Teleport, managing WordPress with shortcuts

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<p> Well, I'm decided, <strong> the next version of WordPress should have incorporated Teleport </strong> and so this CMS will come close to the simplicity we all look for. </p>
<p> And that is that is a lover of the <strong> keyboard shortcuts </strong>you have to admit it, because <strong> you get to any site with 10 fingers before with just one </strong> no matter how fast you are with the mouse. </p>
<p> And <a href= Teleport is the perfect assistant for any administrator, editor or manager of a WordPress, because with the asset you will save many clicks, even click when managing your WordPress. [19659003] The best thing is that it is a plugin, free, that once active puts your fingers to its full power . [19659] 003] What does it do ?, put your WordPress in space orbit

Once active you just have to press the key " w " to activate it and choose to click in its pop-up icons or use the quick access keys that it puts at your disposal, namely:

You press the "w" key and then one of the following:

  • e – (Edit) Edit the current page / entry
  • d – (Dashboard – Desktop) Takes you to the desktop
  • s – (Settings – Settings) Takes you to the settings page
  • to – (File) Takes you to the page of entries / pages / types Custom input (depends on what you're looking at that moment)
  • q – (Quit – Quit) Disconnects the current user / Redirects to the login page
  • w – Closes Teleporter / Access
  • esc – Closes the Teleporter

To see it in action nothing better than this great video, which also has a …

Mola eh?

At the moment it only works on the web, not within the administration area but they plan to incorporate this possibility. Enjoy it!

NOTICE : This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Manage your WordPress functions as if they were plugins

I think you should already be clear that the file functions.php of your active theme is the Pandora's box of any WordPress installation .

By including small codes in this file you can add functionalities to WordPress without having to modify files of the installation so – by the way – you avoid the installation of plugins for simple functions.

Now, once you encourage adding functions can get a little uncontrollable this file, but everything is fixed …

From a simple interface you can add new codes, edit existing functions, activate, deactivate and even delete existing functions all as if it were the plugins screen, in this case yours. In fact, you can even add functions without activating them, because they will only be executed if you "activate them", just like with the plugins.

Another great virtue is that if you change the subject you will not lose the functions , because the " snippets " are saved in the database and will be available for the new theme if you wish.

Wordfence adds scanning of plugins and free themes

Wordfence, the security suite that we analyzed a few days ago in the update 3.2.1 has introduced the scanning of plugins and themes for free, and not for payment as before.

lees is an original content of WordPress Help – Resources, themes, plugins and tutorials in Spanish and published Fernando Tellado first here: Wordfence adds plugin scanning and free themes [19659003]

Twenty Twelve now available on • WordPress Help

For months now I've been talking about what will be the new default WordPress theme: Twenty Twelve and today it is available, at least for blogs.

You just have to look for it and start using it after activating it, to enjoy its many virtues.

Of course, something essential in these times, ] is an adaptable theme ( responsive ) that adapts to the device and browser size you are visualizing it with, but has more.

Focused on being easy reading, use a very readable font, Open Sans really pretty for my taste, and most importantly, clean and easy to read.

As for the layout, it's to review the cover, that once defined a static page for your " home , offers a space for an introductory text and its image, as well as a series of widgets to show additional information and the latest entries, very interesting for all types of corporate websites and very adaptable.

Some interesting data are the following:

  1. The main column has a width of 625 pixels, except in the full-width design that is 960
  2. The sidebar has a width of 250 pixels.
  3. The image Featured cover is 624 pixels, with flexible height. They will be shown in all types of entries if you set them.
  4. The suggested header size is 960 × 250. However, both sizes are flexible so you can upload a cropped image if you want. The maximum width is 2000 pixels.
  5. Infinite Scroll
  6. Theme styles integrated in the input editor
  7. Input formats visible in all types of styles
  8. Customizable menus, header and background

In end, that the best thing is that you are testing it if you already have a blog on and if you can not, while watching the demo of Twenty Twelve .

