Complete agenda for WordCamp Marbella

You really do not know what there is WordCamp in Marbella ? Well run you do not enjoy the sun, the beach, its beauty … Uisss sorry, a very complete WordPress agenda 🙂

There are really only a few days left, and the panel of papers is already covered, which will be as follows:

and by the hand of big cracks such as Abel Sutilo, Andy Garcia, Mercedes Romero, Andrés Cifuentes, Rafa Poveda, Antonio Felipe Martin, Beatriz Lavela, Camino García, Rubén Alcalá, Antonio Torres or Roberto Miralles

Come on, you're in time to sign up for a glorious day to learn, share, and do WordPress.

How do we use WordPress in Spain? • WordPress Help

Do you remember that some time ago I launched the first WordPress study in Spain ? Well, the results are already there and they will surprise you.

Thanks to the collaboration of Bisnis, a company in which I participate as in so many others, a report of no less than 38 pages is already prepared with juicy information about how we use WordPress in Spain and there are some really impressive data, which even impressed me.

The report is the statistical result of 33 questions, answered by 3.783 WordPress users which is a really important sample, much larger than many surveys we read daily in newspapers and televisions.

How do we use WordPress in Spain?

Can not give a single answer, but some headlines are extracted more than incredible, and some that you do not expect.

Personally I have been struck by some data, both positive and negative.

  • Most users have installed WordPress at least once. So, one of two, or we are all a few phenomena or today is really easy to install WordPress, why do you decide?
  • The vast majority of WordPress users (84.8%) have knowledge of SEO. This seems relevant, because although we always value very well in interviews at least denotes that there is a high concern for search engine positioning.
  • The majority of users (72.4%) use some security plugin. This figure can be seen in positive, because it is a high percentage, or negative, since there is still more than a quarter of WordPress users who live dangerously. Get up to date on WordPress security do not wait for a misfortune to pass.
  • Almost 80% of users have a high knowledge of WordPress. This is great, look where you look, and I was surprised.
  • WordPress dominates the eCommerce market with WooCommerce . Perhaps the most surprising data, so take a look at the result and you'll see what I'm saying AWESOME!
  • Most users do not collaborate enough with the WordPress community. This is a challenge to overcome, so it takes you to join the WordPress community in Slack and start translating, collaborating in the nucleus, setting up a meetup in your locality, generating documentation, writing about WordPress or what that you want or you feel capable.
  • A high percentage of users (40.1%) do not use any caching system. This data is bad you look where you look, more with how easy and important it is .
  • There is a high percentage of installations of unsafe versions of WordPress.

I leave you a couple of pills …

But there's a lot more data, you have them all in this Bisnis blog post with its corresponding download link, so do not wait any longer and discover how we use WordPress.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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WordCamp Bilbao 2016 do you come?

The next days June 11 and 12 in the wonderful and charming city of Bilbao (Vizcaya) will take place the event WordCamp Bilbao 2016 a moment and place without equal for attend the first WordPress event of the year .

There is still some time left but what are almost not left are entries, so run and sign up to the WordPress event par excellence, in this occasion in the wonderful city of Bilbao: WordCamp Bilbao.

 wcbilbao "width =" 400 "height =" 400 "srcset =" jpg 400w, 150w, jpg 160w, 240w, jpg 60w, .jpg 184w "sizes =" (max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px "/> As in all WordCamp, <a href= you have to reserve entry with which for a testimonial price of € 25 you have all this:

This is the Community Day soon there will be more information, which is still happening, but do not miss it either.

Normally it is the day in which workshops and informal papers are formed, the famous desconferences in which continue to learn from the WordPress professionals and also collaborate all together to make and create WordPress.

For the time being, follow @WCBilbao on Twitter to be fully up to date with all the news. But run for your ticket we're going to pass it on to pirate and learn a lot WordPress .

How to know what emails WordPress sends

Your installation of WordPress sends many emails sometimes too many, think again. Every time there is a new user, or an automatic update, in each comment pending approval or when it has already been approved … and some more.

The problem is that if you are a web administrator and you want to take a control of which and how many emails have been sent and the reasons there is no way to know, because there is no record of the emails sent this information is not stored in any table.

this has easy solution, you just have to install the plugin Email log . Once active you will have a new screen in which view, edit or delete the records of the emails sent as if it were a type of personalized content.

All this information will be saved from this moment in a new table in your database, leaving all the information recorded and stored.

It is clear that is not a plugin for all but it can satisfy specialized uses of WordPress .

10 criteria to choose the perfect WordPress theme • WordPress Help

All prepared content, the site map on the head, logo design on point and now, what theme do we choose for our new site with WordPress? Is that those who come by default, do not like. Do not worry, there are thousands and thousands of topics to choose from and here I help you with a list of criteria for your selection.

The order of your criteria does not have to be the same as ours, some will weigh more than others in your final choice And as always, criteria, such as opinions, there are of all tastes, but these are the ones I propose …

1.- Price

First and important, because sometimes, we can only afford a free theme or of very low cost. Other times, we can afford to have a custom-made theme, much more powerful than we can find in a standard theme, Premium or not.

Even if you choose a paid or free theme, only trusted sites to download lest they carry an unwanted alien inside.

Beware also of possible freemium themes, where you'll end up paying after seeing the "little caramel".

2. – Design

Not only look & feel, but structure of site and design of content containers, that cover all the needs that you are going to have in your site. Both on the home page and on the inside pages.

3.- Support

Linking with the price, check what type of support that theme offers, as well as what version updates you have made lately, and if the developer or company developer have more issues in the market.

4.- Compatibility with WordPress

Is it compatible with the latest versions? Has it not been updated for more than a year? Are the screenshots about WordPress 2.3? Do not trust all this. Check that you use the latest news introduced in the core.

Verify also that you are ready to incorporate or already incorporate metadata and microformats .

5.- Compatibility of browsers [19659005] Although Chrome is the most widespread and used browser, many users still use Firefox or Explorer or Edge.

An interesting test is to pass the HTML validator to the sample site:

6.- Thinking of mobile

Is responsive ? Do you have a specific mobile / tablet / web version? Are you ready for any kind of resolution?
Normally all subjects have a demonstration version or an example site, do tests with different devices or device emulators to see their correct visualization.

7.- Load speed

Try speed tests of the chosen theme with tools such as PageSpeed ​​ or Pingdom or GTMetrix but remember that hosting it is an important factor of that test, so it analyzes well the data that interests you.

8.- Language

Adapted or not to multi-language, and if it contains translations or allows to translate to your language, since normally they are developed in English, and it is possible that the developer has more than one character string hardcode .

9.- Theme child

For a better adaptation and, although it is not difficult to assemble, better if it comes prepared to develop the necessary adaptations on the subject child, and not lose future updates of the main theme.

10.- Hidden backpack

Investigate and analyze if the issue comes with dependencies or plugins that you do not know and that can bring you some headache to the future. Hidden payment versions, incompatibility with other plugins or completely outdated, etc.

Note: do not forget that there are certainly other topics better than yours, but they may be so well selected.

NOTICE : This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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