JetPack 2.4: Connect, presentations and a lot more

 jetpack atomic

Just released a few seconds ago the version 2.4 of the JetPack megaplugin and is surprising the amount of new utilities and improvements that it incorporates .

list is tremendous …

    • New Connect module (WPCC), a new system announced days ago with which to connect to accounts from any website, in the style of Twitter APIs and similar. With the active module (eye, it is active by default) your visitors can, for example, access the desktop of your website with their credentials, so use it with knowledge and caution, knowing what you do and why you do it. Hey?. Cool but measure the consequences.

    • New module called Widget Visibility, through which you can control in which pages the widgets appear. Basically add a new button to each widget, called "Visibility" that, when clicked, allows you to choose in which places of your web that widget will be seen. Come on, you save a plugin if you already used someone else for this purpose. Fully recommended.
       visibility widgets
    • New shortcode to show Twitter chronologies wherever you want, something so far only available for the VIP service. Here is how to use .
       timeline twitter in wordpress
    • New shortcodes for presentations, really useful and impressive. Here explains how they are used.
    • New shortcode for embedding Vine videos. It is made as well .
       videos came in wordpress
    • Meta tags from Twitter Cards to OpenGraph
    • have been added to Omnisearch ] Search results for multimedia files ¡Ouuuaaaauuuhhh!
    • Antispam measures for the subscriptions module, essential.
    • … and so much more you'll have to discover, which is more fun than reading me

    You see, Absolutely impressive, and worthy of mention, the update. Enjoy it!

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Create your functions plugin from the WordPress desktop


I'm pretty heavy, I admit it, insisting the virtues of creating our own functions plugin [19659004]so that we incorporate those utilities that we want in each WordPress, with which we gain at least two advantages: avoid installing a lot of plugins and having our own utilities plugin to use it in each new web

Now, until now there were many of the readers who did not dare to create their own plugin, either because they are afraid to touch or create code, either because it does not go with them that so cool to make plugins, or because do not have FTP or physical access to a computer to create a new plugin and upload it .

If this is your case, you have no excuse for having your plugin functions thanks to Functionality . [19659005] Once simply active adds a new menu on your WordPress desktop in " Plugins -> Edit functions ", which could also have been saved because actually what the plugin does is add a file functions.php in your plugins folder, empty, ready for you to fill it with all those cool features that I usually share .
 functionality empty [19659005] You just edit it from that page (or from the plugin editor) copying and pasting your favorite codes and save the changes nothing else at the moment. What Functionality brings is that you create your plugin without leaving the WordPress desktop, without having to create it on your computer and upload or access it by FTP to create it.
 full functionality [19659005] Once you have your codes you have to activate the new plugin created to your liking and you will have your functions in progress . The plugin Functionality can now be deactivated and even deleted as of that moment you already edit your utility plugin like any other.
 plugin created with functionality

And nothing else , just try it Just keep in mind that there are codes that go better in a plugin functions and others that should go in the file functions.php of your active theme . Otherwise it can not be simpler to use.

The plugin is simple as it can not, so if you want to have more control of the functions you add the same you prefer manage your functions as independent plugins

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Plugin with almost everything essential for WordPress

 man orchestra

I do not usually be very close to the megaplugins the " all in one ", but there are occasions, and above all, uses and users for whom this type of software offers a good amount of blow utilities is a good principle to consider.

I am more to choose what works well for each web and use, but if you want a plugin with a lot of utilities and functions for which you would need to install dozens of plugins and add lots of code, WP Essentials can be a good fix.

The cast of everything that this megaplugin offers is huge, namely …

'Cleanup' function:

  • Establishes friendly permanent links (yes you have not already defined them)
  • Remove useless widgets from the Desktop
  • Remove meta tags irrele vacancies of the header of your theme (including WordPress version number)
  • Remove access errors (to improve security)

'User profiles' function:

  • Create a new user profile to which you can customize your access rights and capabilities

Debug Mode

  • For developers, it activates debug mode, which includes detailed PHP errors when you program a theme.

