Hide the number of products in WooCommerce categories

By default, WooCommerce shows in each product category the number of them that it contains but if you want them not to show is easy to get.

Another way to do it is by adding the following code to your plugin of functions or to the functions.php file of the child theme:

Who owns WordPress and other shits

If you read me some time ago you will know that I think WordPress has a problem with Automattic in its efforts to maintain the brand wordpress.com but lately it is scratching the disrespect to all the people who work in WordPres s, the real one, not that commercial product of Automattic called wordpress. com .

But first, do we clarify concepts?

Automattic is not the company that owns WordPress . They are the company that owns the product called wordpress.com, a web hosting service that uses the WordPress platform to run.

WordPress the open source project with GPL license, started in 2003 as a fork of b2 created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little .

The company Automattic was created by Matt Mullenweg in 2005 and ] has an exclusive privilege to use the WordPress name and logo on their wordpress.com products, a privilege that no one else has, neither you nor I .

The WordPress Foundation owns and manages the trademark WordPress .

Needless to say, wordpress.com and WordPress are not interchangeable terms . wordpress.com is a product of Automattic and is not related in any way to the open source project WordPress.

WordPress is an open source content management system, and is developed by hundreds of collaborators who voluntarily offer their time and your effort. Many of these collaborators work in companies that use WordPress on a daily basis.

Automattic is one of those companies that supports WordPress by having some of its employees work on the WordPress project, however they do not own the project.

How we distinguish WordPress from Automattic

When any person or journalist refers to WordPress, wordpress.com and Automattic it is important to be specific in how we identify each of these entities:

  • Automattic owns and offers wordpress.com, but wordpress .com is just one of their products.
  • wordpress.com works with WordPress, but both terms are not interchangeable (.com is important when referring to this service, and remember that the .com extension originally referred to commercial projects , in case it helps to differentiate.)
  • WordPress is open source and does not belong to or is developed by any company.
  • The WordPress Foundation adm inistra the trademark WordPress.
  • Normally the brand WordPress can not be used, but with wordpress.com an exception was made (the mother of all the confusions, and reason for having to be writing this).
  • Matt Mullenweg , the founder of Automattic, is co-founder of WordPress and chairs the WordPress Foundation. It is confusing, it leads to error, but the differences matter.

Why does it matter how we refer to WordPress / wordpress.com / Automattic?

It is especially important because many people mistakenly attribute the WordPress project to Automattic, the company . Let's not say if we refer to the mobile application, where the confusion is not maximum, it is revealing and terrible for those who collaborate with the WordPress project and do not belong to Automattic.

People who work in WordPress put their energy and passion into the project, and it is demoralizing to hear or read about the project as if it were something that belongs to a company with which they have nothing to do . ] If you ever write about WordPress and want to know how to refer to it, make sure you explain the project correctly: WordPress is an open source content management system.

Why are there so many people getting mad lately with this confusion?

] The fault is the recent announcements of wordpress.com, the service of the company Automattic, because in the aforementioned it seems like WordPress belonged to them .

Also, for example, they leave there the figure that 27% of the Internet uses "this technology" without specifying or differentiating, much less explaining that the number refers to WordPress, not to its wordpress.com service.

step, during all the footage of the ads you see the WordPress logo, without differentiating if it's wordpress.com, just the logo, as if it belonged to you.

If you have not seen them here you have one …

And it is curious that at the same time that Automattic uses the full force of WordPress, which does not belong to them, that belongs to all the people who collaborate, develop, translate and do WordPress (the project free) on a daily basis, to promote one of its services, at the same time that it greatly criticizes the WordPress project on pages like get.wp.com with odious comparisons between WordPress and its wordpress.com service


Do you understand why many collaborated Are you bothered by these "little things" of Automattic? and the reason for having to clarify concepts?

In addition, the solution would be simple: to withdraw the exceptionality of allowing the Automattic company to use the logos and WordPress name in their services and domains, like the rest of mortals.

And what does Matt say about this?