] Twenty Twelve although currently only available on will soon be available for download in the official repository of themes and, as I announced, will be the default theme in WordPress 3.5 .

Note: if you want to go ahead you can already install Twenty Twelve in your WordPress hosted from subversion in this direct link .

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or plus. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Update WordPress, avoid being hacked as Reuters • WordPress Help

If you ever think that it is not necessary to update WordPress that this is only for security fanatics, remember Reuters to take a recent example.

And this famous news agency in the UK has recently suffered the effects of using an updated version of WordPress .

] What happened, so simple, some hackers detected that Reuters – a sweet tooth for its importance as a media agency – used a vulnerable version of WordPress specifically 3.1.1, with security flaws already fixed in later versions (at that time the most current version was 3.4.1), and took control of Reuters .

During the time that hackers accessed Reuters they took control of the Twitter account and published information on Al Qaeda and Obama, all false of course.

If just the managers of the Reuters website had done click on the button " Update " of WordPress something that any blogger can do without problems, they would have avoided many headaches, but for some reason they did not.

And, what is worse, after the hack, despite knowing that the vulnerability exploited was solved simply by updating WordPress, for many hours Reuters continued with the old version of WordPress. Come on, a beginner's mistake.

So remember:

  1. If it's a major update it checks for compatibilities and updates after a few days
  2. But if it's a security update updates itself there are no incompatibilities, only danger

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Spotify in WordPress • WordPress Help

I believe that, after introducing limitations of time and songs to the free version, the online music listening service Spotify has lost some steam.

What can not be denied is that is a fantastic service to listen, discover and, above all, share music … also in WordPress .

And as Spotify uses WordPress what less than also share our music on our website made with WordPress do not you think?

To enjoy many of the virtues of Spotify in WordPress we will use some plugins and tricks that will make life easier, let's see them …

And even Here, I think I have covered all the options, but if you know any more, you tell us. Enjoy it and the music with us.

Let no one move the meta boxes of the WordPress desktop

There are few occasions, sure, but if you have customized the WordPress desktop as CMS, for a client, there are times when it may be useful to avoid that you can move the meta-boxes of the desktop and that remain as you put them for your client.

To get it you just have to add a small code to your function plugin this:

You save the changes and you already have it, now you will remain still even if the user tries to move them "by grabbing" them from their title bar.

WordPress security suite

Lately, joined to the growing popularity of WordPress there are increasingly unpresentable trying to inject malware and other types of malicious software in WordPress installations, which somehow goes to certify the coming of age of this CMS and, consequently, the interest of all, with good and bad intentions.

Actually, keeping a WordPress Safe is relatively easy, you just have to follow some advice from WordPress security but it never hurts to help yourself with tools, and the more powerful the better.

Well, what I'm going for you to present here today is to date the best I've seen to ensure a WordPress installation

I'm talking about the best WordPress security plugin I've ever known with the what have I been doing tests for almost a month and with some really remarkable results.

I am referring to Wordfence Security a complete security suite for WordPress and to a level of completely corporate professionalism, that have nothing to envy to tools that cost thousands of euros.

The best thing is that the free version is really complete although the best option is the Pro pack for only $ 17.95 a year and site, which is not money if we care for our website.

But hey, it's best to make a list of features, and I'll point you to the pack that covers them:

