achieve this you just have to add the following to the file functions.php of your theme (template):

add_filter ( 'template' 'serve_default_to_iesix' ) ;

add_filter [19659005] ( 'option_template' 'serve_default_to_iesix' ) ;

add_filter ( 'option_stylesheet' 'serve_default_to_iesix' ) ;

function serve_default_to_iesix ( $ theme ) {

if ( strpos ( $ _ SERVER [ 'HTTP_USER_AGENT' ] 'MSIE 6' ) ! == false ) [19659002] $ theme = 'default' ; [1 9659002] return $ theme ;


Theme BuddyPress Bruce

Nobody escapes that BuddyPress is a simple system to offer a social network with the "WordPress flavor", but what is also quite obvious is that there are still few plugins and, let's not say, available templates.

Fortunately more and more developments are coming out for this WordPress social network system, such as the theme for WordPress Mu and BuddyPress developed by 3oneseven called Bruce .

The theme is a real beauty and uses the most modern resources to show your multiuser site in the best possible way, using featured articles, sliders, custom fields, all loaded from jQuery . What you get is a cover of beautiful design.

But nothing that I tell you is going to show you what you can do, the best thing is that you try it …

Posts related to thumbnail image • WordPress Help

 posts related to miniature

Last weekend I was looking for options to display a list of related posts in a site created with WordPress, but not in the usual style of list of links but in a way that it will show thumbnails of images of the related posts .

And although there are many plugins and ways to show related posts there is no So many ways of doing it with images, or at least I have not found it.

Interestingly, the first thing I discovered is not an exclusive system for WordPress, but it offers a plugin for this CMS.

» LinkWithin

This script is available for several platforms. Its use is relatively simple …

  1. You fill in the information of your site on the official website
  2. You choose the platform, of course "WordPress (self hosted)"
  3. If you use a clear text template with a background dark marks the corresponding box (by default it understands that your template uses a clear background)
  4. You click on "Get widget"
  5. You download the plugin that offers you, customized for your site
  6. You upload it to your WordPress from ' Plugins -> Add -> Upload '
  7. What's up
  8. Configure your options
  9. If you do not like the default site you can manually add it by adding this code:

  10. Does not require custom fields, grabs the first image of the posts and resizes

liked it:

  • Easy to use and configure
  • Multiplatform
  • CSS by default enough nice

I did not like:

  • If there are no images just shows text
  • External system, requires connection to the LinkWithin server (visible) that slows the load
  • Every time you click on a related post it connects to the LinkWithin server
  • It is not clear if in a future they will charge for the service although they say it will be optional

» Related posts with thumbnail

It only works with versions up to WordPress 2.3 and the result is not very promising. Currently there are better options.

I liked it:

  • Easy to configure
  • Available in the official repository of plugins

I dislikes:

  • Does not work in versions higher than WordPress 2.3
  • It stores information in tables of MySQL
  • Results uncertain, with ugly errors in several sites where I have tried it
  • Development abandoned

» Yet another related plugin

One of the best plugins of related posts, from version 3.0 with the possibility of using templates that can improve the appearance of the presentation of related posts.

I liked it:

  • Many options to customize the plugin
  • Available in the official repository of plugins
  • Expandable by available templates or that you elaborate

I did not like it:

  • The only template available in the official download that offers miniatures requires l use of custom fields
  • You have to manually upload the templates to the folder of your theme

Although it is not explicitly intended for posts related to image thumbnails, this functionality can be added with the "photo" template and the use of fields Personalized, or another one that you elaborate from the example template.

» Display related posts with thumbnails

It's not really a plugin, but a tutorial on how to use the previous plugin (YARPP) to show image thumbnails For this, Zach Dunn uses the possibility of creating custom templates of the version 3.0 of YARPP to teach us how to create our own that achieves this functionality.

If you do not dare you can even download the version of the tutorial.

I liked it:

  • Use a plugin with good development health
  • Teach you how to do it instead of doing it for you
  • You can use the template as an example and customize it to your taste

I did not like it:

  • Requires the use of custom fields. If your blog has many entries, it's an awful job.
  • You have to manually upload the template to your theme folder

» Best related posts

Finally, without much confidence, I found this small plugin that, interestingly, does his job very well

I liked it:

  • Available in the official repository of plugins
  • Customizable appearance on the options page using simple HTML
  • Does your work, without failures and with a minimum resource consumption
  • It offers a blank image for a non-image post
  • It does not require custom fields, it takes the first image of the posts and resizes them

I did not like it: [19659019] You have to manually add the code where you want to appear the posts related to thumbnail

  • The thumbnails are not "square", you can define the width easily, that's right

  • Before this cast – enough but not broad – I think there are, in my opinion, two simple and totally recommended options.

    On the one hand there is LinkWithin that, despite connecting with an external server, because of its multiplatform capacity and how well it It works deserves to be taken into account. And on the other hand, because it is a native plugin, easily customizable, and how well it works, Best related posts perhaps the safest option although it is a little less flashy than the previous one.

    NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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