Revisions of plugins and themes in

From today you can evaluate, but above all, do revisions of plugins and themes in . If until now we could put stars to show our valuation of a plugin or theme from now on we will have to get wet and write the reason for them.

For this there is a new link in each theme and plugin, called " ] ", where if you are registered user in when evaluating the download we are offered a form where you indicate the" stars ", the version WordPress in which we have tested, a title and, above all, a large text box where explain the reason for our valuation .

The best thing about this new system is that the valuations go to be " nominative ", then you will know who has scored but above all " the why " .

I do not know if it will be custom but for now the system is moderated so evaluates them s are not immediately visible so do not be surprised if your first steps as " tester " of plugins and themes do not come to light.

At the moment, it seems that you will still be able to assess only with the stars, but the idea is that the system will be as I have explained. Personally I think it's a wise move, because I've always been struck by those 5-star ratings with " a single score " that is, you do not have to be a fortune-teller to know what is the evaluation of the same author of the plugin or theme, and with the new system you will know what to do when choosing a theme or plugin for its evaluations, in this case revisions.

In addition, there is a plus, and that is that every topic revision or plugin becomes a support topic in the forum " reviews ", so that anyone can also leave their impressions there.

Does it also seem like a good idea to you?

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Emergency data sheet of the owner of a WordPress website

The other day I found a fact sheet that I thought was a great idea and also with several possible uses. The approach is to provide a page where to enter the basic connection and access data that any WordPress web owner may need at some time.

The basic situations for which this sheet would serve would be, for example …

The idea is to have that sheet, print it, complete the data of it and keep it safe, for the day you might need it.

Of course I have translated it into Spanish , passed to Excel in case you want it adapt and modify to your liking and here you have it in PDF and XLS format for you to use. I already have a good one for each web that I have, which are a few.

Your own logo in the WordPress RSS feed

Disappear or not finally Feedburner there are features of this service that we can easily clone and today we will see one of them. I mean the personalization of the feed, in this case adding an image and own logo to the RSS feed for a better identification and branding.

Also, is very simple because with a few codes added to our function plugin or even file fucntions.php of our WordPress theme, we'll have what we're looking for.

It would be something like this:

The best thing about this code is that of one stroke we customize the Atom feeds, RSS and even the RDF, adding icons and logos to our liking … and our visitors. You only have to pay attention – to modify them – to the lines where the routes to the icons and logos are indicated, and change them for the ones you are going to use. In the example, the folder " / images / " is used within the active theme

Also, as a plus, the logo will link to your website just as we could do with Feedburner.

Of course, the hard way you can always eliminate WordPress feeds but that's radical decisions.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or plus. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Full editor for extracts • WordPress Help

// Editor for extracts

function tinymce_excerpt_js () { ?>

<script type = "text / javascript" >

jQuery ( document ) . ready ( tinymce excerpt ) ;

function tinymce_excerpt () {

[19659015jQuery ( "# excerpt" ) . addClass ( "mceEditor" ) ;

tinyMCE . execCommand ( "mceAddControl" false [1945] 9004] "excerpt" ) ;

tinyMCE . onAddEditor . add ( function ( mgr ed ) {

if ( ed . [19659044] id == "excerpt" ) {

ed . settings . theme_advanced_buttons2 ] = "" ;

ed . settings . theme_advanced_buttons1 = "bold, italic, underline, seperator, justifyleft, justifycenter, justifyright, separato r, link, unlink, seperator, pastetext, pasteword, removeformat, seperator, undo, redo, seperator, spellchecker, ";


} ) ;


<? Php }

add_action ( 'admin_head-post.php' 'tinymce_excerpt_js' ) ;

add_action ( ] 'admin_head-post-new.php' 'tinymce_excerpt_js' ) ;

function tinymce_css () { ?>

<style type = 'tex t / css'>

#postexcerpt .inside { margin : 0 ; padding : 0 ; ] background : #fff ; }

#postexcerpt .inside p { padding : 0px ] 0px 5px 10px ; }

#postexcerpt #excerpteditorcontainer { border-style : solid ; padding : ] ; }

<? Php }

add_action [19659004] ( 'admin_head-post.php' 'tinymce_css' ) ;

add_action ( 'admin_head-post-new.php' 'tinymce_css' ) ;

[19659195] function prepareExcerptForEdit ( $ e ) {

return nl2br ( $ e ) ;


add_action ( 'excerpt_edit_pre' 'prepareExcerptForEdit' ) [19659004];

Change the time in a WordPress multisite network • WordPress Help

Today I was asked on Twitter that how you could change the time in a WordPress multi-site network something very appropriate today, that in Spain changes the summer time to

And the truth is that this issue had never arisen to me, and I thought that simply changing the settings in " Adjustments -> General " would be valid, but the reality is that no, then if any site administrator has changed the time zone it would not work .

Fortunately there seems to be some solution, and a very simple one that I found is the plugin called Update time zones across network . The idea of ​​this plugin arose because in a network created years ago, and configured before WordPress 2.8, it was fixed the adjustment to make the change for energy savings which was as it was before.

What happened is that any subsequent change in the UTC zone mismatched this configuration .

Now, if you have sites in your network with different UTC settings you can define one zone per city for all with this plugin simple and effective.

Anyway it's a question still open, at least for me, because I suppose there will be more ways to do it so if you know anything, share it and we update this entry, okay?

Custom menu by default in a new WordPress theme

 personalized menu wordpress

The personalized menus are one of the wonders of WordPress that, since several versions, let us customize our theme without the need to touch code .

For the end user so far …

But also for theme developers are an opportunity although a Sometimes also a problem, fortunately with solution.

I mean that if you develop your theme and in the code you define a menu, in when the user elaborates his own personalized menu " he will kill " your code, losing some utilities that you might like or even be essential, such as links to Twitter or even RSS subscription, all with nice CSS classes or icons.

So something is missing recycle also for the WordPress theme developer and, to avoid this, start to incorporate custom menus by default into your themes already.

If you are animated then what you will have to start doing is to include in the file functions.php of your subject something like this example: