Domina WordPress, IAB Spain course

With the commitment of IAB Spain involved in launching training cycles on the most current issues in digital communication , I've made a 30-hour WordPress monograph course thanks to which attendees will end up dominating the most widespread content manager at present, which as you can imagine is WordPress.

The limit of students by course of this first edition is established in ten, to take advantage of the time and teachings in an eminently practical training.

For the course " Domina WordPress " we have developed the following program:

] 1st Session

  • Installation and initial configuration (starting with good footing)
  • Plugins (installation and configuration)
  • Themes (installation, configuration and translation) [196590] 09] 2nd Session

    • Administration (user management, thematic hierarchies, domain and personalization of the desktop)

    3rd Session

    • Publication (publication 2.0, blogging and journalism, multimedia, building an audience, conversation management , hypertext)

    4th Session

    • SEO "on page" from the cradle.
    • Use of keywords, tags and categories.
    • Search engine ranking rules.
    • Virality

    5th Session [19659006] Social media from WordPress

  • Integration 2.0

6th Session

  • Expanding the conversation (Disqus, Intense debate, pingbacks, trackbacks)

For the course it is essential that the students come with a computer, because I have already said that all the training is practical, applying at the moment the topics covered.

The course is aimed at the following profiles:

  • Communication managers
  • Community managers
  • Social media st rategists
  • Graduates in advertising, marketing, information science and public relations
  • Journalists
  • Any professional interested in online presence and social branding

The course will be held on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning , from Friday October 7 to Saturday October 22, with the following schedule:

  • Friday from 16.30h. at 9pm
  • Saturdays from 9am. at 14.30

The place of the training will be the IAB Spain training room, located on Conde de Peñalver Street 52 5ºB. Madrid.

It is already covered more than half of the first course, so if you are interested do not take long to contact Jorge de Blas: / 91 402 76 99

Official announcement: IAB Spain

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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In addition, it also pointed out that the file upload system needs improvements (thus making I totally agree) and that work would be done in this sense, but without giving details about it. This, which is a veteran claim, would be very good to see soon, so that it will adapt, for example, to cloud services, something that is increasingly used by users but which no CMS supports natively. [19659002] Nothing to argue about the improvements in the media loader but regarding the updates in the background I have to say that it could be interesting as long as you can define that it will update automatically and not, to avoid losing incompatible customizations or plugins update and things like that.

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