WordPress is the App Store of the web developer

Under this suggestive headline Gareth Case exposes in addition to its history of web tools (Frontpage, Dreamweaver, iWeb, etc), how to date official repository of themes and plugins of WordPress can be considered, without a doubt, as the App Store for web developers .

With almost 17 thousand plugins and almost 1,500 themes the WordPress repository is a great opportunity for any web developer to get known, even to start selling themes online from within the WordPress desktop without going any further.

Personally I think it's a good reflection, and a line in which the Automattic team could consider moving forward to give a different approach to this great web development promotion platform, in addition to Open Source code, do not you think?

Does SEO re-publish an entry?

Today the article of WordPress Help you write it, and I have the doubt if using the WordPress programming utility to re-publish an entry will affect the SEO of it and how it will do it

We all know how useful it is to change the date, even time, of the publication of an entry, and more than once I have had the question of whether to re-publish any , for its validity, it could be interesting for new readers that, otherwise, they might not see.

What I do sometimes is to share old posts again on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, but it's not the same thing . So today you have the solution to my doubt, so I ask you, apart from answering in the survey, you tell me if you have knowledge and / or experience of how SEO affects the re-publication of content ].

WordPress: Cover Editor

Surely more than one client has asked you that their editors do not need to enter the WordPress administration area in order to publish .

And if not, it has even occurred to you to offer the opportunity to your visitors of to publish articles as guests without even the need to register.

Or maybe it's that you miss the editor on the cover of Joomla?

Well, whatever your case, and like almost everything in WordPress, it is absolutely possible, in fact it is very easy and we have several options to do it. Let's see a few …

1. Guest editor

Guest editor is a plugin through which you can offer your visitors leave their articles as guests. The best thing is that they do not even have to register. You only need to enable a special page, which you configure in the plugin settings, where you will leave your publications.

The entries will not be published automatically but you must approve them, which seems to me the most appropriate way to allow this type of functionality .

2. Front-end Editor

Front-end editor is another fantastic plugin, but in this case what allows you is not creating new entries but editing existing ones without having to enter the WordPress Desktop.

Do not use the TinyMCE editor but a different visual editor, but also very effective. The only requirement is that you need PHP 5 or higher to make it work. The best thing is that it adapts to any topic, it is indifferent. To edit an entry you just have to double click on it and the editor opens. A joy.

3. One quick post

Compatible with WordPress and BuddyPress, One quick post allows the creation and editing of entries on the cover, without enter the Desktop.

Supports custom entry types and has multiple options, such as file upload and even geolocation. It is as complete as you can find.

4. Quick post widget

The easiest way to offer guest articles on your site is Quick post widget . You install it and it offers you a new widget that you can place where you want and, from this moment, your visitors can send articles without registering. Also, since the last version, you can enable the "inline" editor on a page of your choice, you just have to add the "shortcode" [quick-post-page] to make it work.

You can configure a lot of options in the widget though the editor itself is pretty simple, but enough for most users.

Well, that's what I found, if you know any more, tell us in the comments.

NOTICE : this post is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

Avoid changing the subject

As a continuation of what we were talking about yesterday, where we explained how to avoid the deactivation of plugins today we are going to see a great trick with which prevent someone from changing the subject in WordPress .

The most common situation, again, is a website that you have set up for a client and this, with more permissions than you should, can not think of anything else that installs a theme and change the subject " to see how the web is like this ". The result you already know, that the normal thing is that it makes a disaster and then does not succeed with activating the previous one or that, when activated, something stops working.

Ea, well, let's heal in health and, if it's your case , let your client install plugins and those things but do not change the subject you have been working hard for one with more colors than your daughter said it is cooler because it looks like Tuenti.

Just add this code to file functions.php of your wonderful subject, you keep the changes and you already have it. The only thing you have to adapt of the code is the user ID that you have access to, that is, your administrator user ID, which if it is not "1" you have to change it for your ID.

Again, if you prefer to use plugins, you can use the capabilities restriction functionality of the Members plugin .

] The code is a adaptation of the wpmu day trick

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

Avoid deactivating plugins

One of the most delicate things when you set up a website with a WordPress client is the fact that you disable or modify plugins that, if you do not do it with knowledge, can destroy the site . It's not weird, it happens, especially if we talk about plugins that you have customized or without which the theme will not work correctly.

I do not mean to be able to install them, something quite normal if your client wants add functionalities Moreover, if you want to not touch anything of the plugins you can do it with the wonderful plugin Members . Here we are going to make sure that, at least, it does not touch what you have installed and configured it.

Well, if you want to avoid calls at odd hours because "I have dropped the web", you can add this code to the file functions.php of your active theme and you already have it:

add_filter ( 'plugin_action_links' 'slt_lock_plugins' 10 4 ) ;

function slt_lock_plugins ( $ shares $ plugin_file $ plugin_data $ context ) {

// We remove the edit link for all if ( array_key_exists ( 'edit' $ actions ] ) )

unset ( $ shares [ 'edit' ] ) ;

// We remove the in lace to disable in important plugins, change the examples for yours

if ( array_key_exists ( 'deactivate' $ shares ) && in_array ( $ plugin_file array (

'slt-custom-fields / slt-custom-fields.php'

'slt-file-select /slt-file-select.php',

'slt-simple-events / slt-simple-events.php'

'slt-widgets / slt-widgets.php'

) ) )

unset ( $ actions [ 'deactivate' ] ) ;

return $ actions ;


WordPress 3.3 beta 2 with interesting changes

The beta 2 of WordPress 3.3 has just come to light, and it introduces some interesting changes that you can already try on the WordPress Test site that I always have available. The changes on the previous version are these:

To test it, but remember that never in open sites, first check that everything works before updates, and less in betas.

Automattic gets into the local newspaper market • WordPress Help

The investment has been 2 million dollars which for a company with 20 employees, and in a business as complicated today as the local press, is a big bet.

I do not know the goal of Automattic with this investment, but surely something good will happen to them soon. At the moment it occurs to me that offer WordPress as publishing software for local newspapers and businesses clearly the best option, but there are more possibilities, because OwnLocal has other interesting tools, such as the service of directories "white label" or the "daily offers" that could be very profitable.

At the moment nothing else, the news and a bit of lucubration, we will already learn more.

15% of websites work with WordPress • WordPress Help

Yesterday Tony Schneider, CEO of Automattic, was at the event Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, and left a few juicy statements about WordPress.

Maybe you already know that WordPress so far .com did not allow the insertion of ads of any kind in the sites created for free, except in some conditions . As Tony announced an agreement with Federated Media to offer this company's content advertising network on the millions of WordPress.com sites.

For some it will be great news, as it was a well-known " limitation "of WordPress.com versus other free services.

Tony's statements were not there, and that is what I found most relevant. He also took the opportunity to report some data about WordPress, such that currently 15% of the websites work with WordPress which is an increase of 9% from last year, there is nothing. He also said that 22% of new web logs are made using WordPress as CMS.

I think that's all great news.