Sometimes even Matt enters the rag with his arguments, that I translate to you and I risk to answer:


The cover of Godaddy (which has reported an income of 490M $ the first quarter) has the word WordPress on its menu, above hosting. The WP Engine cover mentions WordPress 35 times, and only 26 times "engine". BlueHost has the WordPress logo on top.


Okay, everyone does it wrong, your company too. The argument is "and you more"? Or do we start doing things EVERYTHING?


All these companies make money with WordPress, and Automattic as well. In Automattic it means 5% or less of the whole ecosystem.


It is not bad to make money with WordPress, the debate is that Automattic has a privileged situation because it can legally use logos and name in its domain


Automattic may lose its "license" to use the WordPress brand if it misuses it. In addition, the company is changing brands to products with Jetpack and other non-WordPress names (although not mandatory) to help clarify this. These changes have a high cost ..


And? In fact, he already uses it badly, in fact he uses it when others can not do it, by that "license" self-assigned by yourself. And you just need to do the opposite, I encourage you to do the same with wordpress.com and use another domain name for your services of hosted sites, you would save many explanations and confusions to millions of users, developers, teachers around the world . Thank you


You may not agree but I think WordPress.com has strengthened the brand and reach of WordPress in such a way that it causes a multiplier effect with all the actions and code in the .org part. The fact that you can use WordPress for free, with unlimited traffic, you would have signed it a decade ago and it would still be free, and the free product is more functional than the cheapest plan of any competitor


This is tremendous . You start by delving into confusion, what's that about " part .org "? WordPress does not have 2 parts, WordPress is WordPress.org, your service is something that WordPress uses but neither is WordPress or "the other part" of WordPress, you only have a bull to use the domain, and you yourself affirm the confusion with affirmations like that. To top it off you talk about being able to use WordPress for free on wordpress.com as if WordPress was out of payment or something like that. I remind you that WordPress is free and free (free in all its breadth) but your service is not free (free) is freemium. You already promote yourself, what I think is good.


The .com is now compatible with plugins and themes in the business plan, so you do not have to say that you already have plugins / themes and the another not, which is a great source of confusion.


Interestingly, the confusion is now even greater, I suppose in your favor. Again you have an impact on "the 2 WordPress" with that " The .com ". There is not a WordPress dot com and a WordPress dot org. There is only one WordPress, hosted on WordPress.org and a company that offers sites hosted under the wordpress.com domain.


A non-trivial amount of people who see wordpress.com ads on television or He listens to them on the radio then they hire hosting on GoDaddy or Bluehost. Some end up hiring local developers or designers, buying plugins and commercial themes, buying books, teaching, suggesting that these ads only benefit Automattic is fake.


Ok, great, what does this have to do with What is the problem? Each action of each participant in WordPress benefits the rest, just as Automattic also benefits from the voluntary contributions of all those who do WordPress.


Automattic has 23 people working full time with the code part open and community of WP. And I'm not counting the 28 people on mobile, because I understand that mobile platforms and app stores are hostile to open source. We also sponsor all WordCamp, and collaborate in everything we can.


Great, thanks for everything, really. You are not the only ones, thousands of anonymous volunteers give their time, energy and money, without expecting any benefit every day all over the world, in WordCamps, in the code, in everything. Thanks also to them, no? The mobile application is traca, separate mention, because the application "WordPress" appears as created by Automattic, more confusion.


The restrictions many means of advertising do not leave us space to specify tripartite relationships between .com, .org and WordPress, not even to talk about the foundation, versions, security, commercial issues and things like ThemeForest. We live in a very complex world. I believe, and I hope, that people who come to the WordPress sphere learn and appreciate the Amazonian complexity that we have created over the last 14 years, but it is probably not the best thing that we should show them on their first date, right?

Fernando :

You return to influence that there are 2 (3 in this case, liándola more) WordPress (the .com, the .org). And yes, the world is complex, and that's why we should at least not confuse more with that "license" of using wordpress in a domain of a service of your company, something I can not do. And yes, I agree that the first date should not be confused, but the problem is that they come bundled in series, precisely because of this "license"

I suppose that, once seen, this will not be fixed in two days , especially when there are decisions and appointments that are not democratic in WordPress, and who watches the watchman?

