Windows Live Spaces migration duplicates records in

The migration of all Windows Live Spaces blogs to has doubled (actually more) the number of records, going from about 400,000 to 900,000 per month.

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Karim Osman in WordCamp – WordPress Help

It's never a good idea to miss a WordCamp but this year we have Automattic twice. Repeats Zé Fontainhas, which I do not rule out that we adopt in Spain in the near future (hehe), but this year we are joined by nothing less than Karim Osman "happiness enginer" by Automattic, which will tell you the insights of the company that makes possible every day .

News from WordPress 3.1

If you're already biting your nails for knowing it will bring us WordPress 3.1 and you do not want to wait for to tell us Ze Fontainhas in WordCamp here you have the most important news of this version that, if the programming does not change, will be available in its final version by the end of this year or the beginning of 2011.

Impatient ?, you can already try WordPress 3.1 beta 1

Well, that, if you're one of those who do not want to wait, and you do not even want to go trying the news on where it's already installed, you can already download WordPress 3.1 beta 1 and start playing with the novelties of WordPress 3.1 .

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Discover who likes your posts • WordPress Help

It's almost monotheme to talk about but it's that Automattic are runaway lately with news, and today is – although it seems little – very important.

Well, from today you can already know, not only who clicks on the happy button of "I like" but also you can know who subscribes to your blog. This, which seems a nonsense is really important because it is the first step to manage the traffic of your site, build loyalty to your readers and even make online marketing, something that is not new but in

The best of all (or not, according to taste) is that you will receive an email when someone likes an entry of yours or subscribes to your site, in order to track the popularity of your blog. Just go to the "Options -> Comments" page and check that the corresponding boxes are checked:

Of course, if your site is very popular it might be better to deactivate those options but do not underestimate the power of these ads. face to a personalized attention to the readers of your site, priceless for companies (did I say that is already becoming a great platform for corporate blogs?).

WordPress 3.1 alpha is already in • WordPress Help

In case we had any doubts, Matt has confirmed it, and WordPress 3.1 Alpha is already installed and running on so if you are impatient and do not want to wait for it to come out, or you do not want to install the beta on your server, sign up for an account at and give it a try. Now, you run a danger, and that is that you like so much that you consider the advantages of living in a protected environment and without maintenance on your part.

Ranking of authors in • WordPress Help

As of today we have new feature in and it has a great look (and utility). You will find the new functionality in the statistics and it shows you a list of blog authors (if there are several), ordered in a ranking of relevance. Not only that, a drop-down system has also been incorporated, which, by clicking on each author, will show you where the visits that have placed you above the ranking have come from.

How is that relevance measured? : first those who have published entries that have received more visits. What do you think of more than one interesting utility for a blog with several authors? In addition, you do not have to configure anda, if your blog has several authors you will see the new tab, but today very soon.

This functionality is not yet available in the "installable" version of the plugin, only in for now , a bitch To see if they are incorporating the new statistics features to the plugin because they have improved a lot. continues to surprise: internal links, paging, order

Lately is unrecognizable . It had been a while since there were as many news as lately. 6 months ago I would not even have considered to recommend for corporate use but now it almost always seems like the first option, except for special needs (that is, for 90% of the time You're killing yourself with ).

Today, on that line, we advance another series of improvements that, presumably, we will also see in WordPress 3.1 ( remember that for many things is the testing ground for new features, which usually appear before the release of the hosted version.)

Ea, well enjoy it, it has me more and more surprised .

Force the default editor (visual or HTML)

If you have a site and want, for some reason, to force the default editor to be HTML or Visual you just have to add one of these codes to the file functions.php of the active topic:

 # HTML Editor by default #
add_filter ('wp_default_editor', create_function ('', 'return "html";')); 

 # Visual Editor by default #
add_filter ('wp_default_editor', create_function ('', 'return "tinymce";')); 

Save the changes and you already have it.

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