Winners of the Elegant Themes Divi contest

The deadline ended last night and, after a random process in among the 74 readers who have contested these are the 3 brand new winners that, shortly, they will receive an email from the Elegant Themes team to ask them for the details to activate their developer licenses to enjoy the wonderful 87 themes and a few exclusive plugins:

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New actions and WordPress filters 3.8


As not everything is going to be aesthetic novelties, you should know that WordPress 3.8 has also incorporated new actions and filters of vital importance for developers, either topics or plugins.

The list of new features in this regard is as follows:

  • automatic_updates_complete: Action to be executed after each automatic update (wp-admin / includes / class-wp-upgrader.php) [19659005] automatic_updates_debug_email: Email debug filter that can be sent after a kernel update in the background (wp-admin / includes / class-wp-upgrader.php)
  • comment_notification_notify_author: Filter whether or not to notify the authors when have comments on your entries (wp-includes / pluggable.php)
  • dashboard_glance_items: Includes additional elements in the desktop widget "At a glance", formerly known as "Right now" (wp-admin / includes /dashboard.php)
  • user_{$name}_label: Filter the tag of a user's contact method (wp-admin / user-edit.php)
  • wp_prepare_themes_for_js: Filter the themes prepared for JavaScript, in themes .php. It can be useful to change the order, which by default is by name (wp-admin / includes / theme.php)

You have a more complete list, with other minor changes, in WPSeek .

] This is an original content of WordPress Help – Resources, themes, plugins and tutorials in Spanish and published Fernando Tellado first here: New actions and WordPress filters 3.8

Free 3 Elegant Themes developer licenses

 portada divi

Do you already know Divi the most advanced theme of Elegant Themes ?, since to celebrate the launch of this wonderful theme we will give away no less than 3 developer licenses .

Note: this entry contains affiliate links for which the author charges commissions

If you are one of the winners of the 3 developer licenses for a full year you can download and access all the updates of all the themes (87 right now), including Divi of Elegant Themes, totally free, something that would normally cost you $ 89.

Being a developer's license, in addition to downloading the themes, as in the basic license, you will also access the exclusive Elegant Themes plugins and you can download the templates P hotoshop in layers of each theme to customize them to the fullest. Of course, you can use Elegant Themes themes for yourself and your projects as well as for your clients.

To get one of the 3 Elegant Themes developer licenses you have until the day December 23, 2013, Monday and what is asked to participate – you have to work it out a bit – is the following:

  1. [opcional] Visit the Divi page so you are opening mouth of how nice it is.
  2. [requerido] Tweet something about this contest (you have the button below), quoting @ayudawp clear.
  3. [requerido] Share this post on Google+ (you have the button below). [19659009] Share this post on Facebook (you have the button below).
  4. [opcional] Follow @ayudawp on Twitter .
  5. [opcional] Like on the WordPress Help page on Facebook .
  6. [opcional] Add circles to WordPress Help on Google+ .
  7. [requerido] Leave a comment with the links that show you have shared the post on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Come on, 3 links.

Come on, it does not cost you money or you have to sell your soul to the devil, you do not even have to write a post about this contest or a tremendous effort, just spread it among your friends so that you are good and give opportunities to others.

When I finish the contest next Monday December 23 I will do a random with the comments that have everything required and the winner will receive a nice statement of Elegant Themes with his license for to enjoy totally free of almost 90 wonderful themes, Divi included, with all the extras .


Note: as the comments have links They will not leave immediately, they will enter into moderation, but the sooner I will reveal them all.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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bbPress and BuddyPress are updated to WordPress 3.8

It has not taken long for to update bbPress and BuddyPress for full compatibility with WordPress 3.8, so that everything works and flows naturally and perfectly.

bbPress the plugin for create forums in WordPress has updated version 2.5 so that it has full compatibility with the new features of WordPress 3.8, without affecting the normal operation of the plugin.

For its part, BuddyPress has also updated the version 1.8 to be compatible with WordPress 3.8, but yesterday there has been a major innovation, and has already released the version 1.9 with important developments, which I take to summarize:

In both cases, it is highly recommended update to have the best.

Free Yoast WordPress SEO Course • WordPress Help

 course seo wordpress Get notified of Webempresa sponsor of WordPress Help, who are launching a free SEO course which will show the possibilities and configurations of the Yoast WordPress plugin SEO.

