What happened in 2016 and what awaits us in 2017 • WordPress Help

2016 has been an intense year for WordPress and its community and we can not miss the year without reviewing the most important thing that happened this year, and in passing take a look at news that will bring us in 2017 .

The 10 main milestones of this blog during this year 2016 could be these:

The following year will be decisive for the future of WordPress, and these are some of the elements that will influence it:

As you can see there are not many changes a priori, but they are relevant, that will drive even more WordPress.

I have also proposed some challenges for 2017, which will mainly be these:

No It seems a lot but each of these challenges involves a lot of time, resources and effort, but I hope to achieve them all, with your help, as always.

How to hide or customize related products in WooCommerce • WordPress Help

In case you have not noticed, any theme compatible with WooCommerce has the functionality of related products included no need to install any plugin.

I'm not talking about cross-selling or direct sales that you add manually, but about related products that come out automatically .

Once you have several products, below the information and rating tabs will show related products from your store randomly from the same categories of the current product.

This, which can be great, has a "but" and is that, in the absence of crossed or directed sales, do not control where your store directs your customers in case of not convincing them the current product.

To avoid it, or control it , we have several possibilities.

Completely eliminate the WooCommerce related products

The fastest and sometimes recommended option is simply that the related products do not appear, leaving you under your control where to direct your customers, through crossed and directed sales options

Simple, and effective, and you can get it by adding this code to the file functions.php or your customizations plugin.

If it gives you some respect to touch code you can use this plugin which does exactly the same thing just by activating it.

If the above code does not work, try this one Other:

Or even this one:

If none of the above codes work for you you can hide them (it always works) by adding this code in the Customizer> Additional CSS :

Customize WooCommerce related products

The other possibility is take control, and customize to your liking WooCommerce related products and for this nothing better than the plugin Custom Related Products for WooCommerce .

Once installed and active allows you to choose what related products will be displayed in that part of your store, choosing them as you would with products for crossed or directed sales.

As you see in the previous screenshot, you can start typing and adding related products , that will appear in that section of any theme compatible with WooCommerce.

If you do not choose any product then the default behavior of WooCommerce will work, but there is more. If you do not want to show related products you can also use plugin because in the menu WooCommerce> Custom Related Products you can deactivate them completely.

As you can see, there are different ways to control WooCommerce related products, and in my opinion you should always take control of this functionality, in whatever sense, you choose the mode.

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9 years of WordPress Help and … gifts for everyone!

Like every year after Christmas comes the anniversary of WordPress Help, and they are already nothing less than 9 years of sharing information, tricks and a lot of love for WordPress and you're still there, something I'll be doing half good, right?

First of all thank you for continuing to read the blog, because if this is not read by anyone, if not help anyone to solve problems or improve your WordPress would not make sense, would lose its usefulness, so I hope to continue helping many more years, and learning together.

And, made the presentations, we will do a little review of this exciting year in WordPress Help which has been, and a lot.

A few figures of the blog (for the curious)

  • Including this one that you are reading are already a total of 3,958 articles on WordPress that is, 213 entries this year which is not bad, they leave more than 4 articles a week, including weekends and holidays, which I take even if they are short. Yes, we are approaching the 4,000 articles
  • 39,041 comments in total of which 2,184 are just from this year, and this is your work, that you blog on a daily basis with your contributions and discussions. [19659007] 21.068 downloads of plugins, hacks and tricks.
  • This blog is in the position 27.225 of the ranking of all the webs of the world, and in the 1.252 of Spain a lot
  • The pagerank is 6 something very few websites reach.
  • 25.103 pages indexed in Google .
  • 702.499 inbound links from other websites.
  • ] After a cleaning I did a few months ago you are nothing less than 5,412 subscribers to the newsletter who have decided to receive their dose of WordPress every day in their email without having to visit the blog. Oh! Did not you know you could subscribe? There on the right you have the form.
  • 33.120 registered users of which 23 of you have been encouraged to post articles on the blog.
  • 6.268 followers on Twitter
  • 7,077 fans on Facebook .
  • More than 5 million visits per year.
  • 11% more sessions than the previous year.
  • ] 40% more page views than the previous year.
  • 26% more page views per session than the previous year.
  • 6% more duration of each session than the year
  • Reduction of the rebound rate of 93% from the previous year.

