Webmaster Tools on WordPress.com

Did you know that you can register your site created with WordPress.com in the tools for webmasters and thus improve your positioning ?. Well yes, you already know.

For some time (do not ask me how much, I found it all at once the other day) on the Tools page on your WordPress.com Desktop ( yourname.wordpress.com /wp-admin/tools.php)

Yahoo is the slowest, it takes more than a day to verify your site.

From now on, you can not only control the positioning of your site / s but to improve it / them by means of strategies and tactics SEO helped by the reports of the tools for webmasters.

Follow the controversy for the "like" of WordPress.com

Despite what some said in the comments of the post about the "rebellion" it seems that the row continues more after the same Matt closed the thread of the forums where the discussion was raised and also the comments of the announcement of the new feature were closed.

If not you defend with English, what is posed (again) to Automattic is, not a global confrontation to the feature but to estimate the possibility that some users can disable it. It even contemplates the possibility of closing accounts using countermeasures something that seems to contradict the TOS of WordPress.com, which reads …

"our service is designed to offer you so much control and ownership for your site as possible "

To finish fixing it, go Matt and in the comments of the new single thread the next pearl :

" The feature will not be removed, and will continue to evolve. If you do not like it, maybe you should consider using an alternative blogging service or hosting your own WordPress. "

Very bad Matt! That they are not telling you all that they are absolutely against the "I like", they are telling you that the user has the option to enable it or not, as with other additional tools such as links with popup or related links. They tell you that, in addition, if someone does re-blogging through the "Like" is sometimes skipping the content license that the blogger has decided to have copyrights, is making it easier to skip the rights of the blogger the copy-paste by work and grace of WordPress.com nothing else.

In my opinion Automattic is mishandling this controversy cutting the communication (despite that Matt said he would be willing to talk about this matter), threatening to close accounts, not accepting that not everyone likes the new features, however chachipirulis that Matt seems.

And this does not it's like the controversy (which also resurfaces from time to time) about the prohibition to put publicity in the blogs of WordPress.com, this is very different, here only asks that the decision of the owner of the site be respected that its content is copied very easily in other places without your consent, something that affects even the VIP accounts or with the redirected domain.

Thanks for notice ludusnaturae

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Notice of comments on the iPhone • WordPress Help

One of the shortcomings of the WordPress iPhone application is that it does not have the functionality of immediate warnings for, say, comments (the most natural option). In other words, there is no "push" of comments you do not know if someone comments on your entries unless you open the application and, yes, you see the pending comment marker but nothing else.

From that moment, when you receive a comment on the sites you set up in the application Comment Push of your iPhone or iPad and on which you have installed the plugin, you will receive push immediate reminders of the new comments without having to open the application to see if there are new comments.

WordPress.com acquires Plinky to give you inspiration • WordPress Help

Automattic has acquired the suggestion service called Plinky a great way to break the writer's block in those days when you can not think of anything to write about. [19659002] For this Plinky offers a system that asks you questions of the type " how was your vacation?" "or" could you live without a car for a year? Whole? ", to put a couple of examples (real), which can encourage you to develop your next article on the blog.

Regarding the integration with WordPress, now you can already use Plinky with your WordPress blog .com or hosted. For this the process is as follows:

The truth is that I did not know the system but I loved it. Not only is it a different way to publish entries on your site, but it is also a community and a very interesting, inspirational suggestions service, which is now part of the WordPress toolbox after the acquisition by Automattic .

WordPress for iOS 2.5 – WordPress Help

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