WordPress plugin base to learn

If you are encouraged to start programming WordPress you would surely like to not start from scratch at all, or at least have a simple guide to the main or most used functions at hand , so as not to be resorting to the documentation constantly.

Another way to not waste time is to have the base of what a WordPress plugin should always have, to create your first WordPress plugin .

Well, that's what it offers DX plugin base . The basic code structure you will need, namely:

The idea of ​​the plugin is simple, you install it, you activate it (if you want) and you start to make the modifications so that it contains YOUR CODE . That is, use it as a basis for your developments.

Notices of errors in the text with WordPress

 error spelling newspaper headline

Every day hurts more to read digital newspapers, and I do not mean just the new ones, but to the traditional, to media – once – prestigious, due to the missing figure of the proofreader added to the increasingly worse level of the editors. And it is already found serious errors of spelling, grammar, and not only in the texts, sometimes also in the same headlines which are supposed to be revised more, due to its importance.

Many of these digital newspapers are already using WordPress, and should install right now, in the absence of someone to correct the texts or more careful writers, a plugin like Error notification to at least allow are the readers themselves who warn of the errors .

The plugin, in addition, works in an incredible way, which seems a lie of how good it is . The first, as always, is to configure your settings, highly recommended, and for that you have your own page in " Settings -> Error notifications " of the WordPress desktop.

These are the settings to configure: [19659007] If you want to hide by default the invitation text to inform of errors or not (by default in OFF).

  • If you want to show a confirmation window of the error sending (by default in OFF, but I recommend to set it to ON, if someone already uses that combination of keys and thus you avoid unwanted emails)
     settings 1
  • Who will receive the error notification emails, because the plugin automatically sends you an email with each error, being able to choose between the administrator of WordPress, the administrator and the creator of the article, or a personalized email for these questions, almost the most advisable.
     adjustments 2
  • If the bar confirmation n the reader that the error has been sent will be seen above or below the site and in what color.
     adjustments 3
  • The thank-you text that will appear on that notification bar.
     ] settings 4
  • The "click" text that will appear to send the notice and the text of the invitation message to report errors or not, in which you must use the shortcodes [combination] to display the key combination, and to display the text you defined for "click".
     settings 5 ​​
  • List of pages per ID where you do not want the plugin to work.
     adjustments 6
  • As you see very complete

    The operation, once configured, is a simple enjoyment that is. Under each entry or page will appear the text that you have defined, inviting readers to warn of the errors.
     text notice and selection

    To do this simply select the text with the error and then , one of two, or press the key combination May + E on your keyboard or click on the link you defined in the settings and it appears in the invitation text to warn of errors.
     notice error

    Once done, the thank-you bar appears, disappears after a couple of seconds, with the text, in place and with the color you chose in the settings.
     notice of error thanks

    To finish, to the defined email an email will arrive with the name and URL of the page where the error was detected, the wrong text that your reader selected and the time and date of the warning.
     email error message

    Closed cycle p ara a plugin that works like a charm of which one reaffirms in the value of WordPress as CMS multipurpose, and highly recommended to offer added value to your readers. do not you think?

    If you want you can try it here in any post, to see how well it works. Do not worry, you will not fry me, I have them disabled for that site.

    NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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    Unique visitors in WordPress.com statistics … and almost in JetPack • WordPress Help

    You just left, and I'm sure you have not missed it if you use JetPack, a new functionality of WordPress.com statistics: unique user view .

    So far, WordPress.com statistics (and those of Jetpack, which are the same) only showed visitors that is, that if someone visits your website and sees 3 pages, they count 3 visits, which is also called " pageviews " or even " impressions ".

    The incorporated novelty also shows the statistic in unique visitors that is, that the previous visitor would only count a single visit, even if he saw 10 pages of your website.

     jetpack statistics notice with unique users

    Is it better, is it worse ?, it is different . The unique user shows a degree of loyalty of your site, although it has its snag, because there are times when many different users, but using the same IP (universities for example) will only be shown as a single user. On the other hand, the page views, do not really say how many " people " have visited your site, but how many pages of your website have caused interest in visitors.

    Personally I usually look more at the pages views, and specifically in the pages viewed by user, because it indicates the degree of loyalty and " link building " internal to your site, or in other words, the degree of interest you have generated in the visitors to see more pages from the one they came from search engines, shared links or whatever.