What is all this due to? Thanks to you!

Some graphics to hang out

WordPress Help highlights in 2016

In case you missed something, here you have 40 essential WordPress Help articles during this year that now ends.

  1. We explain what is the REST API one of the biggest advances in WordPress, that will change everything.
  2. We learned what is a CDN and its importance.
  3. We saw the 5 keys to optimize WordPress .
  4. We discovered the SSL certificates of Let's Encrypt and we no longer had to pay for having our website on HTTPS.
  5. We started a series of in-depth articles on WooCommerce for its importance for the growth of WordPress.
  6. I made a good amount of webinars on WordPress from the hand of SiteGround
  7. We go into the HTTP / 2 and the future Web .
  8. We learned all about AMP and SEO .
  9. We finally knew how to correctly configure an XML sitemap .
  10. Interestingly, it turns out that yes there are child plugins also called dependents.
  11. We put plugins to work for hours as Fernando Puente explained to us.
  12. We learned that we can migrate from Wix to WordPress .
  13. We had the first WordCamp Marbella .
  14. We learned (almost) everything there is to know about SEO and multilanguage in WordPress .
  15. I published the first study of using WordPress in Spain .
  16. We saw that 26.4% of the internet is made with WordPress .
  17. I was in WordCamp Bilbao talking about WPCampus .
  18. We heard about WordPress MultiNetwork . [1965901] 1] We discovered Stripe, the fashion payment gateway .
  19. No, there are no official WordPress certifications or diplomas .
  20. We create son ​​themes with a single click
  21. We learned to use that wonder called mu-plugins .
  22. I also went to WordCamp Sevilla .
  23. It came out Divi 3 .
  24. WooCommerce became the main ecommerce application in Spain … and in the world .
  25. We started a series of tutorials on tricks for Divi . [19659011] We learned what is CSP .
  26. I launched the new web of services where you can find the best courses of WordPress personalized consultancies online buy my books and much more.
  27. We unveil many secrets of the panels of hosting companies .
  28. The first WordCamp Medellín (Colombia) was held .
  29. We saw that, really, the WordPress competition is Wix, not Joomla or Drupal
  30. In WordCamp Santander I was teaching to create an affiliate program in WordPress .
  31. Thanks to my insistence and advice SiteGround launched a specialized hosting in WooCommerce . [19659011] I did not get lost WordCamp Barcelona .
  32. WordPress reached 27% of all internet .
  33. WPCampus finally started in Spain! [19659011] It came out WordPress 4.7 .
  34. We discovered that 40% of online stores in Spain are made with WordPress / WooCommerce .
  35. Matt Mullenweg launched the initiative WP Growth Council to promote WordPress versus proprietary systems. [19659011] This year did not change the image, but if you are curious, here below you have the trajectory.

Do we celebrate it? Here's your gift!

And as such a good year I can not let it go like that, and to warm up for next year, which will be nothing less than the 10th anniversary of WordPress Help, What better way to make some gifts to sweeten Christmas?

I make it easy for you to get these great gifts …

10 Free online WordPress Courses

[19659003] If you want to get one of the 10 free WordPress courses online you just have to leave a comment below telling us about your favorite article this year in WordPress Help .

Among all those that you comment on today I will do a totally random raffle on random.org and the 10 that come out among all the comments will receive in your email a coupon to get totally free [19659077] my WordPr course ess online in the School Logs .

Important note: Your email in the comments must be real and active, otherwise I can not send you the 100% discount coupon in the course.

100 WordPress Courses online with 25% discount

But the thing does not end there, because everyone will have your prize. Simply uses the discount coupon of 25% in the online WordPress course of the Bitácoras School of the following image which added to the current discount that already exists in the school, will suppose that you will get really cheap, for about € 26.

Of course, before using this coupon almost better participate before leaving a comment, you can have it totally free . And do not worry, in principle there is a limit of 100 discounts but I can expand it if necessary.

As I said, really , thanks for being there, a blog without readers is nothing and in these 9 years I have not only got readers, I have made good friends, comrades, we have created community, and learned all together every day. I hope we have many more years left to share and develop WordPress.

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WordPress and open source are threatened join and help avoid it!