I think Matt should take the first step towards common sense and the elimination of inequalities by doing that little change to remove yourself the "license" to be able to use the name WordPress in the services of your company.

I do not know what you will think of all this …

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What is the essential content or cornerstone of Yoast SEO?

If you use Yoast's SEO plugin and you have it updated you will have verified that, since version 4.6 incorporated a new tool called essential content, cornerstone in English .

Making your website accessible and easy to navigate can make the difference between retaining visitors or lose them .

An essential, well-defined and powerful content is a major factor in increasing and maintaining traffic to your site in addition to improving the user experience. [19659003] This content, in addition, can help improve SEO which will improve your results in SERP and will bring more visitors to your website.

[19659003] If you have not yet created well-written essential content and finido starts today to do it if you do not want to miss out on the benefits it can offer to your website.

Also, it's nothing new even though it's only recently being talked about, largely due to the popularity of the Yoast SEO plugin and the fact that that box has appeared.

If you have read me something during the more than 15 years that I have been writing, you may have detected that is a blogging strategy that I have always used , and specifically in this blog since its inception.

In fact, if you want to improve your way of generating content, your way of blogging I recommend you visit the hundreds of articles on this theme that I have published in my personal blog. There is a lot of valuable information.

But let's do our thing, let's see what is this essential content and how to apply it to our SEO strategy of WordPress content .

What is the essential content?

The essential content is the basis and foundations of your website. It is the most important information, well written, and that explains what you offer in your niche.

You create your whole web on some basic foundations of your niche, which can include introductory blog entries, frequently asked questions and other information, such as instructions or tricks.

The essential content is everything any visitor could need to understand what your website contributes and the difference of the rest within your niche.

Any content that makes your website stand out from the rest which defines the reason for its existence, is essential content.

The essential content should help for any visitor to understand what your website offers as the main value and the topics you deal with primarily.

It is also called essential content because should be the best content of your website . It is that content that makes most people visit your website.

So plan a very good first impression with powerful, relevant content that marks differences and defines you in front of the other sites.

If you want to increase recurring visits to your website and retain your visitors you should create, for example, a series of help publications that, or are on the cover or are linked from it . And these will be your essential contents.

How many essential contents should you have?

There is no fixed number to know how much essential content you have to create, but at least create a minimum of 4 or 5 essential contents

Must be clear, informative, quality . Depending on your niche, you may need more essential content.

And do not be afraid to create more essential content either. As your website grows create more essential content, that assures the strength of your site contributing more content that attracts visitors and loyalty.

Think of your essential contents as in that list of your 10 or 12 highlighted entries that you would put yes or yes in your sidebar .

How do I decide which entries should be essential content?

To decide what content is essential visit your website and put yourself in the place of a new user that comes to your site, interested in your niche but does not know your website.

Imagine that you are not an expert, but someone who wants to learn and want to know if your website will have what you need.

Try to guess what articles or pages you would like to see first, what information would you look for .

and those publications that a new visitor would try to find should be the essential content the most basic important information that your website can offer.

If this is the first time you are going to create essential content, decide which problems are the most common for anyone looking for content on your website, in your niche

For example, if you have a travel agency, create essential content that explains how to find the ideal hotel, how to plan a trip or how to save on vacation expenses.

They have to be useful articles that arrive at most people and attract them to your website.

Once you are associated with a knowledge of your niche it will be more possible for to trust you and buy your products or services

Why is the essential content important?

The essential content is important for several reasons.

The first is that is the information that will determine if your website is useful or not . You just have to visit a website that does not have a clear structure or objective to understand the need for essential content.

The web with essential content guides the new visitor through your site and helps you to trust the products and services you offer .

The essential content also acts as an interconnection between all the contents you have on a specific subject .

It is more an introduction than a written in depth ]is the starting point to offer the rest of your content on any niche.

Think of it as a fantastic look at all the subjects that really matter in your niche.

How does the content help me? essential?

If you have read carefully the previous paragraphs, the question should be answered, but, in summary, at this point you should be clear about some concepts the essential content helps you.