WordPress bug report

  • Alerts you potential problems before launching a website to the public, for example to make sure you do not block the robots.

Image quality

  • Change the quality of the images uploaded to your website

'Email' button

  • The WYSIWYG editor incorporates an email button to easily add email links without the need to know HTML

Google Analytics

  • It allows you to add multiple tracking codes to all the pages of your website [19659013] Flickr

    • Feed, sidebar widget and Flickr shortcode to put your photos anywhere
    • Cache system so you do not exceed your calls to the Flickr API
    • Various settings, how an image counter or a random image feature.

    Google Maps

    • Shortcode and sidebar widget to easily add Google maps
    • Settings to define direction, zoom level, etc.

    Twitter Feed

    • Feed of Twitter as shortcode or sidebar widget to put it where you want
    • New API 1.1 of Twitter
    • Includes a setting to automatically post your entries on Twitter

    Shortcode dated

    • Simple shortcode to show the date of the day
    • Customize the date format as you like.

    Video Shortcode

    • Simple shortcode to embed Vimeo or YouTube videos wherever you want.

    Advanced PHP functions

    • Extract function os personalized with which to modify the default extracts of WordPress and have additional settings
    • Function to obtain the source of an image that lets you know the URL of any image uploaded to WordPress in any size
    • Function of automatic link to link to any web or email address
    • Relative time function to show dates and times to your liking (for example: 5 minutes ago )

    In addition, the plugin also exists in premium mode incorporating many more improvements and possibilities.

    What do you think?

    Well it's fine, incorporates utilities and functions, if they are what you need , would require the installation of dozens of plugins or add a lot of functions but honestly I find this type of plugins nonsense because in the end you end up installing functions that you do not need and the load for t u web ends up being bigger than if you install the plugins exactly or add the functions you really need.

    What this plugin does is unify a huge amount of functions which you can add at your own will, in a single application.

    In addition, that my list of functionalities would have been very different from the one offered because, for example, some are redundant with utilities already incorporated by WordPress . I'm not saying that many of the incorporated ones are not interesting but there are many that are too specific and not of general use, which could be substituted by others that would delight any blogger, for example, or make several editions: blogger edition, developer edition, marketeer edition, etc.

    I think is better than doing your own functions plugin and so you really incorporate what you really need for each project, but cool is, and there are functions that you can extract and add to your own plugin.

    NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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How to clean the garbage that WordPress accumulates • WordPress Help

WordPress, like any software, accumulates information that many times not only is not useful but it takes up space in your server and, more importantly, in the scarce and precious space of your base of data

We have already seen a lot of tricks to eliminate these " remains " and I mean things like this:

Well, if you're one of those who like to keep a point your software is lucky because you can have WordPress clean and tidy in a very simple way. You only have to install the plugin WP Clean up and activate it from time to time to do a general cleaning it is not necessary to have it always active.

When you want to give a general review to the accumulated crap simply activate it and go through its settings page to see what has been accumulating and, with one click, leave everything as clean as the paten .

The plugin allows you to eliminate everything we have listed above, in addition to optimize the database which is never too much

When you have finished cleaning take a beer to celebrate and disable the plugin until the next cleaning. It's that simple.

It is impossible to delete your account in • WordPress Help

 delete fingerprint

The reasons are unknown, because Automattic does not explain it sufficiently, but the reality is that it is impossible to erase your account you just do not have a way to do it.

The fact is that in you can delete a blog, or all you have, but there is no human way to delete a user account Automattic does not allow it, how does this support page explain


You can change the username, even request – with a long wait – to change your email your account so that, for example, you open another account with the same email, but you can not delete your user account even if you do not have blogs, even if you do not use it, never .

In fact you will continue to receive email notifications unless you take the precaution to disable Rlos before leaving your account in the limb of the Automattic servers.

Not even the site which gets to remove your fingerprint from a stroke, just one click, a good amount of web services is able to do it, it is simply impossible.
 impossible to delete account

So if you want to be respected your right to digital oblivion to eliminate your fingerprints in the network, do not choose the free blog service of or simply use an email address and user that are not relevant for you, because you will not be able to erase it in the future.

