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There are already many migrations that WordPress has suffered, and that is that although the first hosting was with CDmon, it has already passed by Mediatemple, CDmon again back in 2008, some great years with Gigas to, now, go back to its original house, again by the hand of CDmon a provider that I have never tired of recommending

In the following days there will still be fringes to be fixed, as in any migration, but I am sure that we will all enjoy the new change of accommodation, I am already doing it for days, thanks to the good people of CDmon .

Its advantages, as already expressed in the page on Hosting WordPress are huge, and I'll write them down in case you're considering choosing a provider …

  • Own control panel: is a panel designed by developers, in c Continuous innovation thanks to the suggestions of the users. It is intuitive, easy to use, and allows you to easily perform actions that would otherwise require extensive technical knowledge, such as configuring PHP, registering directives, creating FTP or MySQL accounts, it is a real joy that once you know it, you no longer want back to CPanel or similar.
  • Free services like the hosting test platform : this is a free hosting in which you can install WordPress or any other CMS and develop the web without any cost Every 30 days you can renew this service and design your site with the peace of mind that you still do not pay for hosting. The difference with the other accommodations is that the page is not visible to the general public. It is accessed via username and password. It is when you publish the web on the Internet that you start paying for the hosting plan you choose. It is a great solution to create new projects and not start paying until it is live and live. Other free services are the private Whois, the DNS, the parking pages, the redirects and the Microplan : the latter is a basic hosting that can be activated with the hiring of a domain . That is to say, for a very affordable price like that of a domain, the user can already have a web hosting with 10 MB of space, 1G of transfer and a personalized email account of 100 MB. It does not work to install a CMS but for fundamental issues like at least having an email or a welcome page.
  • Flexible plans : moving from one plan to another, either to grow or to diminish resources is very easy and the same user can do it from the Control Panel. In the case of changing to a lower plan, they compensate you with expiration. This is great, because you do not need to talk to anyone or hire new plans to a greater need: you simply increase the benefits of your accommodation live.
  • Free migration : facilitate the arrival at CDmon for anyone who comes from another provider. They do not charge anything for the migration of the web. They take care of everything and it's totally free.
  • Hosting with Spanish IP by default: because if you want to boost your positioning in search engines nothing like a web hosting in your own country. By the way, the latency decreases, which also improves the speed of the site.
  • 24-hour technical assistance: The main hallmark of CDmon, and I attest to that, is customer service. The fact of speaking the same language, of responding quickly, of being decisive. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year for technical consultations.
  • WordPress : Finally, another of the wonders of CDmon is that it offers a CMS installer that you will always find as highlighted to WordPress, but do not end there the advantages offered by having WordPress with CDmon. It is especially interesting to be able to easily configure aspects of PHP such as safe mode register_globals the size and maximum time of upload and wait, or even more advanced variables such as cookie session times on the server or configure Suhosin.

Come on, I'm delighted, and not only do not have to pay out of pocket for the cost of maintaining a blog like WordPress Help which gives many joys but zero economic performance, but to be able to count on CDmon and its excellent and kind technical and commercial service.

 banner cdmon ayudawordpress virtualup

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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7 years of WordPress Help

 7-años-ayudawordpress "width =" 425 "height =" 215 "class =" aligncenter size-full wp-image-76849 " srcset = "ños-ayudawordpress.png 425w, years-helpwordpress-319x160.png 319w "sizes =" (max-width: 425px) 100vw, 425px "/> </p>
<p> Like every year, just after Christmas, <strong> Help WordPress celebrates anniversary </strong>and already they go no less than <strong> 7 years </strong> offering news, tricks and guides on WordPress in Spanish. </p>
<p> Not even I thought that the blog would last so long, because the experience of this type of thematic and technical websites is what I said, but here I am, and I keep trying. </p>
<p> This year has been special for several reasons, and the main one is the publication of the book on <a title= WordPress "The Spider Web" and I'm sure that we there is much to learn, enjoy and thrive with WordPress, the world's leading web authoring, publishing and management system.

