Themes that imitate famous websites

We all like to have a site with a differentiating aspect but there are many occasions when it may be interesting to have a design that imitates famous websites. Imagine, for example, a Facebook fan blog, or a portal about Apple world, would not you like to offer a look similar to the service or web you're paying tribute to?

Well, here's a review by some ] themes that mimic well-known websites . Surely you already knew one, but some may surprise you.

Master the "loop" like an expert without touching a line of code

There are many times that we talk about " loop ", that mysterious block in every theme for WordPress that takes care of show the information created by us on our site.

In addition, there are many modifications and customizations that we can apply by modifying the "loop", but there is a catch, and that is that you have to modify the files of the theme.

Well, if you want to customize your theme and you do not dare to touch PHP files now you have a possibility to do it without leaving the WordPress Desktop, and all with "shortcodes".

The plugin WordPress Loop uses the class WP_Query to generate the "loop" widget. you can see the full list of possible arguments ( $ args ) on the Codex page of query_posts () . The WordPress Loop widget also takes advantage of filters and action hooks for advanced customizations.

The widget has more than 35 options to choose from. You can customize your WordPress loop in one or more input types, categories, labels, custom taxonomies, authors, dates, custom fields and much more.

Also, it has support for input thumbnails, fixed entries, paging, length of customizable content (by number of words), and you can change even the order of number of options.

In the FAQ of the plugin you have the complete list of shortcodes, filters and hooks applicable. It is very complete.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

WordPress People for Firefox

If you use the browser Firefox what's more, if you're passionate about WordPress, now you can dress your Firefox with the skin system called "people" and, specifically, with any of the skins that the Automattic team has drawn up .

You just have to click on one of the following skins to install (from Firefox) the one that best suits your tastes …

WordPress 2010 • WordPress Help

If you want to see what will be the new default theme of WordPress known as WordPress 2010 you can follow its development in the blog that will show its changes and evolution: 2010 Theme Development .

Personally, I think it's a good idea, a bigger font, the HTML elements the drop-down menu, the width bigger than Kubrick and the CSS used for images and the gallery, but not the used font (serif) and, perhaps, the excessive height of the header.

Combat spam from your topic

We have already seen several ways to combat comments spam and today we are going to expand our arsenal with a trick that we will activate in the file functions.php of our theme active, which is totally exportable to other sites without modifying any configuration.

 avoid spam "src =" psiquiatra.png "title =" avoid spam "class =" aligncenter "width =" 447 "height =" 239 "/> </p>
<p> All you have to do is add this code: </p>
<pre class= function in_comment_post_like ($ string, $ array) { foreach ($ array as $ ref) {if (strstr ($ string, $ ref)) {return true; }} return false; } function drop_bad_comments () { if (! empty ($ _ POST ['comment'])) { $ post_comment_content = $ _POST ['comment']; $ lower_case_comment = strtolower ($ _ POST ['comment']); $ bad_comment_content = array ( 'viagra', 'hydrocodone', 'hair loss', '[url=http', '[link=http', 'xanax', 'tramadol', 'russian girls', 'russian brides', 'lorazepam', 'adderall', 'dexadrine', 'no prescription', 'oxycontin', 'without a prescription', 'sex pics', 'family incest', 'online casinos', 'online dating', 'cialis', 'best forex', 'amoxicillin' ); if (in_comment_post_like($lower_case_comment, $bad_comment_content)) { $comment_box_text = wordwrap(trim($post_comment_content), 80, "n ", true); $txtdrop = fopen('/var/log/httpd/wp_post-logger/', 'a'); fwrite($txtdrop, " --------------n [COMMENT] = ". $ Post_comment_content." N -------------- n "); fwrite ($ txtdrop, "[SOURCE_IP] =". $ _SERVER ['REMOTE_ADDR']. "@". date ("F j, Y, g: i a"). " n"); fwrite ($ txtdrop, "[USERAGENT] =". $ _SERVER ['HTTP_USER_AGENT']. " n"); fwrite ($ txtdrop, "[REFERER ] =". $ _SERVER ['HTTP_REFERER']. " n"); fwrite ($ txtdrop, "[FILE_NAME] =". $ _SERVER ['SCRIPT_NAME']. "- ​​[REQ_URI] =". $ _SERVER ['REQUEST_URI']. " n"); fwrite ($ txtdrop, '-------------- ********** ------------------'. " n"); header ("HTTP / 1.1 406 Not Acceptable"); header ("Status: 406 Not Acceptable"); header ("Connection: Close"); wp_die (__ ('bang bang.')); } } } add_action ('init', 'drop_bad_comments');

You can, of course, add or remove words and / or expressions after the array called $ bad_comment_content to customize it according to your need

The entry Combat spam from your subject was first published Fernando Tellado in Help WordPress . Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.