I really greatly respect Automattic thanks to your great WordPress people are better every day, they are really committed to the development of free software, but User account policy of your blog service Free sincerely leaves much to be desired . We put green to Facebook and other networks on a daily basis but the reality is that even these reviled services respect your right to digital oblivion, and in no.

What does this policy mean ?, It can happen to you as in GoDaddy , that there is no way to avoid being sent over and over again promotional emails, then – there too – it is impossible to delete your user account, and take advantage of it.

 right-to-forget "width = "510" height = "410" class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-71735" srcset = " 510w, 500w "sizes =" (max-width: 510px) 100vw, 510px "/> </p>
<p> I read there that they do this because with your user account you leave comments, even publish them in other blogs, and <strong> there would be conversations that would make no sense, even publications that would disappear </strong>but <strong> where are the rights of the user, their right to control their fingerprint and delete their presence in the network if they so wish? </strong>personally I believe that this last is what should prevail over issues "<em> functional </em> "of a network or community. </p>
<p> I grew up in the network in forums, and it was common currency not to allow the deletion of users for the same reason, so that conversations would not be spoiled or made no sense, but I think the same, that <strong> the first thing is the rights of the people </strong>. </p>
<p> Fortunately <strong> you can install your own WordPress completely free and under your control </strong> from <a href= and here you will learn every day to use it and take advantage of it, with total freedom and respect for your privacy .

What do you think about this matter?

NOTICE : this Publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Free WordPress Wallpapers

If you're looking for free desktop backgrounds whose theme is WordPress there is a new directory that is growing day by day and has some really nice.

In WP Wallpaper there are now same about 20 desktop background images in high quality and really nice .

In fact it is an open directory, to which you can send your own creations, with the only rules that the images you upload must be of a few sizes of 2560 × 1600 or 2880 × 1800 pixels and in PNG or JPG formats.

bbPress 2.4 next week with interesting news

 logo bbpress The plugin to create a community of forums in WordPress, bbPress, will come to version 2.4 next week and will incorporate some more interesting news.

Right now is already available the first RC version ( release candidate ) of bbPress 2.4, which is important to test to review any possible failure and notify before the final version.

The fundamental novelty that bbPress 2.4 will incorporate is the incorporation of hierarchical, nested responses allowing you to choose between viewing responses by pages or nested, similar to WordPress comments.

It's a really interesting review, which does not you must let pass once the definitive version is available.

Twenty Fourteen will be the default theme in WordPress 3.8

 twenty-fourteen "src =" 500x227.png "width =" 500 "height =" 227 "srcset =" 500w, https: // ayudawp. com / wp-content / uploads / 2013/08 / twenty-fourteen.png 700w "sizes =" (max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px "/> </a></p>
<p> Well, if we still do not have WordPress 3.7 here, there's already news and interesting news that are announced for WordPress 3.8, <a title= whose launch is scheduled for the month of December of this year .

And the first interesting novelty is the announcement of what will be the new Default theme when WordPress 3.8 arrives which following the usual line will be called Twenty Fourteen or 2014 and the idea is to keep it as default theme for a full year, all year or 2014 which would have all the logic, and not as with Twenty Thirteen, released as default theme a few days ago with WordPress 3.6 and that has already been born dead, from my point of view .

And is that Twenty Thirteen was born with a clear orientation towards blogging and input formats, a question that was going to be the great novelty of WordPress 3.6 but that remained in the pipeline (for my taste thankfully).

But interestingly, for WordPress 3.8, the new theme by default breaks with the usual theme of default WordPress themes, betting on a theme of the type " magazine " , oriented to multi-user sites, and with a lot of advanced features which I think is a wise move, and I explain myself …

So far it has been wagered (except with Twenty Thirteen) for minimalist themes, almost to serve of base for development of other subjects, taking advantage of that incorp they prayed all the new functions of each version, but I think it's a mistake, because the new user of WordPress, nothing else to install the safe CMS that wants to see its recent web with an unbeatable aspect and not that sad vision of a Twenty Eleven or similar that does not show the power and virtues of WordPress with the naked eye

That's why I think it's a wise bet for an advanced theme, that from the first moment offers a colorful design, elegant, and with multiple possibilities . If a developer wants a base theme you can always use _s a wonder for these issues.

