How to change the text "Add to cart" in WooCommerce

There are many things you can customize in an online store with WooCommerce and a basic one is to modify as needed the button " Add to cart ".

it is very easy, you just have to choose the code that suits your needs, then add it to your utility plugin or to the file functions.php and modify the text of example in the code that you prefer.


< Files xmlrpc . php >

Order Deny Allow

Deny from all

< / Files >


5. Hide the author URL

As you already know, WordPress automatically generates an author URL for each user of your site, of type . Well, that of authorname is half of what a hacker needs to access your site.

Disable or change author URLs to something that does not offer free information . In the previous link you have how to do it.

6. Use secure keys for everything

I do not mind being heavy with this but forget (always) to use easy-to-remember keys for the administrator user, the database or FTP access. Incidentally, do not use FTP but SFTP.

This same rule should be assigned to all users, forcing the use of strong passwords in all cases.

7. Use plugins of absolute confidence

Do not be tempted to install cheap plugins or suspicious sites for your online store. I know that an online store entails an investment, but with a single insecure plugin or without enough updates and support all your installation can be compromised.

So install only plugins of the official WordPress directory or developers of your absolute confidence, offering frequent support and updates.

8. Use a subject of absolute confidence

The same thing happen with the subject. Do not be blinded by surprising visual elements or infinite carousels. Use a theme that, in addition to being prepared for WooCommerce, offers support and frequent updates, not just a nice aspect.

I use massively Divi for online stores and, in addition to being fully prepared for WooCommerce through specific modules, it is a guarantee of reliability.

Think that what you should highlight in an online store should be your products, so get rid of pijadas and offer a solid and reliable showcase.

9. Use secure payment gateways

 secure payment card

Flee experiments and use payment gateways that guarantee the security of your customers' data, but above all avoid using payment gateways that store the data. data on your own website.

Install a virtual POS from your favorite bank, Paypal or Stripe, platforms that do not store any data on your server. Personally I'm using Stripe lately and it's absolutely great, another day we'll talk more about this payment gateway.

10. It offers a fast web

 e-commerce concept minimal design, vector

e-commerce concept minimal design, vector

You may wonder what speed has to do with security but has it, even if only for a question of perception.

But imagine that you are making a payment in an online store and in the step of inserting your credit card information and confirmation of payment spend, say, 3 or more seconds, what would you think?

] Surely you would start to have cold sweats thinking about where your bank's data will be traveling, if you will ever go back to the website where you entered your information or if your card data will be already part of an unsuspecting worksheet to steal from Amazon.

So activates a CDN, right now! . Not only will you offer better response times on your website, but they also usually include security utilities for your website.

11. Update, update, update

Every time I read about it that people get temblequera for an update WooCommerce I think just the opposite, in the shaker that should get them if they do not update.

If it is usually important to have WordPress and all the updated plugins and themes, in an online store is absolutely mandatory to update everything without discussion.

Of course you do not have to update like crazy, without doing tests , that never, but you should not leave an insecure online store for not taking the time to test new versions of all the plugins, the theme, but especially WordPress and WooCommerce.

My advice is the same as always sensitive installations: create an exact copy in your server of your online store, and if there is an update of something first update in the copy and, if everything goes well, update in the active store.

That something does not go out all right? review the mistakes or hire a professional, but do not leave your online store unsafe or your vaguería / irresponsibility today will be your ruin tomorrow, and possibly that of your customers.

To finish, do not forget all the rules of WordPress security which I summarize:

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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