As he explained recently Matt Mullenweg on his blog during 2016 they have spent more than 300 million dollars in promotion of proprietary web systems.

We are talking about companies like Wix, Medium, SquareSpace or Weebly spending hundreds of millions of dollars on promoting proprietary web creation products which do not make one more web free and open, as WordPress promulgates.

In fact, some like Wix have come to the shamelessness of stealing WordPress code to use it in their proprietary applications, ignoring of the GPL license

And the reality is that it is difficult to face that advertising impact if you do not join forces to generate unified, concentrated marketing campaigns and from several fronts, for [19459] 010] fight against that big sales power of the big proprietary software companies .

I think you'll be with me that the current web is dominated by closed environments and proprietors like Facebook and Twitter but the alternative of web creation, if the general public has to adhere to advertising, would be dominated by corporations like Wix or Medium .

The struggle is in to make WordPress be more visible than ever let the public know and use free and open publishing and creation tools such as WordPress .

With this goal in mind, to face this threat against Free publication, a form has been published so that any company or individual that wants to help join what has come to be called the WP Growth Council or Council for the growth of WordPress in which will be studied, analyzed and proposed initiatives that spread WordPress and bring the free software to the public as it deserves, and thus deal with these large companies against which each on its own could not never fight.

As stated on the same registration form:

There have never been more threats to the open web and WordPress. More than 300 million dollars have been spent in 2016 announcing proprietary systems, and much more in investments. No company in the world WordPress is big enough to fight against this, nor would anyone have to do it on their own. We would like to join all the organizations that want to collaborate to make WordPress grow. It will be a small group, and if your organization is interested in it, please complete the following survey.

Working together we can amplify our efforts to bring open source to a wider audience, and complete the WordPress mission to democratize the Publication.

So if your company uses WordPress primarily, or wants to join forces to create an open source marketing force, join me in this initiative by completing the form .

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Animates all types of content, not just images

The more you get to create websites with Divi the more you realize that not everything can be done through modules and buttons that sometimes, to customize everything to your liking you have no choice but to add some CSS which is normal in any development.

And one of those situations is when you want to easily add animations to elements that are not images and you discover that the dropdown of animations is only available in the image module .

But if you do a little research in the CSS of the Divi code you find a class called et-waypoint ] that lets you add animations to any element, and it works.

You just have to add this CSS class to the element you want, joined to one of these other CSS classes :

What you should add something like the following in the field " Cl CSS "from the" Custom CSS "tab of the Divi module to which you want to add an animation. For example:

In this case to add the animation from left to right.

Just leave a space between each CSS class. Save the changes and you'll see that it works wonderfully, simply and effectively.

How to disable WordPress PDF thumbnails

Since the version 4.7 of WordPress when uploading a PDF from the WordPress media loader generates a thumbnail of the first page of the same, for easy identification in the media library and the loader. [19659002] The problem that I find this new " feature " is that it is quite poor since it only serves to identify PDFs within WordPress, but does not include a thumbnail in the publications, like yes they do some plugins .

Also, will only work if your server is installed Imagick, ImageMagick and Ghostscript, total nothing so if these services are not installed and active you will have to request it from your hosting and is it worth it? I do not think so.

You just have to save the changes.

Cross sales and directed sales in WooCommerce. What they are and how to use them to increase your sales • WordPress Help

One of the most powerful sales tools for your online store created with WooCommerce are cross sales and directed and you have it right there, without installing anything else.

How to add products for crossed sales or directed in WooCommerce

Just go to the section Related Products of the box of Product data of your product in WooCommerce, where you will find these two important features.

The use of these fields is simple, simply begins typing the name of an existing product in any of them, where it says Search for a product … and from 3 characters your products will appear, choose the one you want and it will be added.

You can add as many as you want as a direct sale as cross-selling.

Difference between targeted sales and cross-selling in WooCommerce

Now, the question that always arises is always about the difference between targeted sales and cross-selling in WooCommerce, and it's pretty easy to explain. [19659009] Directed sales

These are products that you offer in as alternative to the current product usually headed by the text " We also recommend … " which will be displayed at the bottom of the product page, below the information tabs, ratings, etc.

The concept of the directed sale is products you offer instead of the current product, an alternative .

