Embed an MP3 file with link to download with shortcode …

It seems that I have become accustomed to shortcodes; the fact is that I am avoiding the use of plugins as much as possible; and based on the requirements I have for my website, because I have created a shortcode to embed mp3 files with their respective link; that is, the player itself to listen to the audio and the link to download the corresponding file.

The player that I have used is the xspf slim version, that is, the simple mode; you can download the following link: XSPF Player Slim Version

The file brings the .fla file and the actionscript; but the one that we are going to use is the xspf_slim_player.swf that we upload to a folder of our server; it could be the music folder or the one that they want.

As I already formatted it in the same code, the visualization will be as follows:

I hope you have served them, you can see it working in http: //www.contigoperusemanario.org/ringtones

NOTE: They have to change http://mydomain.com for their domain or the player's path.

Vaultpress: Guaranteed guaranteed WordPress

Vaultpress is a new service launched by the company Automattic, which offers secure backup of WordPress sites. The system, which has just been announced right now admits requests to participate in the ßeta phase, which server has already done.

There is no information on how they do it, only that – as they know WordPress like nobody else – they will ensure your installation, not only the content, but your configurations and customizations. In the background it is not difficult to guess that they will backup your database, with all its tables, and perhaps the configuration files and even your folder 'wp-content' (this is just my lucubrations) and they will facilitate some system through which, giving your approval, access to your MySQL server, they will backup your database and, in case of disaster, you will be able to recover your complete configuration.

They plan to charge $ 10 per blog and month, but in the same beta-tester request they ask you to suggest a price for the service.

File with input thumbnails

In Dolcebita have created a super plugin, with which to generate a file of your site created with WordPress in a visual way, very attractive, with thumbnails of the entries if they are available. They have called it WP Timeline Archive .

Also, using it is very simple, you just have to download it and install it (for now only via FTP) and enter this shortcode in the entry or page where you want it show up In this example we exclude the category with ID 1:

You can see it in action on the dolcebita file page .

(Note: the download link does not work at this time, I have already warned to be reviewed)

GMail in WordPress

If you already spend more time on the WordPress desktop than on any other Internet site with this plugin, you will almost certainly not leave your administration area.

And that is My GMail ] is another step in the integration of services within the WordPress desktop. If we already saw how to have your own list of tasks or even tweet from WordPress now you can check your GMail email without leaving WordPress. What do you think?

Install plugins and themes without putting FTP data • WordPress Help

Surely you will have been surprised that, depending on the server you are on, you are sometimes asked for FTP access to install and update plugins or themes and other times the process is automatic without asking you anything.

Well, if you think it's a hassle to have to put ftp data, which incidentally is a security failure if you use a shared computer since the browser stores the passwords, you can avoid it in two ways, you choose which:

Auto FTP

With this plugin, once you install and activate it, you just have to add your FTP access data so you do not have to re-enter this data every time you want to install or update plugins and themes. Now, the security problem is still there, but in comfort you gain some time.

WP Config

Much better is to define some new variables in the WordPress configuration file wp-config.php . Just add the following lines:

As always, you choose.

] NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

WordPress 3.0 postponed to May

It seems that to ensure all the changes that this new version WordPress 3.0 which was originally scheduled to be available in April, has been postponed, release to May . However there are still 45% of open tickets and I'm almost happy about the delay, to ensure vital changes such as the merger with WordPress MU .

The entry ] WordPress 3.0 postponed to May published it first Fernando Tellado in WordPress Help . Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.

Change the time in WordPress • WordPress Help

If you live in a country where change the time in Summer and Winter today you'll probably be like me, a bit misplaced. Well, and will not be because I have not warned you must change the time in your WordPress unless you have set the options so that the time zone fits the city where you live , in which case you should not change anything.

Geopositioning of your tickets

Just released version 2.3.1 of WordPress for iPhone and what do you not know what it brings again ?, since geopositioning your tickets if your site is in WordPress.com. At the moment there is no way to do it in WordPress hosted but we are already working on a plugin that allows it.

In addition to this, we have also fixed some bugs of previous versions and now you can show in the iPhone version more entries or pages per screen of what you have defined in WordPress options.

SEO in your WordPress entries

Today I am somewhat motivated with this search engine positioning after attending the second SEO Event so I will comment on some well-known truisms but that maybe not everyone knows about of how to do SEO in the posts, the positioning that you can do every time you publish something in your WordPress.

There are not many rules that are universal about the SEO but maybe these are the most accepted ( now will come some beast of SEO and I will throw them to the ground, but it is what there is ) and its use usually greatly improves the positioning of your site, with little effort

Take note of the basic rules of link building " on page ", that is, building link from your page:

Surely more can be done but this is fundamental. And if you think there are many things to consider, that the main thing is to write your entry, I agree. These are actions to be performed mostly after having written your entry. It's just a couple of minutes to let your input reach more people. After all, SEO is what it is for, so that what you write is known to more people.