On the one hand it is an exercise in reflection on what is the role of your website in the Universe, what is your website for? Is it useful for something? for what? To who? Does it really fulfill its purpose for your new users?

If you already know the answer and you have created content that gives a fulfilled answer and satisfies these questions then you already know in what essential content helps you.

Basically I could summarize it in that the essential content helps you to clearly define the objectives, and value of your web for users .

Of course, if you create essential content that meets the premises for what exists should be the core of your business / web and get visits and satisfaction from your visitors, by clearly meeting their expectations.

A great example you have in the great blog CoppyBlogger that more than 10 years ago clearly defined its essential content creating a route in only 3 steps to achieve it:

  1. Creating valuable information resources that the user ios clearly identified as essential content: tricks for bloggers, how to create a blog, how to generate conversation, etc.
  2. Add reports and documents that collect this type of valuable information in the form of ebooks and thematic microsites
  3. Creating valuable products that would help their readers and sell themselves practically alone.

He explained it very well Brian Clark in this video …

How essential content affects SEO

Essential content plays a very important role in SEO strategy .

If you compete for key phrases very popular a clear strategy of essential content can help you improve positions in those very competitive phrases .

If you write a lot of articles on your blog about similar content you must tell Google what it is the most important otherwise they will all compete for the same place in the SERP and you will be adding yourself to the competition.

The essential content and internal links

If you clearly define your essential content and you establish a structure of correct internal links between all your entries of the same theme, which compete on objective keywords, you can show Google which article of all of them is the most important and win the battle, reinforcing your essential content with similar contents that reinforce your position.

Think of the content of your site as if it were a pyramid in which your cover is at the tip of the pyramid. All less important articles will be in the background, arising from more important content. Your essential content should be near the tip of the pyramid, preferably linked from the front .

As you write about essential topics in other posts, comments or any other part from your site, links to your essential content .

This will make Google crawlers consider them more important than other pages .

For example, if you're writing an article about how to install WooCommerce that you want to highlight as essential content, link it from articles like " How to set up WooCommerce " or " Payment gateways in WooCommerce ". [19659064] The essential content and external links

If you are able to get quality links from an external source ask to link to your articles of essential content . And as the essential content ideally is to compete for the most competitive target keywords, it is important to give it all possible priority .

You already know that quality links will improve your SEO so that have them point to your essential content to help you position your target keywords harder to position by their popularity.

The essential content and user loyalty

Like articles of essential content are your most powerful and relevant content should increase the loyalty of your visitors and customers .

People who visit your page looking for answers should find them easily and not have to search for them ] for all your web.

When a user finds a website useful, he is more likely to come back and recommend it to his friends.

If you facilitate access to your essential content Clear way too will help your visitors continue to see your site .

There is a Nielsen study that indicates that most people leave pages in less than 30 seconds on average, but that once those 30 seconds pass is much easier to retain and continue to see other content on your website.

As the essential content is interesting and relevant, you can get your visitors pass that line of 30 seconds .

Once achieved you will have to continue to maintain your attention and interest with more essential content or as you have seen in the 3-step strategy of ] CoppyBlogger guide them to acquire valuable products that satisfy that need they came to your site.

How to create essential content

Create essential content to guide your new ones users is u A skill you must acquire.

The strength of these essential contents is that will attract traffic to your website and show you as an authority in your niche . Then it is important that everything you show is well presented, well written, well structured and thinking about the user .

Always make sure you are offering clear information to a reader who does not have your knowledge on the subject you are dealing with.

Research your niche before beginning the process of defining what is essential. You should not decide it but the needs of the users .

Once you have it clear you will know what information gaps you must cover, what the users of your niche need and, in consequently, what will capture the interest of your visitors.

If you already have a lot of content, the strategy is to make a selection of the publications that best represent and illustrate what you are an expert . And if you still do not have content write a list of the questions that most people are looking for and what keywords they use to discover the answers to their concerns.

Then start writing your first essential content for respond to one that seems more relevant and important to users. Then the next one on the list and so on.