Cross sales

Here the concept and location change completely, since its function is to offer products that you might want to acquire besides the current one .

lo, cross sales are not shown as an alternative on the product page but in the shopping cart for to encourage an additional purchase before finalizing purchase .

How to use targeted sales and cross sales in WooCommerce

It will not do any good to have such a powerful tool if you do not use it with judgment and a sales strategy . ] How to use targeted sales

Given the above, the idea is to use targeted sales to offer alternative products to what your customer is seeing and good options would be:

  • ] Similar products but cheaper than the current one
  • Similar but more complete products than the current one
  • Similar products with different characteristics from the current one

An example could be that on the page of a range laptop half offer s or alternative high-end or just the opposite, the cheapest of your catalog, even a tablet.

How to use cross-selling

In the case of cross-selling I leave you some ideas:

  • Complementary products to cart.
  • Products related to cart.

They are used mainly for accessories for example, if you buy a laptop you can offer an adapter for projectors or an external hard drive.

To finish an important fact:

Directed sales work 20 times better than cross sales

This is because targeted sales are alternatives, options, improvements, variations, that offer the customer different products from your store, which will help you finally make a purchase, while the cross sale, already in the cart, generates a series of purchase decisions, that is, problems :

  • Stop the purchase process, by offering other products, even if they are complementary.
  • The customer may abandon the cart to see the accessories, be distracted and end up not buying anything.

On the other hand, if really you want to sell accessories and things like that is always better the use of grouped products instead of cross-selling .

Directed sales work 20 times better than cross-selling #ecommerce #WordPress Click to tweet

In short, my advice is that always use directed sales and only very rarely cross sales, knowing the risks, being aware that instead of cross sales is better to use grouped products .

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How to recover social counters after switching from HTTP to HTTPS • WordPress Help

One of the side effects of the change from HTTP to HTTPS even if you do it right is that of suddenly you lose all the social counters nobody will see how many times your publications have been shared in the main social networks.

There are plugins like AddThis that affirm that, if you had already installed it before, not you will lose the social counters once the change is made, but sincerely I have not tried it because it has been a while since did not use that plugin due to the slow and devouring of resources that it has shown to be .

Unfortunately is not worth doing 301 redirects from .htaccess to recover them because neither Twitter nor Facebook or almost any social network use them, do not pass the counters through the redirect, so it's time to do something else. [19659005] Why is it important Do not you lose the social accountants?

You may wonder why this need to maintain (or recover) social accountants, and the answer is quite simple, although it may be revealing.

Surely you already know that social diffusion is an important part, or should, of your content strategy and search engine positioning . It is not that social networks position your keywords but they are THE GREAT GENERATOR OF TRAFFIC, and the traffic to your website is one of the vital factors for SEO .

Then we have a part of ] social engineering which works, which has shown that there is a large majority of visitors to your website who will not share your content if they do not see that nobody else has shared them before or shared them little .

Similarly, it is also proven that the higher the number of times your content has been shared on networks, the more visitors are encouraged to share " what clearly interests everyone "so the increase in the number of times your content is shared is exponential.

So if you had any doubt about the impact of the social accountants, I hope I have cleared it, and It summarizes in 2 maxims:

  1. The r social edes improve SEO if they attract enough traffic.
  2. The more times you see that your content has been shared more times will be shared again.

This has led sometimes webmasters who falsify their social counters, adding high amounts manually to encourage this behavior. And we are social animals, easily manipulated, sad but true.

In my case I do just the opposite, I do not show the social count, and it is up to you to decide if the contents of the blog are worth sharing on your social profiles or not.

How to recover social counters after changing from HTTP to HTTPS

Seen the above, if you have made the change from HTTP to HTTPS, or any other change in your URLs , as a change of domain or permanent links which is the same case as you may have guessed, you have to find a solution and not lose opportunities.

And the solution goes through a paid plugin, which also is not expensive and offers 60 days of trial, Social Warfare . You will also find it in the official plugin directory of WordPress but the free version does not have what we need so it's time to check it out, for a measly $ 29 a year we have not only a fantastic plugin for social diffusion but also tools that will help us not to lose social impact .

Let's see the process, which is really simple …

Acquire and register the plugin

Once you get the plugin and you have installed you have to register it from the plugin settings page. There you will find a tab called Registration where you must indicate your data.

