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More and more governments are using WordPress for their web developments, I do not know if by their own conviction or by the companies they commission the developments but there it is, and Colombia, in its brand website country, use WordPress .

The result is a really nice, dynamic and colorful website very much in keeping with the beauty and color of Colombia, and the adaptation made of the free theme, it seems that Plastic Lab very successful.

You can visit it in to enjoy its beautiful design. I just need to recognize in the credits that is made with WordPress that's right.

Titles of widgets with link

See where sometimes the newest things come to solve the oldest problems and deficiencies . And this is just what happens with a plugin that has just come out that comes to offer something for which many (I of course) have claimed a long time, able to link to something the titles of the widgets . [19659002] Its functionality is so simple, and wonderful, that it seems a lie that was not invented before, what do I say ?, that should be the default option in WordPress widgets since the beginning of time. [19659002] What does nothing else install it, without adjustments or settings or anything, is add an extra field to all the widgets to put a link that will be the one that bears the title of the widget as simple as that fucking When you save the widget the title will be "clickable" and it will take you to the link you put in.

Come on, you're about to install it. passes its blog platform to WordPress the digital of the centennial Spanish newspaper has adopted WordPress how the content management system for its blog platform, adding to many other newspapers and companies that are betting massively on the CMS king.

We congratulate, how could it be otherwise, the decision of, and personally congratulate Antonio, who for many years is one of the leading bloggers in Spain, and who also helps spread WordPress from his personal blog and from his space on ABC.

WordPress as an RSS reader

With the announced close of Google Reader I think we are all going crazy looking for alternative feed readers. At the moment I'm still using Google until June 1 (announced close) but I'm already testing Feedly for the computer, because on the iPad I have clear that I will continue with my current combination: Zite Flipboard Currents .

But have you thought about using WordPress as an RSS feed aggregator and reader? so you know what you can do and in different ways. Let's see a few, do you think? …

Oh, and if you do not know what the hell I'm talking about, start by reading and learning what is RSS .

Ea, and that, by options other than, you already have a few, and if you know anything else, tell us about it, right?

There are hours left for the first beta of WordPress 3.6 • WordPress Help

Well yeah, it seems like a lie but the development of WordPress 3.6 is already very advanced and surely in hours, how much one day the first beta will be available to start doing tests , and then do not regret if some plugin is not compatible. If you're dying to try the WordPress 3.6 news you can get entangled in the WordPress beta test site .

bbPress 2.3 almost ready

Today it seems that it is announcement day, and the next one is that the version RC1 of bbPress 2.3 the plugin that adds forums to WordPress, has just come out. In fact are all tickets closed so it is warm and warm.

The entry bbPress 2.3 almost ready published it first Fernando Tellado in Help WordPress . Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.

BuddyPress 1.7 almost ready

The final version of BuddyPress 1.7 which will incorporate a lot of new features and bug fixes is almost ready. In fact, there is only an open ticket. At the moment you can download and try the RC1 version .

The entry BuddyPress 1.7 almost ready published it first Fernando Tellado in Help WordPress ] Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.

Check WordPress themes and plugins

If you are a developer, before publishing a WordPress theme or plugin you will surely have some set of tools to check the integrity of the code, how your theme will look, whether it will comply with WordPress standards, etc.

In short, you need a place to try plugins and WordPress themes.

And maybe one of the best tools there is WP test which you can download from the official website to perform exhaustive tests of WordPress themes and plugins before making them available to the community.

The system is based on the Theme Unit Test improved and expanded. You also have a demo in case you want to see the self-generated content for topic checking .

Using it is simple, just download the file and unzip it. In the folder you will find a XML file that you must import from your WordPress desktop, in the "Tools -> Import" section, preferably in a test site, and you will have a site full of content for do tests .

Google Tag Manager in WordPress

 google tag manager wordpress

Google Tag Manager or Tag Manager is a powerful tool of online marketing and web analytics created by Google through which to define labels, rules and macros through which to define and track email campaigns marketing, remarketing or Adwords, by example.

The process to include your site in this powerful tool is simple, and in WordPress we have several ways to do it .

… Add Google Tag Manager to WordPress …

The first step , logically, it is to access the web of the administrator of labels, in we accede with the button of " Sign in ", that normally will be associated to our existing Google account.

In the first screen you just have to click on the button " New account " to start.
 google tag manager wordpress 0

Next we introduce the name of the account:
 google tag manager wordpress 1

And we created the container, to which we put the name that we want but that helps us later, and most importantly, the domain or domains:
 google tag manager wordpress 2

Pressing the continue button will ask us to accept the terms of service, we accept them:
 google tag manager wordpress 3

In the next screen is already offered the necessary code for the connection between our website and Google Tag Manager :
 google tag manager wordpress 4

and here comes the good and the different possibilities. If you choose to insert manually just open the file header.php of your subject and insert the code after the tag how in the following capture:
 google tag manager wordpress 5 ]

Once you save the changes you already have the container in use and you can start creating labels for that it suggests the usual …
 google tag manager wordpress 6

If for some reason you prefer not to add the code manually there are several plugins that help you in this task, and these are some examples:

  • WP Google Tag Manager : you install the plugin and in the page of settings you put the identifier (ID) of the container created, type "GTM-XXXX", which you'll find in the first line of the code that Google Tag Manager generates
  • Google Tag Manager and Webmaster Tools similar to the previous one but, additionally, it allows adding go tracking code for Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Google Tag Manager very similar to the first, and just as easy to use and get going.

And that's it, basically. Effectively, the container is created and your WordPress connected to the Google Tag Manager but it does not really help if you do not create labels, rules or macros, which is the part you must define or yourself or an authorized partner of Google the one that takes your marketing campaigns.
 google tag manager wordpress 7

The process is simple but the decision making, based on your online marketing strategy is something else, which escapes the purpose of this article, even from this blog.

If you want to learn more about how to create campaigns, labels, etc. in Google Tag Manager I recommend some reference links:

You can also basically guide yourself with the video introduction to Google Tag Manager:

AVIS O : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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