Roles and capabilities

It is not the first time that we talk about Profiles and Capabilities in WordPress I have even talked about how to manage them, but I thought that we had to give a little more light in this matter, and for that I have created a table in which you will understand better what each type of user can do in WordPress for the capacities assigned to it.

As you already know, native WordPress capacity management is not the best of the world, and surely more than once you've wanted to assign extra capabilities to a profile without having many others (you just have to look at the table in the huge jump that there is of Author to Editor ), and since everything has a solution, if this is the case, how will you best take advantage of the information in this table, and you will be able to properly manage profiles and capabilities in WordPress I recommend you use the plugin Members which supplements ta lack.

Well, here is the table, I hope it helps to clarify a bit this issue of the Profiles and Capabilities in WordPress . Its use is simple, on the left you have the list of capabilities with its explanation to its right, and in the column of each type of User Profile if there is a logo in the cell it has the capacity of the first column …

Leave messages to your collaborators

If you have a collaborative site, it's a good idea to leave messages to the rest of the authors of your WordPress . You can do it in many ways but a very simple one, for messages that you want to have always present, would be the following:

There are two variables that you can / should change. The first, obviously, is the text to be displayed, and the second is what kind of users, depending on their capabilities will see the message, in this case the author's profile ( edit_posts ]), you can even use several messages depending on the type of user profile.

Show Google that your blog deserves to be first!

 prove to google that your blog deserves to be first

In our previous article we have reviewed some basic techniques for improve positioning from our wordpress blog on Google . Now we will review another very important point to continue optimizing our blog to the search engines.

I see very often that many bloggers publish all the content of their posts directly on the Home page …
Serious error for your positioning in Google!


Suppose your post is interesting and draws your user's attention … This will enter the Home of your blog, observe that there is information that interests you, read the article and possibly close the browser and continue your work day (glad to have received the knowledge that you have given). And your only benefit would be an additional visit to your statistics.

Let me tell you that this is not as beneficial as it seems, it could even be a disadvantage. The reason is that this user will increase the bounce rate of your blog (an SEO factor very considered by Google when making your search rankings).

The recommendation is to use the excerpts from articles in Home (three or four lines describing the content of your article). In this way, when the user enters Home, they will see only the title and extract of the article. You will notice that it is information that interests you and will press "click" to see the full article. This click is very valuable in the eyes of Google, since it is a sign of interest to the content of your blog (a sign of interest emitted neither more nor less than by a user, the main objective of Google).

If a high percentage of your users "click" on the excerpts or internal links of your blog, speak of interest and satisfaction in the content that you publish. Therefore, you have a very favorable point for Google to want to show your content to users and make you climb positions in your ranking 🙂  Google Analytics Bounce Percentage

And how does Google realize if the user clicked at least once on my site?

If you use Google Analytics (which is very likely because we all love this wonderful statistics service) you are giving full permission to Google to see and analyze the behavior of your users within your blog.

(see image on the right)

The percentage of bounce is specified in the start screen of Google Analytics, an indicator of the importance that this parameter has for Google no?

I do not want this article to motivate to uninstall Google Analytics … On the contrary, we must work to gain clicks on the links of our blog, reducing our bounce rate and climbing positions in the Google rankings 🙂

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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bbPress 2.0, there is less left for the forums plugin • WordPress Help

Today I read with joy in José's blog some proofs he has done with the preview version of bbPress as a plugin and the truth is that it looks good.

The whole process seems to me still too precarious, but it works as you can see in the demo that you have mounted.

Yes, I do not recommend it to impatient people, it still has many inconveniences, like there is no adapted topics, integration of access and more problems that you can find, but saved the pitfalls at the end works, which is what matters.

In my case, before migrating, apart from waiting for the stable version, I have to inform me about the possible migration, something Matt said it would be, not possible, but easy, but I'll have to wait for something else.

Well, if someone is encouraged, they can try – assuming the risks – bbPress 2.0 in pre-Alpha version .

