3 years of WordPress Help

3 years ago nothing less (it seems little and at the same time a world) that this help blog project was born about which , then, it was an incipient CMS, and almost unused in Spain and the rest of Spanish-speaking countries, let alone for corporate uses.

The idea came from a chat conversation between Guillermo and a server, in the one that after discovering the first that the domain ayudawordpress.com was free, and that we both wanted to share experiences and knowledge about the WordPress system, we decided and in 5 minutes we had registered the domain, assigned hosting and launching the blog . In a single day we loaded WordPress (a milestone in those days for us due to our inexperience), we configured the template and plugins and started writing.

3 years later there are almost 2,300 articles published ] 16,000 comments almost 1,300 registered users a forum consolidated help between users in which more than 32 thousand messages have already been published] more than 5,300 users .

But the most important thing of all is that with this blog I think I have contributed to some extent to the popularization of WordPress in the Hispanic world, with the translations official with the official page of WordPress Spain thanks to the WordCamp and many other activities in which I have participated to try to encourage the use of WordPress in all types of fields

For all this , for the follow-up and support, for the articles that many of you have contributed …


NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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Merry Christmas !, and we look forward to January for WordPress 3.1

Despite the programming that was most certain is that WordPress 3.1 does not leave until January 2011 (it is practically safe), because there are still 11 pending tickets that do not give time, literally, to finish, not because they are insurmountable but … guess … for Christmas.

And the developers also deserve a few days of rest with their families, like you, like me. So …

Finally some good forms in WordPress.com

WordPress.com has always suffered from some shortcomings, sometimes stupid, but lately they are getting the batteries with the latest news, and the one that I show you today is not a dumb one, on the contrary.

You already know that a contact form is almost an obligation in any website or blog worth its salt, but more if it is a corporate site. Well, so far WordPress.com lacked the basic (reasonable) for a corporate website, and a good form was one of these things that were missing. From today not anymore.

With the modification made to the plugin Grunion Contact Form now you have a new icon in the entry editor from which to configure and create forms in which you can include: [19659005] Text

  • Email fields
  • Web fields
  • Large text areas
  • Selection boxes
  • Option selection buttons
  • Expanding selector
  • And you can add as many fields as you want, and put different forms in entries and pages and, best of all, look great.

    But that's not the end of it, and you'll also find a new icon on the desktop, the "Feedbacks", where the forms sent by your visitors, stored in the database, are stored. And also, when someone sends you a form, of course, it comes to your site administrator's email.

    Well, that's getting harder and harder to choose between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

    NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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    Now that it's already clear it's clear that there's nothing wrong with WordPress for not losing your history of shared links in Delicious.

    To get it, you just have to use a great and simple plugin, ] Delicious XML importer . Its use is very simple: install, activate and go to the Delicious importer page. It will ask you to connect to the Delicious API page through a link that offers you and, once you have entered your name and password, Delicious will import your stuff, and you can download everything in an XML file on your computer desktop.

    Yes , on the contrary, you want your old Delicious to be integrated into your WordPress you can try this synchronizer there will be no more updates when our old friend dies completely but you will have everything integrated.

    And if you want having your own Delicious I remind you that you can mount it with bmPress #molamil .

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    Another great presentation of WordCamp Spain 2010 was the one that dazzled us Rafael Poveda developer, WordPress evangelist and, above all, great person, in which he told us a bit about the history of the topics in WordPress, to get in the background, then go on to teach us a lot about the structure of the topics and some surprise that you will find among the 173 slides of this essential document …

    WordPress as an eCommerce platform – WordCamp Spain 2010 (Fernando Serer)

    Here you have the presentation he did Fernando Serer of Blogestudio in which he told us the possibilities of using WordPress as an electronic commerce platform.

    The entry WordPress as an eCommerce platform – WordCamp Spain 2010 (Fernando Serer) was first published in WordPress Help .

    WooTumblog, input formats, Express App – WordCamp Spain 2010 (Jeffrey Pearce)

    Here's the presentation that he did yesterday Jeffrey Pearce of WooThemes in WordCamp Barcelona in which he explained the concept WooTumblog which they are incorporating as a framework in their themes and from which they have published a plugin in the official repository …