Precautions when updating WordPress • WordPress Help

These days the hosting company where I have my sites has been suffering some delays … This caused me great inconvenience when updating more than 10 sites that use WordPress

That's why I prepared a list of tips and recommendations to keep in mind when updating either directly from the WordPress Panel or via FTP

Maybe, like me, you've already got used to updating with a simple click from the panel … It's simple, fast and very easy. But this can give more headaches than comfort if something goes wrong in the middle of the procedure. Some of the most common problems are:

The screen that warns your visitors to come back in a minute while the system is updated, does not disappear …

This can be easily solved! You enter the site via FTP and you delete the file .manteinance that was created. Keep in mind that according to the hosting settings it may appear as a hidden file! When you delete this file, you go back to the panel and you give it to update again. If the error repeats, I would recommend that you update via FTP.

After clicking on update, it takes too long …

Remember that all hosting have a limitation in the use of their resources, both PHP memory and of RAM. This can make the process slower or even enter an endless loop and throw 500 errors (internal server error). The best solution to this is to update your version of WordPress with the old method by FTP.

After updating there are errors, the panel and the blog are very slow, there are even some inconsistencies in the data …

Personally I think that updating a WordPress should not be limited to a simple click or upload files and replace them with FTP. It's a whole procedure … Personally after updating, I take the job of optimizing the database tables (see below), clear the browser cache, close it, reopen it, etc … If you use a caching plugin, you should also delete the cached documents of the hosting.

ALWAYS, but ALWAYS, do weekly backup … And before updating, too …

I have had clients who simply click, do not read, do not worry … Also friends who then call you at 3 in the morning because your blog stopped working. ALWAYS have a weekly backup (or monthly, according to the activity and pace of each site) and ALWAYS a backup before updating anything … When I say "backups" I mean both the database and the files. Especially if you update important plugins, sometimes they are not compatible with new versions.

NEVER wait for the hosting company to do backups, nothing better than you do, take a while or use a plugin or method that Many times, to those of us who are WordPress fans and connoisseurs, it has happened to us that a version comes out and after a few days another one that corrects perhaps a few mistakes … It is interesting to wait a prudent time (at the discretion of each one, perhaps a week is fine) to update … Eye! You have to see what we expect and update urgently, if the update covers security flaws or simply add features.

Remember that there ALWAYS exist ALTERNATIVES:

Even though WordPress development greatly advances, you should NEVER forget that you have the alternative of updating by hand, uploading the files by FTP, replacing, etc …

To read:

How to backup WordPress

How to install WordPress with a click! (automatic updates)

How to update WordPress "old-fashioned" by FTP

How to optimize databases and here another way to do it

How to install a WordPress from scratch

AND ALWAYS have a community of millions of good people who will help you with any problem … But remember: it is always better to prevent than later to cure! 🙂 Be happy!

NOTICE : This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

Use last prototype version automatically …

Hello everyone, we know that prototype is a library used almost by everyone who uses wordpress, and good reading the article to use jQuery automatically I decided to try prototype and just modify the code mentioned in that post and I added it in the functions.php of my active theme, leaving this way:

// Function to always use the updated prototype

if ( ! is_admin () ) {

wp_deregister_script [19659005] ( 'prototype' ) ;

wp_register_script ( 'prototype' ( "http : // ") false '' ]) ;

wp_enqueue_script ( 'prototype' ) ;


And as they indicate there, if they have an error loading their scripts , you just have to delete those lines from the functions.php file; It should be noted that to always use the last library within version 1, the path prototype / 1 / prototype.js is indicated, but if you want to use the last library within version 1.6 you must use the path prototype / 1.6 / prototype.js and if you want to indicate a specific version like, you should use prototype / / prototype.js and that would be it, I hope it is of help.

Webs for the blind

I discover that there is a website " " where they offer a wonderful solution for people with visual disabilities it is a component that provides a voice to any news written on a Web page or a Blog.

The system consists of the automatic creation of a sound file in MP3, for each entry or article that we post on our blog.

A prime objective of the project is to facilitate access to the large amount of information present in the blogosphere to people with visual problems.

By means of a simple installation of the Plugin, in several minutes we will provide our Blog with sound in each and every one of the entries of this.

WordPress Foundation

In order to guarantee the survival and promotion of the open source community and WordPress, to democratize the publication of content on the web, the WordPress Foundation is born today

. profit whose main objective is to ensure that WordPress, WordCamp remain stable platforms for publication for future generations.

At the moment there is no more information on how to participate or support the foundation, they will be announced on the official blog. As José says, this seems to guarantee that WordPress products will not be paid.

Use the latest version of jQuery automatically

If you use jQuery on your site created with WordPress and you always want to have the latest version and above that you do not have to host it on your server but load it directly from the high speed servers of Google you just have to copy this code in the file functions.php of your active topic:

What this code does is load the latest available version from the Google CDN servers so load the folder " / jquery / 1 / " instead of from the version folder available on your site. This code really "bypasses" the version you have installed and uses the latest version available in Google.

Now, use this with caution, checking that your scripts work correctly after saving the changes in the file functions.php . If something went wrong, simply delete the added lines and continue using the version hosted on your server.