Activate the social accountants recovery tool

Now the plugin is active the tab called Advanced and activates the option Activate Share Recovery .

Configures the change of URL

Then, without leaving this tab, configure The parameters of the URL change that you have made on your website in the following fields, whether it is a change of permalinks, domain, protocol or subdomain, you have a field for each situation.

Simply indicate the change you have made. If it has been a change of permanent links you can choose among the possible ones in the drop-down menu or indicate a custom one if it was the one you had.

In the case that concerns us, the change from HTTP to HTTPS option is Previous Connection Protocol and you must choose the previous protocol: HTTP .

You will also find the domain prefix option ( Previous Domain Prefix ) for if you have changed from www.dominio.com to dominio.com or vice versa

You can also indicate a new subdomain ( Subdomain ), if you had changed your site from dominio.com to blog.domain .com, for example. In this case you just have to put the new domain.

Obviously, leave as Unchanged any option that does not affect you.

Save the settings and you're almost finished

Add a function that confirms the changes

Finally, in the cases of domain change, and a change from HTTP to HTTPS is, you have to add a function that confirms the changes and ensures the recovery of the social accountants. To do this you must add the following code to your customizations plugin or to the file functions.php of the active theme.

Of course, no Copy the code as is, modify the current domain lines (current) and previous (former) adapting them to your domain. In the example, the change we make is from HTTP to HTTPS in a fictitious domain, which you must change for yours.

If the change is domain, you would have to put the URLs of both, each in its corresponding line. It is easy to understand, right?

Check that everything works

If you want, you can check that the changes have been made correctly by adding the following string to any URL of your site:

Review that URL appears finally, and if it is the correct one, you have made the changes well.

Final notes

If everything went well you should recover the social counters of your entries Now, sometimes Facebook gets stupid and does weird things with the counters, so it's possible that the or socialization in this social network is not as precise as we would like.

In normal situation we will recover all or a large part of our social accountants and our visitors will not feel in the psychological vacuum of being the first to share something , they will be covered by the social shelter to see that others before him were encouraged and nothing bad happened, but just the opposite .

We are so weird … and social.

I hope that this has got out of trouble. Honestly I have not found another way to recover the social counters after a change of HTTP protocol to HTTPS, domain, subdomain or even permanent links .

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Create free SSL certificates without leaving WordPress • WordPress Help

Surely by now you will know that you can have free SSL certificates for your website through the initiative Let's Encrypt but how would you like to create them directly without leaving WordPress?

This is precisely what the plugin WP Encrypt does, a great idea that, taking advantage of the ease of creating certificates SSL with Let's Encrypt eliminates the step of having to install them from your hosting provider, doing it from your own WordPress, what's up?

Once installed, from its settings menu, this plugin also compatible with Multisite and Multired connects with Let's Encrypt and generates the SSL certificate for your WordPress .

First complete the settings page with your data country, country code, and of course your organization or name, the email will associate it with the email of WordPress settings. It is important that you activate the box named Automatically regenerate the certificate prior to the expiration as the certificates of Let's Encrypt expire after 90 days, and with this box the certificate is automatically renewed, without you having to worry about or take any further action.

Save the changes.

Then click on Register Account to create the account with that data in Let's Encrypt.

And once this is done, again without leaving the same settings screen, press the new button Generate Certificate .

You already have your free SSL certificate, installed on your server requirements ?

He certifies can not be installed if your server does not have PHP 5.3 or later and the services cURL and OpenSSL do not have assets, in which case you would have to ask your hosting provider to provide it.

If everything goes well, it will go If your hosting is compatible, you only have to activate HTTPS in your WordPress because the plugin does not do this step, its function is to create and install the SSL certificate of Let's Encrypt without having to depend on your hosting or do it manually, but you can use the wonderful plugin Really Simple SSL which makes all the changes for you, or you can review the steps of how to activate HTTPS in WordPress in this article . [19659005] The truth is that the idea of ​​the plugin is good, what do I say good, cojonuda! and comes to solve a need, just what plugins should do. For my taste, it would only be perfect to have the Really Simple SSL functionality so that you do not have to depend on another plugin to activate HTTPS in your WordPress.

Otherwise, what you do makes it perfect

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