As always, here are some vital WordPress Help statistics:

  • This year we changed the helpwordpress domain .com to It was done well but something is always lost along the way, like Alexa ranking points and things like that. The important thing is that readers were not lost, which is the important thing.
  • In spite of the above, WordPress Help is the web in the position 626 of all the sites in Spain and the 16,846 in the whole world , what is not bad.
  • What has been noticed is the slump in subscriptions by RSS, a standard in clear disuse since Google stopped betting on it, let alone since the reading was set to through readers like Feedly, Flipboard and similar, especially on tablets and mobile phones. Right now there are 2,777 faithful readers by RSS who continue to receive the information in the best possible way.
  • The job seeker for WordPress experts was consolidated
  • . continue to rise are the subscribers by email no less than 7,965 readers who receive daily in their inbox what is published in WordPress Help.
  • In terms of rankings, the most important, the Google Pagerank, follows in a notorious PR 6, something only accessible to highly respected web sites, with many incoming links of quality and information that visitors value as having enough authority to be a reference in their subject matter, of which I am enormously grateful.
  • Google has no less than 46.527 pages indexed.
  • In these 7 years you have written no less than 34.626 comments.
  • Including this, there is the not inconsiderable amount of 3.547 entries
  • In the forum 15,110 debates have been created, which have received 40,545 responses from 121,297 users, of which 37,697 are subscribers to the blog, that's nothing.

Has it been missing?

Well, something that always costs me: change design . I have lacked time, as always, but I recognize that I am a little freaky for these things and I keep looking. I'm afraid that in the end I'll be determined to use the default theme, although I'd really prefer an exclusive design, perhaps to promote a good Spanish-speaking designer, so that's where the glove is.

Also, in a few days, we'll suffer a new server migration – and the fifth – to improve speed and performance, and I would like nothing more than the last.

I have nothing but words of thanks to Gigas ]because they have sponsored this blog in an impeccable way, but this costs a lot to maintain it and I do not have any money, so you have to be always looking for opportunities that, at least, do not make me lose money in the endeavor, so a few days Help WordPress will be hosted at CDmon by the way you know that it has always been one of my dearest hosting providers, and I am really delighted to be back with them. [19659003]Little more. You have already seen that this last month I have written something less than usual, mainly for workload (the one that pays the bills) but nothing will recover the rhythm and you will have your daily dose of WordPress, as in the last 7 years … and the They will come.

Thank you very much for staying there!

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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WordPress 4.1 now available and ready to update

Well, it has been delayed a bit but is now available WordPress 4.1 a version that – again – will revolutionize and boost WordPress implementation . [19659003] It may seem that there are not many new features but some are so relevant that they already change the possibilities of implementing WordPress in all types of installations.

Of these, of course, the most important is the automatic installation of languages from the page of adjustments, eliminating the need to resort as in the past to manual processes that threw back many non-experienced users.

JetPack 3.3 announces the death of multi-site managers • WordPress Help

 Jetpack crash

The new version of the megaplugin JetPack, the 3.3 has introduced a new functionality that, at a stroke, services like InfiniteWP or ManageWP are loaded, or at least they complicate survival .

Following in the wake of what Microsoft, Apple or Google have been doing for years, now people of Automattic is incorporating in its megaplugin JetPack all those most popular utilities for users for which previously it would be used other plugins, causing the death of the software on which those new functionalities.

Of course, you are free to use JetPack or others for each utility, but the reality is that most users once install JetPack and see everything that is offered, and what does it do well, no plant ean try other alternatives .

And this is what will surely happen with these wonderful services like ManageWP and my beloved InfiniteWP that, although they have superior virtues and benefits , already have been announced his death with the launch of JetPack 3.3 and its new site management utility .

Okay, yes, it is not integrated in your desktop but you must go to ] to manage your sites and hosted with active JetPack, but neither does ManageWP and the like, which are also managed from " elsewhere " , so the reality is that there is no difference in this regard.