Each chapter of the course is very complete, with clear explanations of all aspects of plugin configuration and videos to make things easier for the novice. Come on, a joy to start in the effective use of one of the most used SEO plugins .

Solved the "3.800000unciona" version of WordPress 3.8 error • WordPress Help

If you upgraded right away to WordPress 3.8 you would see that the version shown on the Desktop did not appear well, because instead of appearing as 3.8 it looked 3.800000works .

Well, Well if you have updated later you will see that is already showing the correct version and if you want you can re-install WordPress 3.8 so everything is as it should be.

It was not a relevant error for the operation, only one aesthetic question, that if you want you can already solve.

Automatic publication of tweets from WordPress (Videotutorial)

In this video we will see how to send a tweet automatically when we publish an entry in WordPress using the "WP to Twitter" plugin.

We do all this in three steps: [19659003] Install the plugin " WP to Twitter " in our WordPress.

  • Create an application in Twitter of read-writing linked to our WordPress.
  • Enter in the configuration of the plugin 4 values ​​of the application
  • You can consult the transcript of the video on this link .

    The entry Automatic publication of tweets from WordPress (Videotutorial) was first published amieiro ] in Help WordPress . Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.

    Automatic post on Google+

     link wordpress google +

    There are times that small additions or novelties get great things, and this is the case of the recent version 2.7 of the JetPack plugin because only one of the built-in improvements is already worth being installed on any website that boasts its search engine positioning .

    Because if there is something that now it was a nightmare was the physical impossibility of getting reliable systems for to automate the dissemination of content on the social network Google+ something that, so simple on Twitter or Facebook, was until now almost mission impossible to get in Google Plus and sharing every time you post something on your profile or Google+ page was not a viable option, although it was usually the only possible one.

    And JetPack gets it with a modification of its module called Divulgar (Publicize in English), which since version 2.7 published a few hours ago allows to automate the publication of your WordPress entries in the user profile and Google+ page you want ]you only have to go through the configuration page ( Settings -> Share ) once you have verified that you have the module active, and connect WordPress to your profiles and pages, from there the magic works by itself alone.

     automatic publication wordpress google plus

    The only procedure is that Google will ask you in a couple of screens to which profile or page you administer you want to connect WordPress and also As usual, it will ask for permission to publish content for you. And that's it. The best thing is that you can repeat the connection process for the automatic publication in profiles and Google+ pages .

     connections wordpress google +

    Then there's to go through Google Plus . You go to Settings -> Manage applications and activities -> Changes from " Only you " to " Public " or whatever you like . That for the profiles, in the default pages, everything is shared with your circles, but if you prefer to share all public, it is the same but accessing the administration of the page and then configuration, etc.

    There are some changes and improvements, but in front of this there is no color, they do not deserve or mention in my point of view.

    Ah! What have you not updated yet? Well, you're slow to do so and connect WordPress to Google+ .

    NOTICE : This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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    That may also help you:

    WordCamp Sevilla 2013

    How, you still do not know that this weekend you have an unmissable date ?, well yes, and nothing less than in Seville where a new one is celebrated ] WordCamp where to learn and share knowledge.

    In addition, this year comes with an impressive panel of speakers and some of those novelties that mark differences, such as Happiness bar ] where to make quickly those fixes that you do not dare for yourself.

    I will not tell you that we see you there, because lately my agenda is hell but do not miss it, besides knowing the best of the community Spanish WordPress you can share unforgettable moments … and it's also in Seville, what else can you ask for?

    WordPress 3.8 starts the countdown

     wordpress 3.8 The first RC version of WordPress 3.8 has just come to light, that is, the first version already with all the new features incorporated, ready to start making compatibility tests of each to release of the final public version, scheduled for this month .

    That said do not expect more news in WordPress 3.8 than those already announced with the first beta, but if it's a good time to load it on a test site and check if it will get along with your current theme and plugins, then do not scare .

    As you already know WordPress from the version 3.7 is updated only to the minor versions (from 3.7.x to 3.7.y), not so to the major ones (from 3.7 to 3.8), so you will have to make the decision at the time of whether to update or not, although you already know that my advice is that if you do it.