TwentyEleven, the next WordPress default theme • WordPress Help

The theme is like a TwentyTen with steroids, incorporating features that you're sure to love as …

If you want to experiment with what will be the new WordPress default theme, you can upload it to or download it in its current version of the trac. It looks great, and fantastic possibilities.

Issuu on

Maybe you have already used the service of Issuu to offer online publications in the newspaper style, if not, I recommend it , even with the free version you have a very professional presentation of your documents.

Among its virtues is the main one of reformatting your documents to offer an electronic publication, and it does it very well, but also allows you to insert the player on any website … except .

But the problem is not from Issuu but from the security restrictions of, which does not allow inserts codes ' embed ' by security reasons, offering ' shortcodes ' for a multitude of services and so you can share dynamic content of this type of services. But hey, that has no shortcode for Issuu .

Do not worry, you can do a fix that works wonders, it's a bit cumbersome but it works. We will use the shortcode of Gigya which works on Let's see how to do it …

When you want to share an Issuu document, it offers you an icon with this aspect, <> that if you click on it, it offers a lot of embedding possibilities . Well, you choose the HTML and copies the code, it will offer you something like this:

<embed src = "" type = "Application / x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen = "true" menu = "false" style = "width: 420px; height: 297px" flashvars = "mode = embed & layout = http% 3A% 2F% 2Fv% 2Flight% 2Flayout.xml & amp; showFlipBtn = true & documentId = 110414131840-77b82a3dbd684b858b7dcef45f952183 & amp; docName = email_property_upyd_c-villalba & username = UPyD_Collado_Villalba & loadingInfoText = Program% 20Electoral% 202011% 20UPyD% 20Collado% 20Villalba & amp; et = 1302793320416 & amp; er = 9 " />

Well, what you have to do is insert the ' shortcode ' from gigya and add what I highlighted in red, like this:

[gigya src = "http: // static. "type =" application / x-shockwave-flash "allowfullscreen =" true "flashvars =" mode = embed & layout = http% 3A% 2F% 2Fskin.issuu .com% 2Fv% 2Flight% 2Flayout.xml & amp; showFlipBtn = true & amp; documentId = 110414131840-77b82a3dbd684b858b7dcef45f952183 & amp; docName = programa_electoral_upyd_c-villalba & amp; username = UPyD_Collado_Villalba & amp; loadingInfoText = Program% 20Electoral% 202011% 20UPyD% 20Collado% 20Villalba & amp; et = 1302792605642 & amp; er = 28 " width =" 420 "height =" 291 "]

The final part of the size is customizable to your liking.

And you have it, it will work perfectly, as you can see in this entry where I applied it.

Of course, in hosted WordPress you do not need any tricks, you simply insert the code it offers, like any other content embedding system.

NOTICE : This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Serious security incident on

Let us know Matt who have suffered a important attack that has compromised servers at the level of "root" that is, super-administrator, or in other words someone has gone into the kitchen.

The bad thing about this irruption is that you do not know what the possible scope of it is, because when you enter that level you can access everything, absolutely everything, and nothing is certain you just depend on the intentions of the attacker.

Matt alleges that they are making changes to prevent this from happening again but the reality is that they have a delicate streak in security issues, we assume that at the server level.

I just hope that you can buttress to avoid compromising the incredible rise of this service, better and better.

How to fight spam

Although from time to time the bands of spammers receive a setback from the security forces, it is such a round business that for every mafia that they imprison in jail, 10 more appear wanting fast income offering the last pharmaceutical wonder or promoting services of any kind in your site.

Well, to defend against spam we have multiple tools, which I compiled here to the delight of the respectable:

Oh, if you know some other method share it in the comments, this it's almost a public service.

WordPress 3.1.1

If you have already updated to WordPress 3.1 now it's time for you to do it to WordPress 3.1.1 an essential security update (and more):

  • Improves security in loading images [19659003] Improvements in performance
  • Improve the support of IIS6
  • Fix the links of taxonomies and PATHINFO (/index.php/)
  • Solve several extreme cases in which queries and taxonomies could cause compatibility problems with plugins [19659007] You know, updates .

    The entry WordPress 3.1.1 published it first Fernando Tellado in WordPress Help . Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.