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One of the novelties of WordPress 2.9 is Trashcan a way to delete comments, entries and pages with a network, much safer than the old erasure with a confirmation window.

Now, if you're forgetful and do not want your database to grow at a frantic pace, you can define how often you want the trash can to be emptied automatically without your intervention. Yes, knowing that the default value of WordPress is to be emptied every 30 days.

If you have this concept clear, then there is no going back, what empties disappears, you can add this line to the file wp- config.php of your WordPress installation:

You decide the numerical value of the days after which the trash will be emptied (15 in the example), and if you want something more radical you can configure it so that it is not saved nothing in the bin, in fact it disappears from your area of ​​administration, leaving only the option of " Delete permanently " … will pay the most active bloggers

Next year seems to start scary, and Automattic has decided that the most active blogs will receive prizes in cash and kind.

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WordPress 3.0 will require IIS • WordPress Help

In view of the problems, rather doubts, about the future of MySQL as free database manager and Open Source before the purchase by Oracle something that is not entirely clear, coupled with the problems in the development of Apache and to ensure the survival of WordPress, the development team has made the decision that in version 3.0 of WordPress all the "core" code will be rewritten so that it relies on Microsoft IIS and abandons Apache in front of IsapiRewrite .

Although currently the installation on IIS servers is not trivial, there is plenty of documentation in Codex and, in fact, the only thing that will affect us is that we will have to migrate our WordPress installations from Linux servers to Windows servers, in order to install IIS .

Regarding to the IsapiRewrite configuration, this would be a typical example of the necessary rewrite rules:

You see, deep down It's so complicated, although it bothers me enough to have It is necessary to migrate to Windows servers, always more expensive.

More information in the project site open for the purpose .

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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WordPress 2.010 Predictions – WordPress Help

 Pitoniso WordPress As last year I have not been very fine based on the fact that WordPress 3.0 did not come out and most of my predictions were based on this new version, I will try to refine something more this year in my prophecies for WordPress in 2010 even though I did hit on some things huh!

WorPress 2.9.1 beta 1

Well, that, that your requests have been heard and the beta 1 of WordPress 2.9.1 with the solution to the detected faults the first days of the publication of WordPress 2.9, or that has been tried . They have been detected and fixed 14 failures .

To try it and propose new tickets if you find something else 😉

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WordPress 3.0 Alpha

If we had little to do with the news of WordPress 2.9 for which you want, the development version is already available WordPress 3.0 Alpha in WordPress ßeta Testing .

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3 bugs in WordPress 2.9 and patch that solves them

In Semiologic have detected 3 failures in WordPress 2.9 for which, in the absence of an update to solve, have developed a patch that covers them.

The failures are as follows:

WordPress Peru • WordPress Help

Well yes, the community is growing and Alexander tells me that the WordPress Peru translation community is already active, in which you can participate along with other good friends like, for example.

Also in the official blog of WordPress Peru we will soon be able to have updated versions of WordPress in Spanish of Peru.