10 tricks to create essential content

  1. Think first what target keyword you're going to use . For this, ask yourself what someone would look for to find your page. Once you have your target keywords clear, focus on making your page accurately and clearly respond to the search keyword.
  2. Center your metadata on your target keywords . Remember that your goal title and description will appear in the Google results so make sure you get enough attention in the SERPs and refer to the content of the page.
  3. Evaluate to your competition . If your competition does not have powerful pages of essential content this increases your chances of getting more recurring visitors through high quality content. On the other hand, if your competitors have very good content you should stand out. Consider creating tutorials or pages of essential content that link to each other. It can help you stand out.
  4. Draws your readers' attention to your essential content explaining what you offer, raising questions, asking questions that you know you want answers to, and taking them to your essential content to meet those needs. Getting attention can be difficult, so draw your attention to really powerful content.
  5. Use lists and subtitles to separate your content and improve visual impact and keep your attention in a state of permanent alert.
  6. Includes videos, images and any other means that helps illustrate your content and improve or expand it.
  7. Read and review your essential content regularly and update whenever necessary. Google rewards contents that are updated.
  8. Links to your articles of essential content from the rest of the publications related to the same topic or niche of your essential contents.
  9. Use your other publications related to essential content for cover keywords long tail related with your essential content.
  10. If you want to take advantage of existing publications, rewrite them consider everything you already know about how to create essential content.

How to define essential content in WordPress with Yoast

Since version 4.6, the SEO Yoast plugin incorporated an essential content functionality that can help us define these fundamental content in our content strategy and in the face of Google, under the premises we have established throughout this article.

To do this, in the tab Features of your control panel you have the box to activate this functionality, and if you use the premium version some more than, for the content or essential, really makes a difference and does – finally – really spend those extra euros for the paid version. And I'll explain …

While in the free version it's true that you'll find the new box to define content as essential, and this will help you organize your strategy, is in the premium version where it shows all its potential to include a new meta box in the editor that facilitates linking to your essential content.

This way your editors will not have to write down a list of the essential content of your site, will have a visual reminder in the same editor that will help them enhance those essential contents more and more from the new publications.

Through this editor widget , and the so-called insights once the new entry has content, will be shown links to your essential content and it will be easier to have the list at hand to link to your content. essential nests

The essential content and marketing

A fantastic, and very effective, way to create essential content is to think of it as if it were a product you want to sell ]

And actually it is, are approaches to your brand, answers to questions . Everything you do to attract customers to your page is marketing.

Seeing it that way effective essential contents are also marketing .

Now, do not write essential content that looks like ads, they should be learning tools but revises the fundamentals that I have commented above.

It is quite common for the consumer to deny or even block marketing, but nevertheless responds positively to educational products . [19659003] Write your essential contents with the intention of teaching the reader something . And as you are offering positive and free resources people will return to your website.

Moreover, if you generate essential content of great quality, if you take into account everything that I am transmitting to you, you will improve the possibilities of get more content you share the content on their social networks which will give even more relevance to your essential content.

When you create essential content you start a virtuous circle of advantages for traffic and SEO Click to tweet

Applying these basics and tips will help you create essential content that your visitors will react positively to .

How to present your essential content

A landing page, or your cover, is the best way to present your essential content to new visitors to your website. It offers a map that shows you your best content and helps you find it immediately .

The most obvious, easiest and fastest way en link from your cover .

Make your essential content visible and easily accessible. Click to tweet

You must provide that the new visitor finds them easily and can read them . If, in addition, the essential contents are linked together, be sure to make it easy for any reader to pass from one essential content to another .

Another fantastic way to show essential content is from the related entries, as long as you can customize them to direct your readers to your essential content.

Includes calls to action

Since one of the reasons for having essential content is to increase the loyalty of users, includes some call to action . This will help the reader know where to go to access your products and services.

Remember that, if you have done well, at this point you have already earned your trust and a certain level of reputation, as well that is the ideal time to offer "something more" .