    But, well, all statistics are good, and the more the better the more information you get for optimize your website, so welcome is the new feature.

    The system is not as powerful as Google Analytics, nor does it offer a new listing, simply when you hover your mouse over the bar of the visitor's chart. day shows a more detailed notification, where we will see, in addition to the page views, unique users and pages per user which I mentioned before. It's not perfect but it's pretty good.

    Here you can see the difference of the same day seen on JetPack and WordPress.com :

    Remove The Comments Box In WordPress

    The wordpress comment box is an indispensable tool when we want to generate discussion or opinion on the part of our readers. But not everyone is interested in generating discussion or opinions in the entries so many asked us how to remove the comments box from the entries in WordPress .

    I will show you 3 ways to remove the box from comments of the entries in wordpress.

    If you are just starting with your blog, the most appropriate way is to deactivate the comments from "Settings" and then "Comments" :

    WordPress also gives you the ability to remove the comment box on the articles you want. If you have already published posts, you must " Edit " and remove the " check " in " Allow comments ":

    This method is not highly recommended but it is a definite way to remove the comment box from all entries . You must edit the file single.php of the theme you are using and delete the code that causes the comment box to be displayed.

    You can open and edit the file single.php ] in the way that suits you best (WordPress Panel, Cpanel, Filezilla, etc.).

    You delete that line and save the changes.

    How to know if a site is created with WordPress

    Here I present a method to know if a site we are visiting is created with the great WordPress. It is a site that is called "Is it WordPress?" that only by typing the URL of the site that we want to investigate, the system tells us if it is done with WordPress or not.

     Obviously, WordPress Help is created with WordPress

    Obviously, WordPress Help is created with WordPress

     Bad news ... Do not use WordPress ...: - (

    Bad news … Do not use WordPress … 🙁

    I hope it works for you, although it would be good to tell us other information about the sites we analyze.

    Import your Instagram photos to WordPress

     instagram facebook money

    Now that he has jumped the scandal about the change in the conditions of Facebook, owner of Instagram ]for which they will be able to make commercial use of our Instagram photos even if the property continues to be the user's, and despite the explanations it seems that the body almost asks us to see options for, just in case, or at least as an option, to know how to import our Instagram photos to WordPress .

    The truth is that for me it was the straw that broke the camel's back, and is that I had many photos, and of course no good ones, but I'm getting a little fed up with these policy changes of proprietary networks, so this afternoon I closed my Instagram account .

    Of course , not before import my photos to WordPress to have them in an environment where I decide the ownership, use and conditions of my content: in my WordPress .

    So if you see yourself in the same doubt, or as you have decided, there is a great plugin to import from Instagram to WordPress called DsgnWrks and then you decide what you do with your Instagram account and even with your Facebook account (I I'm thinking about it.)

    Once you install it and activate it, go to the settings panel the plugin, which is in " Tools -> Instagram importer settints ". On the first screen you have to click to grant permission to the plugin for import …
     import instagram wordpress 1

    Once authorized, it returns you to the settings page, where you can choose which images to import , how to label them, if you want to publish them as entries, of all, in a really complete options advantage, as you will not see in other importers.
     import instagram wordpress 2

    If you want more options, there are other modes of integrate WordPress and Instagram that we have already seen before.

    NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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    WordPress 3.6 could incorporate a Twitter importer • WordPress Help

    The idea is to make an importer more like those that already exist in Blogger, Movable Type and so on, so that you can, without leaving WordPress, import your Twitter file and publish it as entries in your WordPress .

    Some ideas that have been emerging would already allow the importer to decide the type of entry to create normal or mini-input (what that makes a lot of sense), or define from when import the tweets, and many more ideas that will emerge.

    Do you think that's a good idea? What's more, would you do it?

    BuddyPress 1.6.2, available and compatible with WordPress 3.5

    Parallel to the release of WordPress 3.5 is already ready version 1.2.6 of BuddyPress, the plugin that turns WordPress into a complete social network. If you use it you can now download it or update. The list of changes here .

    What you read is an original content of Help WordPress – Resources, themes, plugins and tutorials in Spanish and published Fernando Tellado first here: BuddyPress 1.6.2, available and compatible with WordPress 3.5