WordPress 4.1 can already be tested … and it works sooooo good

With the launch of beta 1 of WordPress 4.1 now available for download and testing, the road to new version of WordPress that will be released at the end of December of this same year.

The news of WordPress 4.1 are the ones that we already announced days ago, the good thing is that you can already try do we remember them ?:

  • Improvements in the ticket editor so that, for example, in full screen mode you can access some meta-box, in addition to button and aesthetic distribution changes.
  • Improvements in the user drop-down menus and entries, possibly through the use of Select2 a jQuery script fully compatible with all browsers and very solvent.
  • Allow disconnection in existing sessions from the profile screen of user, for what already is in progress a plugin .
  • New interface for the installation of themes and plugins, still very green but of which there is already an initial version of plugin .
  • Improvements in the management of multimedia files from mobile devices, especially solving current problems with the scroll on the screen of the Multimedia library .
  • Improvements in the queries WP_Meta_Query WP_Tax_Query and WP_Date_Query.
  • Of course, the new Twenty Fifteen theme .
  • And, best of all, and of What we have already talked about recently, being able to install new languages ​​after installation .

By far, the best thing about everything new is to install additional languages ​​from the general settings, with what is already done unnecessary download of localized versions as well, without anesthesia a.

The new editor without distractions, it goes in likes, but it's not bad, and in fact it's the default editor, so it's not you will be surprised if nothing else to enter you do not see the goal boxes of Publish, Tags, etc. It's not that they do not exist, they only appear when you move the cursor.

 editor without distractions wordpress 4.1

And, of course, you already have the new Twenty theme available Fifteen to activate. Very clean, personally is the one I like the most in the last 5 years, as is.

 activate twenty fifteen wordpress 4.1

Anyway, enjoy it. If you have a site for tests and delays … and warns if you see failures, then do not complain. If you have no where to try visit here .

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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