But hey, you're probably wanting to know the qualities of Twenty Fourteen and even throwing at a glance, right?

Its virtues are as follows:

  • Adaptable design ( responsive )
  • Featured content area, at the top of the screen, showing up to a maximum of entries Featured (eye, require JetPack installed)
  • Native support of input formats: standard, video, image, gallery, mini-entry, appointment.
  • List of entries of each format, showing the last two entries of each format entry in the sidebar.
  • Fixed header in screens over 770px width.
  • Social links area at the top of the header to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Flickr, GitHub profiles , Dribbble, YouT ube and Vimeo.
  • No less than 7 widget areas.
  • Two custom menu locations.
  • Customizable header height
  • Customizable background
  • Optional full width page template (without sidebar.
  • Floating text citation format left or right.
  • Various levels of submenus.
  • 100% GPL

You can see all these features already in the demo site for the purpose .

The issue is not new, it is a premium theme – so far paid – called Further which could be purchased in WordPress .com and other markets, but which is going to be adapted to make it the new default theme in WordPress 3.8 it does not seem that in its appearance but in the internal code.

The theme as a whole I like it, which does not mean that I will use it, because is not my "[1 9459015] type ". That yes, I hope that it changes the way to show the images in the entrances, that I do not like that framing that adds the subject to him. For the rest it is very good, it is a very colorful subject and at the same time readable and clear.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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The future editor of WordPress

 development wordpress

At the recent WordCamp event in San Francisco, Matt Mullenweg presented an idea of ​​ where the editor could go WordPress in the near future and the truth is that it looks great.

And I especially like the new concept because it is aimed at simplification on the one hand, and the new users , on the other, with what the simplicity that incorporates content editing would benefit everyone .

Let's see some details …

 Future WordPress editor (v 1)

Click to extend

If we observe the main screen of one of the 2 proposed possibilities, we see that has completely changed the appearance of the editor moving the publication elements to the top and replacing the icon bar by blocks of content (on the right) from which to insert all kinds of media and formats.

There are many details that I love about this concept, such as the new integrated and minimalist block of categories and tags ]:
 future editor wordpress 3.x block categories tags

Also, if you notice, there is a search engine integrated in the right side, to find the content to insert gives equal the medium.
 future editor wordpress 3.x search engine

 Future editor WordPress (v 2)

Click to enlarge

Another alternative concept would be this, more traditional, but even more minimalist, as the content blocks are not displayed …

 future editor wordpress 3.x bar pop-up format

Click to enlarge

In both concepts, to format texts you just have to select it, with what the format bar will appear people

 future editor wordpress 3.x icon add block

Click to enlarge

In the second concept, as the block box is not available, an icon would appear under the text add blocks of content

 editor future wordpress 3.x add content-block

Click to enlarge

After clicking on it the selector of content blocks would pop up something like this:

 future editor wordpress 3.x chosen block

Click to enlarge

When choosing a content, new elements will be displayed to insert it, directly in the editor, and again without new screens. In this capture you have the module to insert an image and its caption :

 future editor wordpress 3.x icons edition images

Click to enlarge

In both concepts, all multimedia elements can be formatted in the text and modified without accessing any other screen using simple icons that appear on the multimedia element …

In summary, a more than interesting concept, I can not see the time that is incorporated into the development of the next versions of WordPress. There remains the doubt of how the editor would be in HTML mode, which is the one that I use mainly, although I suppose that it would not receive so many changes, since it is oriented to more users " geeks ", which – I do not know why – we're not supposed to like these virgins so much (I love them)

Well, what do you think of the proposals? Would you add or change anything?

NOTICE ]: This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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