Prevent users from changing the password

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<p> You see, put yourself in situation: you have created a site, you ensure the maximum security of your WordPress, you limit the access attempts, apply security policies, avoid giving hints to hackers, even <strong> shield your installation </strong>. </p>
<p> Well, you have to <strong> give access to different users </strong> to your site, <strong> create strong passwords </strong> and, <strong> in your first access change it for something like your dog's name </strong>or your birthday or the typical "God", "password" and things A) Yes.[19659003] Well, if you do not want <strong> the weakest part in computer security </strong> (the user) to do his thing you can <strong> remove the form for the password change </strong>and so you heal in health. </p>
<p> Just add the following code to the file <code> functions.php </code> and <strong> all non-Administrator users will not see and, consequently, will not be able to change their Access password </strong>: </p>
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// disable key change

if ( is_admin () )

[19659016] add_action ( 'init' 'disable_password_fields' 10 ) ;

function [19659011] disable_password_fields () {

if ( ! current_user_can ( 'administrator' ) )

$ show_password_fields = add_filter ( 'show_password_fields' '__ return_false' ) ;


If someone wants to change the password, they will have to request it from you, or another administrator, with which you will have control.

little wonder of code I found it in W P Engineer

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