In addition, what for some is an aggressive commercial policy (that everything directs to the service of Automattic for the vast majority is very comfortable, not to mention if you can also manage your sites in that service, something that – by the way – do not offer the other site managers.

Come on, that can be given for dead .

By the way, what can you manage in an integrated manner from the new functionality ?, then almost everything.

In a centralized site you can manage entries, plugins, themes, users, pages, menus, publish entries in any connected blog and change sites easily and immediately, without changing Centralized desktop, which is also very fast, now.

The only caveat is that, at the moment, some administration elements are not activated in but they send you to the classic desktop, but it gives me that it's just at the moment

Here a friend … here some captures of the spawn (pretty, that's it) …

What's new with JetPack 3.3? yes …

  • Customizable video (responsi ve) in BuddyPress
    Compatibility with the new theme Twenty Fifteen
    Visual notice of the active developer mode of JetPack
    Improvements in the JSON Api to manage automatic updates from the site manager
    Labels "title" and "Alt" to images in image carousels

Update or not?

Of course you should, and you should try the new integrated site management utility, and also I know that you will love it .

The risk is that you run the risk of almost not going back to visit your own domains and accommodations to manage your sites, because is so comfortable and easy to do it from that you will end up hooking .

Now is the right way for WordPress? Well coming from Automattic I find a dangerous orientation it is still curious that the empr the one that does the most and is committed to the health and growth of WordPress, precisely with its own flagship product, JetPack, move users away from the native WordPress desktop and " take them " to their service owner and commercial .

It seems to me a step too relevant that they have given as to let it pass without more, not to analyze the consequences it may have, when not too long there are thousands or millions of WordPress users that for months they have not visited their WordPress desktop, the authentic, unique, free and independent, and have become so used to the interface of that the new projects end up not installing a free WordPress but a blog freemium in

At least it's my opinion, I do not know what you'll think about it. The same is that I am very purist or that I do not like to mix concepts in something as beautiful and free as WordPress, precisely on the part of those who in theory should take care of these "things".

NOTICE : this publication is two or more years ago. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

SoakSoak malware infects tens of thousands of WordPress • WordPress Help

It has been reported for hours that there are tens of thousands of WordPress sites compromised by malware infection known as SoakSoak .

Many users are finding out when Google's detection systems do not allow access to their sites, but it is a warning to all.

What happens is that the attacker accesses the file wp-includes / template-loader.php and includes the following:

This causes that add the following to the file wp-includes / js / swobject.js :
[19659002] This malware, when decoded, loads a malware in javascript from the domain in particular it is you file: hXXp: //

If you are already infected, the emergency solution is to replace the compromised files with clean ones downloaded from, then load a full version clean both WordPress and plugins and themes.

Once done, now, install some security plugin as WordFence or the one you like, but has integrated firewall and detection early modified files.

WordPress 4.1 on December 15, but you can already try it • WordPress Help

 wordpress 4.1 If you are a user of the service, you can already use the preliminary version of WordPress 4.1 but you have to wait a few days, but they will be few, because by December 15 you will be the final version.

Right now it is available for download and try, do not forget, then all are complaints that if this or that plugin does not work for me, the RC1 version of WordPress 4.1 , that is, the list to launch, in the absence of the latest checks.

If you can not wait you can also try it on this link (do not be afraid if you see that it is the WordPress version 4.2 Alpha, it is that this site is always ahead)

WordPress 4.1 beta 2 – WordPress Help

No changes announced, despite having already published a few days, is already available to test the beta 2 of WordPress 4.1 .

And it's true, because as much as I've looked I do not see nothing appreciable that has advanced of the novelties of WordPress 4.1 that we already saw the other day. It is talking about removing the " customizer " headers and funds but it is not yet available.

Nothing more for today, just homework, download it and start messing up, and if it gives you a little repelus you can always try it here .