Just as the essential content must be easy to find, it should also be the content that you want to direct your visitors to . [19659126] The importance of the essential content

The essential content offers your visitors a gateway to your website and can help retain the user who visits you by the first time .

The essential content shows the knowledge you have te helps you earn the trust of a potential customer .

Creates essential content publications and present them correctly to get the best r possible results.

You do not have to start from scratch. You can improve your old entries and make them good enough to become essential content

How to fix the "Specify a Cache Validator" warning

Following with the series of articles on WPO there is an optimization failure that we will sometimes have to solve when analyzing the speed from our website: Specify a Cache Validator .

In this section, using the Pingdom Tools for example, you will be shown those resources of your web that you have not specified a cache validation .

What is that Cache Validator?

Okay, I forgot. The first thing is to know what the analyzer is not warning, and it means that if we do not define a cache validation a time in which the content will expire, the browser of our Visitors will download our content on each visit and our web will take longer to be completely displayed.

This is not usually necessary when our website usually shows almost the same content, but if we do not give the appropriate instruction to the visitor's browser, this will download it as if it were the first time the visit .

What can we specify a Cache Validator?

The problem that usually arises with this notice is that we can not always solve it because we can only specify an expiration time of the content for what is hosted on our server, but in many cases the content will not be on our server, since l have no access, we can not "give orders" .

That is why in many cases it is a persistent error, showing a list of external contents (Google maps, tag manager, the JetPack devicepx etc) with which we can not do (almost) nothing in this regard.

How do I fix that from Specify to Cache Validator?

Well , therefore taking into account the above, open your file .htaccess and add the following:

You only have to save the changes.

Loading …

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TPV for WooCommerce

When creating a online store with WooCommerce if you also have a physical store, a lack is usually connect both stores, the online and the physical, through a point of sale terminal (POS) system for WooCommerce from which you can access your products in a non-virtual way, make sales, those little things that make a store is that, a store.

It is true that in Spain I do not know any company that offers integration between their software TPV and WooCommerce (and if there is one, you get me out of the error in the comments) but some solution to alleviate this lack do we see them?

We will start with the only free POS plug-in (not virtual) for WooCommerce available in the official directory from WordPress.org, which also is not In principle it is totally free, and offers an integrated POS (English-language) interface so that, from your physical store and on any computer with an Internet connection, sellers can see , manage and – above all – sell the products created with WooCommerce .

Once installed it has a link to the POS interface so that sellers can collect the products directly in the physical store, cash, with cards and more gateways.

Just go to the new menu POS> View POS and access the sales payment interface. If you wish, you can put the POS as the home page of the browser, and it will be such that https://yourdomain.com/pos/ single.

The POS automatically performs the calculation of the change depending on the amount delivered by the customer, something usual in any physical POS, and the interface is really simple removing all that is left over to WordPress and WooCommerce at the time of selling.

The seller can even apply predefined discounts directly on the purchase payment, specify the type of shipment if necessary, and you can set ] that purchase receipts are printed automatically, among other settings.

One very interesting option is to activate the possibility of configure what Products are only for sale online or sale direct . You only have to activate the adjustment and then, in each product, define whether it will be sold in both (by default) or only online or in physical store.

You also have a permissions manager per profile from which specify what each existing user profile will have access to.

The payments you can activate are in cash, card and Paypal, in principle and the payment process is really simple and intuitive, even with quick keys for some common actions.

The box is especially well made change calculation to return and where you can use the available keyboard to make the process more traditional.

At the end of the payment the result of the sale is shown and you can generate the impression of receipt – if it was not automatic – or send it by email to the customer.

The POS has even product finder, existing customer finder and you can display the featured products or offer to locate them more quickly.

With the pro version of the plugin in addition, you can use all configured payment gateways, create several stores, create clients on the fly, generate reports or even adjust stocks from the POS.

The only downside that I have found at the moment to the plugin, but that is already planned for future versions, is the fact of being able to manage reservations, but the rest of products " normal " of WooCommerce will be available in your POS, be they simple or variable.

For the rest I love this plugin, it is a very resolved solution to have a POS in your physical store without costing you a euro, you only need a computer with Internet.

