How to save yourself from a "mename effect" without using cache

If you receive unexpected traffic on your blog and many peaks of visits that drop you down the hosting, and you are not using cache or have thought to change a dedicated, in this blog explain a possible solution to the problem

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Thanks WordPress: Your Santa Rosa and BuddyPress

Another nice case of success and use of WordPress is the one that Mauro Aguirre tells us about the social network they have created with WordPress + BuddyPress …

thanks to the help of Fernando and his blog "ayudawordpress" we have formed a social network for educational institutions based on buddypress and wordpress … thanks to that we have implemented this platform on our site "" giving the name of online schools "" a area that was approved by the secretary of edcuacion of our country and municipality "santa rosa de cabal – Colombia" the purpose of this project is the union of educational plans where each institution has its leader. surrounded by teachers with administrator keys to moderate student comments …. again a thousand thanks fernando I am the one followed by his blog 100%

mauro aguirre
web master


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Show excerpts without touching the topic

Of course, you can modify the look of your active theme and have it show excerpts of the entries instead of the entire content, but if that's the behavior you want, it's always more practical add some code to the file functions.php and use it wherever you want.






















22 [19659004] 23



function mis_extractos ( $ content = false ) {

// If title page, archive or search results

if ( is_front_page () || is_archive () || is_search () ) :

global $ post ;

$ content = $ post -> post_excerpt ;

// If an extract is specified in the editor widget

if ( $ content ) :

$ content = apply_filters [19659030] ( 'the_excerpt' $ content ) ;

// If you do not specify a abstract [19659000] else :

$ content = $ post -> post_content ;

$ excerpt_length = 55 ;

] $ words = explode ( '' $ content [1945902] 1] $ excerpt_length + 1 ) ;

if ( count ( $ words ) > $ excerpt_length ) :

array_pop ( $ words ) ;

array_push ( $ words '. .. ') ;

$ content = implode (' ' $ words ) ;

endif ;

$ content [19659032] = '

' . $ content . ''


endif ;

endif ];

// And we make sure to go back to the content

return $ content ;


add_filter ( 'the_content' 'my_extractos' ) ;

10 free hosting + domain for forum users

I have no words, I am filled with emotion when I see how the WordPress community is growing and, what is better, how close it is. [19659003] A good proof of this is our friend José Conti from Spanish BuddyPress who, to celebrate his 600th message in the WordPress Forum has decided [19659004] give away nothing less than 10 free hosting, domain included, to forum users that's nothing.

The gift is as follows.

1 year of free shared hosting with domain included.

] There are a series of rules that must be met, since is a gift for people who start which is the one that usually has more problems.

  • The blog must be new, not the domain in yes, since you could have a domain acquired recently and be in another free hosting or what was
  • It must be published on the blog, it is not worth asking for an account, winning it and then leaving it.
  • No new users are worth, that is, any user who registers after publishing this thread. You will not be able to get a hosting plan.
  • The hosting will be free for 1 year. Then you have to pay the amount (€ 10 / month). You can migrate to a lower or higher plan or even leave the hosting.
  • There is no obligation to stay.
  • For us to be responsible for the price of the domain, the domain must be contracted / transferred with us. We will not take care of domains that are in other registrars or that can not be transferred. In the order form, you can request a new domain, net or org, leaving these completely free.
  • Those selected, they will be provided with a promotion code for each of a single use. (via private message)
  • You can not assign / sell / "rent" the promotional code.
  • When the winners have been selected, they will be published in this same thread and will be passed to resolved thread. If you see that the thread is resolved, do not publish your request (green ball next to the title of the thread)
  • You can not resell, lend, rent, transfer … space to third parties (including family, friends, colleagues, etc …) )
  • Any breach of the foregoing will mean not being able to opt for the gift or the immediate cancellation thereof, depending on what is not done.

Features of the Plan .

  • Type of Hosting: Shared
  • ] Plan Name: EcoPower
  • Disk Space: 6GB
  • Monthly Transfer: 20GB
  • Domain: 1 Free (as long as we manage it, always being the owner of this one)
  • Free Installation of WordPress, WordPress MU, BuddyPress, bbPress, etc … being a standard configuration, we will not make a special configuration of these.
  • Domains Added: Unlimited
  • Subdomains: Unlimited
  • Email Accounts: Unlimited
  • B Data Aces: Unlimited
  • FTP Accounts: Unlimited
  • etc …

All the features you will find here, Plan EcoPower: comparative-of-plans / comparative-plans-eco /

How to apply for this award

To the 10 fastest that answer this thread and that they comply with all the requirements, they will be eligible for the prize.

Say what your blog will be about, community, whatever . This will not be valued when awarding the prize, it is for the mere fact that it is received by someone who has something real in mind. I do not want the request and something will happen to me.

I remember that if the thread is as solved, little green ball next to the thread title, there is no option to opt for the gift.

NOTICE : This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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How to change the admin password with a SQL query

To do this we should execute the following command in the web interface of phpMyAdmin or from the command line:

You just have to replace ' new-key ' with the password new you want to assign and ' username-admin ' by the username (username) of the admin user, for example " admin "

Editor "totally" WYSIWYG • WordPress Help

The WordPress visual editor allows you to visualize in a very approximate way how your publication will look, but suffers from the quality of being ABSOLUTELY WYSIWYG . What do I mean ?, so that it looks exactly how it will look in your active theme, with the fonts, colors, with the exact CSS of your theme.

Get it, however , it's very easy, and you do not need to download or use Windows Live Writer and its integration functionality, you just have to add a small code to the file (yes, you guessed it) functions.php , this:

This customization will surely be very interesting for, for example, customers who come from CMS like Joomla, where they are used to writing "from the outside", with a feeling – false – of integration, or simply to check if the The styles that you apply to your publication will adapt correctly to the CSS classes used in your theme.

It does not adapt everything but a great part, such as styles of headers, borders and image spaces, etc.

WordPress Hosting at half price (at the request of readers) • WordPress Help

A few days ago I announced the launch of WordPress Hosting a bet of Digital Factory and Help WordPress to offer specialized hosting for WordPress, with everything the user needs to publish their website under this versatile platform.

Now, there were many readers, especially from Latin America, who They indicated that for them in particular, especially due to economic differences, it was nothing short of unattainable, and yes, we have been looking at it, and that is why Hosting WordPress launches a promotion for the first 10 orders that are made with quarterly or higher fee (the domain is included free) have a 50% discount which leaves them in less than € 5 per month plus VAT, or no VAT for the from outside the European Union. Oh, and we already charge in dollars and other currencies.

What is there to do ?, You just have to make the request on the WordPress Hosting page and, in the 4th step, where you can enter a promotional code put AYUDAWORDPRESS it's that easy.

As I say, this promotion is for the first 10 who place the order and, perhaps, if we see that there is interest in it and they are consumed quickly these first 10 discounts at 50%, we can expand the promotion, it will depend on the number of requests, just that.

Well, nothing more, we hope that this promotion responds to your needs and, of course, includes all the conditions of.

(Note: in case you have not noticed some of the links in this entry are affiliated, so if you buy a product it costs you the same but you pay me a coffee)

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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WordPress for iPad does not upload images • WordPress Help

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