The white screen of death

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Access as you do every day to your website and you will find a minimalist celestial and pristine white all over the screen. Exactly, you just visualized the famous " White screen of death ."

 wordpress white screen

After a few seconds of relaxation in the face of such purity of style and content, without animated gifs or strident colors, of course without spelling mistakes, you start to feel some uneasiness, perhaps restlessness, even panic …

" Where is my website, what has happened with my colorful and striking headlines? Why does not WordPress love me? "

 white screen of death wordpress

To which I would answer why do not you love you to WordPress?

Why do I say this ?, because surely you have some guilt in what happened, you just do not know yet. Let's see possible culprits:

  1. You have updated a plugin that is incompatible with your current theme
  2. You have activated a theme incompatible with some plugin installed
  3. You have updated WordPress and some plugin is incompatible with the new version
  4. You have updated WordPress and the active theme is incompatible with the new version
  5. You have activated a plugin incompatible with another plugin
  6. You have activated a theme without a style sheet or it has been destroyed
  7. You have deleted all or part of it in a boot of madness or ignorance
  8. You have modified / deleted all or part to fuck you the day

See how sure it's your fault?

Fortunately, it has an easy solution. For to check if the culprit is a plugin you do this:

  1. Without changing the active theme, you deactivate all the plugins
  2. You check if the "white screen of death" has already disappeared
  3. Yes this is how it starts activating plugins one by one and returning to point 2 to detect the culprit
  4. Once detected you can …
    • Find another plugin that does the same and is not incompatible with your theme
    • Find another topic that you like it and do not have hobbies with plugins (usually you do not use functions on your own)
    • Check if there is an updated version of your theme that is not incompatible with the plugin

Edition "destroyer":

If you do not even have access to the administration area to disable plugins, access via FTP and rename the folder / wp-content / plugins / to whatever you want, as / wp-content / plugins-malotes / . This disables all the plugins to the brave and does not break anything. If you rename it to its original name you will still be able to use it but it will remain inactive.

If it is not about plugins the culprit may be the subject do this:

  1. Active some default theme WordPress (Twenty-something)
  2. If you already see content is that your theme is incompatible with the new version of WordPress or has the style sheet made a mess. In this case the options are as follows:
    • Update the theme to an updated WordPress compatible version. Otherwise, press the developer to update it as soon as possible and meanwhile use another.
    • Redownload the theme in case you did not download it well

Edition "destroyer": [19659037] If you do not even have access to the administration area to change the theme, access via FTP and rename the active theme folder; for example, from / wp-content / themes / my-super-theme / to / wp-content / themes / my-super-theme-what-does-not-shoot / . This disables the theme and activates the default WordPress theme automatically (the Twenty-foo fashion). Then you can change the folder name again, it will remain inactive.

It can also be that you have hacked the subject introducing a script in one of the files of the same. If you have a clean copy, delete the current one and upload it again. Then, of course, install a security plugin . This should be done in any case.

But, if you have already disabled the plugins and have activated one of the default themes, and you continue with the " white screen of death " it is possible that you have hacked the site or deleted something or part.

Here the options to solve it give more miedito.

Making sure that you have active a default theme and all the inactive plugins ( porsiaca ) …

  • Reinstall WordPress by FTP, everything except the folder wp-content
  • Restore a backup of the database (if you do not have to fuck, have ignored me, I have already warned many times that you must always make automated backup copies or make sure that your hosting provider does it for you)

Of course, after doing any of the previous steps, check that you have solved the " white screen of death ] ", Do not go to fuss brown without needing ad

And more or less like this you will have again your brand new web, with its little drawings, its little letters, all those little things.

NOTICE : this publication is two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

WordPress 3.7.1

 wordpress 3.7 Just released a few minutes ago the version 3.7.1 of WordPress which solves some bugs of the final issue of WordPress 3.7 . It is a maintenance update recommended for all users.

This update is also historical, because it is the first one – if you have already updated WordPress 3.7 – it will be updated alone without your intervention. You just have to wait a bit, do not rush it is not immediate.

Activate automatic updates also to major versions

As of version 3.7 WordPress is automatically updated by itself to maintenance and security versions but by default it is not updated also to major version changes, such as for example 3.7 at 3.8 .

I do not recommend it, because the major versions always include important changes that can cause incompatibilities with plugins and themes, but if you are totally sure of what you do, and always use the default themes and plugins always updated, you can activate automatic updates in the background also for major version changes .

Just add this line to your WordPress configuration file ( wp-config.php ):

You save the changes and WordPress will be updated constantly and on its own, not only to maintenance and security releases but also to major versions and inclus or development (alphas, betas and RC).

As I said before, use it only if you have very clear where and why you do it .

How to turn off automatic WordPress updates

By default, if you do nothing, WordPress will automatically update to all new minor versions, maintenance and security, something totally reliable and safe, but there may be occasions or installations where you do not want this behavior by default. [19659002] Fortunately you can easily deactivate and regain absolutely control over what to update and what not in WordPress . Just add this line to your WordPress configuration file ( wp-config.php ):

Once you save the changes WordPress will not automatically update itself again , will require your intervention for updates, for all, minors and seniors.

Check if you can automatically update WordPress 3.7 • WordPress Help

One of the novelties of WordPress 3.7 actually the fundamental one, is the ability to update itself automatically in the background, without our intervention, but it does not work in all installations.

Whether you want update as if you have already updated but WordPress does not update automatically, there are several reasons why this may happen and your WordPress does not update automatically on your own.

Either due to problems with permissions, absence of OpenSSL support or use version control, there are around 20% of WordPress installations that will not update automatically, but WordPress does not tell you the reason, simply informs you that it will not be updated on your own.