  • Traffic in real time that shows when you visit the bots of search engines (and others), being able to discriminate by users, IPs and more – Free
  • File scan of the installation of WordPress for search of infections. In case of finding differences, it offers links to see the differences in the code, edit the file or delete it, and if you want to ignore the alert, until new changes or always. You can also restore the original file from the official repository with a click (not recommended for non-English installations, because it compares them to the English version and, for example, in Spanish, always detects location changes ) – Free
  • WordPress installation non-standard file alert – Free
  • File scanning of WordPress theme to search for infections, offering the same options above – Payment
  • ] Scan plugins to search for infections, and you can also see changes, edit, etc – Payment
  • Scan comments to search for URLs marked as malware websites in blacklists – Free
  • File scanning known malware – Free
  • Scanning of files containing URLs of malware and viruses – Free
  • Blocking of false Googlebot and aggressive crawlers – [1965901] 2] Free
  • Scanning comments to block malware and phishing URLs – Free
  • Hiding the WordPress version – Free
  • Blocking access attacks by brute force – Free
  • View main "content consumers" – Free
  • Hiding user error messages and password in WordPress access – Free
  • View 404 page errors not found – Free
  • Scan of available memory – Free
  • Scan and report of software environment installed on the server – Free
  • Monitoring of disk space – Free
  • Passwords security check – Free
  • Scan DNS changes – Free
  • Monitor dangerous IPs – Free
  • Integrated full firewall, easily configurable via rules – Free
  • Email configurable alerts – Free
  • Scheduled scans – Paid
  • Blocks of access to your web by country, being able to personalize a message or simply make a redirection – For payment
  • Premium support – For payment

As you can see, with this security suite you can uninstall another good number of security plugins since it combines in one it only software the characteristics of many others, whether they are access limiters, plugins to force strong passwords, and many more.

Another wonder is that you do not have to go crazy with the numerous settings that it offers, principle you are offered a series of safety configuration profiles to choose from:

  • Level 0: Disable all security options
  • Level 1: Light protection, only with the basic ones
  • Level 2: Medium protection, the ade for most of the sites, and that works as a joke without touching any setting
  • Level 3: High level of security, to use when there is knowledge of an imminent attack
  • Level 4: Level of Blockade, protects the site against attacks in progress, at the expense of inconvenience for some users
  • Custom level: it is activated only when you change some adjustment.

Anyway, totally recommendable, even in the free version although the most recommended is the Pro Pack, only by scanning the theme and plugins, which make it a essential software for any user responsible for WordPress .

Final note: if you can not afford to pay The Pro pack can complement what is missing from the free version of Wordfence through the plugin File Monitor Plus which scans all the files of your installation in a scheduled way (plugins and included topics) and warns you by email when there are changes.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Show scheduled entries ahead of time

I do not know about you, but I program many times tickets either because I know I'm going to have a very busy season bundled up, or to give me a break a weekend or whatever. The fact is that the functionality of programming WordPress entries is a wonderful lifesaver .

Now, these scheduled entries could also be a good element of marketing and loyalty to your website ]allowing your readers to know that in the near future they will be able to read articles that, by their owner, look great.

Now simply imagine a list of future articles, such as future agenda of what wait for the readers in your blog mola eh? .

Well, something that in principle would seem to be impossible, in fact if it is, and we also have several ways to get it, namely …

… Show entries programmed with code …

To show a list of programmed entries you just have to choose the place of your topic, at the end of each article, in the sidebar, etc., where to insert this code:

The elements that you can modify in this code would be the block titles, add styles to the " div " and " ul "and, of course, the parameter showposts which in this case shows 5, but you can set it to any value, or to 0 to show them all.

… Show entries programmed with plugin …

And, if we want to make it easier we can still use a plugin that offers us this same functionality. The good thing is that we have several to choose from:

How to publicly view unpublished posts • WordPress Help

Sometimes it has happened to me, and I'm sure you, too, that you want a partner or friend to see how you're running an article that you are going to publish but … of course … it turns out that you are not a registered user of your WordPress and do not have permission to see draft entries or pending, even scheduled .

Ideally, which is what I have always wanted to do, is to be able to have a link to send it and that, not being public globally, I can share with someone so that he visualizes the post and can give me his opinion.

And, fortunately, is very simple because there is a plugin that offers exactly that. So if it is something that you intend to do usually or occasionally nothing for this functionality like Public post preview .

Once the plugin is installed you will find a new widget in the editor where you can generate, just dialing the box, a public link that, if you share it with someone, you can view the entry, even if you are not a registered user . Then, when you no longer want the link to be active, you simply uncheck the box. It's that simple.