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<p> Let's see, I explain it a little, I do not know if you know the concept of <strong> Retargeting </strong>the practice – habitual nowadays – by which a <strong> follow-up of the web pages you visit is made to offer you related content wherever you go </strong>. </p>
<p> It is a common practice in <strong><em> online marketing </em></strong>. </p>
<p> The most visual example that you will have checked is when you are looking for a trip to Mallorca (for example) on your favorite travel website and on the next website you visit, for example to see what movie you are going to watch this weekend, you will see a nice banner advertising a wonderful trip to Mallorca at an unbeatable price, are you going to get it? </p>
<p> The same thing, adapted to a less advertising environment <em> </em> we could define it as <strong> recommendations based on browsing history </strong>. An example of this would be the product pages of Amazon, where when you are viewing a book review you will see a list of other books visited by readers who also saw that page. Another example? The Apple Store, where you get a list of similar products that other customers bought. <br /><a href= recommendations apple store

Well, now imagine the typical list of related entries at the end of an article published in your WordPress where, instead of showing links to others depending on the content, tags or titles, it shows a list of recommended entries that other interested readers saw for the same thing you are reading . [19659004] That's the idea.

And the elegant solution is a wonderful plugin called " Where did they go from here? " or " Where do you want to go now? " . Once installed, you must necessarily go through its tremendously extensive settings page, where you can customize each and every aspect of the configuration and appearance of the recommended entries .

Once the usual settings are made you just have to wait a bit for the plugin to track (track) your web traffic for, little by little, refine the system of ticket recommendations for the enjoyment of your visitors and improvement of the internal positioning of your website .

Its virtues are great, and its shortcomings few, in fact only one for my taste, namely:


  • Automatic : Start showing the visited entries of your web, and also of the feed, automatically after the content once active as the plugin, without having to modify the theme. If you want a more controlled integration you can also do so, review the FAQ to know what functions to use.
  • Seguimeinto : Find out what visitors are seeing on your website by looking at the entries they visit. [19659021] Exclusions : You can exclude entries and pages from the resulting list, from the settings page
  • Types of custom entries : In the list may appear entries, pages, attachments or any type of personalized entry.
  • Styles : The result appears wrapped in CSS classes, which you can customize to your liking on the settings page.
  • Customizable results :
    • Displays the extract of the entry, being able to choose the length of the same in number of words.
    • You can customize which HTML tags are used to show the result in case you prefer not to use the default list format
  • Sopor Miniatures :
    • WordPress featured image system support, which automatically captures if it is defined
    • Automatically extracts the first image from the entry to show it as a thumbnail if there is no outstanding image
    • You can also manually enter the URL of the thumbnail by meta fields
    • Use timthumb to resize the images, but you can use your own filtering function for it


  • Use TimThumb for the thumbnails except that you configure it in another way.

The result is fantastic, and a perfect plugin for e-commerce but adaptable for any type of content.

NOTICE : this post is from two years or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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