If you want to know the reasons it's simple, you just have to install a fresh plugin, Background update tester go through the plugin page, which you'll find in " Desktop -> Update T ester "and see why your WordPress does not update automatically

WordPress 3.7 – News

Well, the wait has not been so long either, right? And yes, we already have here the final and public version of WordPress 3.7 a version about which there were no great expectations but that, to the surprise of many, is going to change our way of seeing and using WordPress and is going to be a revulsive for the implementation of WordPress in many sectors.

And is that the new feature of automatic updates in the background is absolutely revolutionary and will assume that completely change the vision of WordPress have many users, let alone companies and professionals looking for a powerful and versatile web creation and editing system, easy to use, safe and at the same time thought about the end user and the developer .

Come on, I do not need to remind you that WordPress has it all, and now sooo much more do we make a list of the WordPress news 3.7 ? …

They seem little news but they are really important, revolutionary .

Note: for a few hours, probably by mistake of mine, it was updated to 3.8 Alpha but it is already fixed .

The future of MP6, the future of WordPress • WordPress Help

If you have not yet tried the future of the WordPress interface MP6 you do not know what you're missing, but quiet, there's a lot to see, and the same MP6 will suffer visual modifications soon .

According to a publication by Mel Choyce already is going to change the look of the WordPress desktop which does not has undergone significant changes since WordPress 2.7, and a comprehensive revision of MP6 would give WordPress the renewal it needs.

Watch your screens, soon on your WordPress desktop.

News in MP6 – WordPress Help

 mp6 "width =" 430 "height =" 500 "class =" aligncenter size-medium wp-image-72781 "srcset =" https : // 430w, 660w "sizes =" (max-width: 430px) 100vw, 430px "/> </a></p>
<p> The plugin in which you are experiencing <strong> the future of the WordPress administration interface </strong><a href= MP6 has had recent updates that have incorporated some very interesting improvements.

For example, now there is a new color scheme called Midnight quite nice for my taste, although I still prefer softer and minimalist schemes, that has them.

 mp6 color schemes

Another very interesting novelty, although I do not think that everyone likes it, is the redesign that makes the widgets area [19] 459011]. To start, change the area where the sidebar areas are, going from the right to the left, which I think is a great success, but what you might not like so much is that the descriptions of what each widget does disappear , although you can see them by clicking on the question mark of each one.

 mp6 widgets

There are also changes in the menu area design … [19659004]  design menus mp6

and redesign of some icons :
 mp6 icons

Also has improved response and adaptation from mobile devices although I have found that it is still not perfect still overlapping some menus at lower resolutions, something I hope will be solved little by little.

In any case it is a redesign of the administration area of WordPress very interesting, that It is convincing me, and if you get used to using it there is no turning back, especially the icons, much more illustrative, and the recent change in the use of widgets, a greater improvement than you think at first sight.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

Disable update notifications only for inactive plugins

We have already seen several ways to disable WordPress update notices whether for theme, plugins or WordPress itself, but it's not always a good idea because keeping WordPress updated is a priority security .

Now, sometimes we store inactive plugins that we do not want to delete for multiple reasons either because they are old versions that we use sometimes for very specific questions or for simple affection. But, I do not know about you, but the devils take me to see the notice of pending updates, which makes you go "to see what there is" to discover that they are those old inactive plugins with which you will not lose even a second.

Well, no problem, you can add a function to your function plugin for disable update notifications only for inactive plugins .























23 [19659004] 24




// No update notification for inactive plugins

function update_active_plugins ( $ value = '' ) {

if ( ( isset ] () $ value -> response ) ) && ( count ( $ value ] -> response ) ) ) {

// We get the list of active plugins

$ active_plugins = get_option ( 'active_plugins' ) ;

] if ( $ active_plugins ) {

// We start to compare the value $ value-> response to know which ones are inactive by their grouping

foreach ( $ value -> response as ] $ plugin_idx = > $ plugin_item ) {

// If the answer is that it is not active we remove it from the notices so that WordPress does not ask for updates of them

if (! in_array ( $ plugin_idx $ active_plugins ) ) ]

unset ( $ value -> response [ $ plugin_idx ] ) ;



else { [19659004] // If there is no active plugin, we leave it as it should be by default

foreach ( $ value -> response as $ plugin_idx = > $ plugin_item ) {

unset ( $ value -> response ) ;




return $ value ;


add_filter ( 'transient_update_plugins' 'update_active_plugins' ) ; // Hook for 2.8. +

// add_filter ('option_update_plugins', 'update_active_plugins'); // Hook for 2.7.x

This bit of code will fulfill its function. And surely more than one you have out there inactive plugins that you have love but do not want to bother your update notices right?

Automatically close HTML tags that you left open

Whether you regularly use the Text editor (HTML) or have the ugly habit of copying and pasting from word processors such as Word, more than once you have forgotten close HTML tags that, if nothing will remedy it, they will destroy the design of your website.


function clean_bad_content ( $ bPrint = false ) {

global $ post ;

$ szPostContent = $ post -> post_content ;

$ szRemoveFilter = array ( "~ ] *> s?

~ " " ~ ] *> s? ~ " " ~ ] * > ~ " " ~ ~ " " ~ style = "[^”] * " ~ "[19659017] "~ ] *> s? ~" ) ;

$ szPostContent = preg_replace ] ( $ szRemoveFilter ] '' $ szPostContent ) ;

$ szPostContent = apply_filters ( ' the_content ' $ szPostContent ) ;

if ( $ bPrint == [19659017] false ) return $ szPostContent ;

else ] echo $ szPostContent ;


Save the changes and that's it. On line 5 ( $ szRemoveFilter ) there are the most common errors but you can add others.