If you want you can even take a v istazo a the demo online here (username and password: demo)

Also in CodeCanyon you can find a TPV plugin for WooCommerce with a lot of features that also make it very Interesting.

With all the functionalities that you can expect, its main snag, at least for me, is its confusing interface, since it is not obvious from where you access the POS, because you must pass yes or yes for the WordPress administration and, Once in the POS menu, access from the list of cash registers, even if you only have one (calls registers ).

Of course, once in the POS Management is very simple, not as much as with the previous one, but very complete and professional.

Of course, first of all you have to configure the plugin, from the stores to the receipts, as it is logical.

What I hate about this plugin is what it takes to load r products without indicator of progress or anything. And what I love is the management of buyers, customers and management fully integrated in the POS.

If you want to try it you also have a demo here .

Is there a perfect POS solution for WooCommerce? The truth is that not entirely, ideally, the vendors of terminals included integration with WooCommerce and, in this way, fully synchronize your store, inventory, with your WooCommerce, but in Spain we are still in diapers. [19659003] Of course, you can always acquire your physical POS to an American company, which do have a lot of integration.

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Circular avatars in the comments • WordPress Help

It is true that Divi is a really well designed subject with an attractive aspect but some aspects can be improved, such as the shape of the avatars in the comments.

By default they are squares, which may be great for many people, but currently the trend that they like the most is that they are circular, something very easy to change.

Just open the Theme Customizer and in the tab ] Additional CSS add the following code:

I hope you liked the trick. A bit of CSS sometimes does immediate magic .

Add the date of update of the entries • WordPress Help

WordPress shows by default the date of publication of your entries, and Divi respects that but on occasion it is very interesting to also show the date of update if you have had changes, both for your visitors and for the search engines.

So let's see how to add the date in which it was updated an entry in Divi for which you will have to add some code to the file functions.php of the son theme ( yes, you should always use a child theme) .

] And, as always, there are several possibilities

Show the update date instead of the publication date

To begin with we will give the update date as good, so that If there were no changes, it will be the publication date, and the date of the last edition .

Add this code to the functions.php of the child theme and save the changes:

Nothing else, just if there were no updates the date will be displayed of normal publication

and in case there is any later edition the message and date of the last update will be displayed

Show both the publication date and the update date

If you want to show both dates then the code to include would be this one:

I hope you liked the trick, any questions you ask me in the comments.

Loading …

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How to change the order of the product tabs in WooCommerce • WordPress Help

A product of your WooCommerce online store may have several tabs of information about it, which, by default, are those of Description Ratings and Additional information which are placed in the following order on your product pages:

But, imagine that you prefer that, for example, the first tab, the default tab, is the valuation tab , so that your customers are more encouraged to value your products can it be done?

Yes, and quite easy if you do not mind add a bit of code to ] your customizations plugin or the file functions.php of your active theme.

/ * Reordering the tabs of the products in WooCommerce * /

add_filter ( 'woocommerce_product_tabs' 'woo_reorder_tabs' 98 ) ;

function woo_reorder_tabs ( $ tabs ) {

$ tabs [ 'reviews' ] [ 'priority' ] = 5 ; // First the valuations

$ tabs [19659010] [ 'description' ] [ 'priority' ] = 10 ; // Description goes on to second place

$ tabs [ 'additional_information' ] [ ' priority '] = 15 ; // Additional information – if any – at the end

return $ tabs ;


Rich snippets of video in WordPress

I know you know what are the rich snippets of content those rich snippets offered by Google when follows a schema determined that distinguishes one type of content from another.

I am referring, for example, to user reviews of products in online stores .

But surely you have also noticed that there are rich snippets of video in the results of the search engine, which distinguish the video content from others, attracting more attention … and clicks, thereby improving SEO aspects of your website when you use them

But …

How are the rich snippets video created?

There are some some basic solution in the form of plugins free but limited . Undoubtedly the best option is the premium plugin Video SEO of the Yoast team .

You already know Yoast's SEO plugin, but it has more plugins, and this is a gem to improve the site of a site that publishes videos, hosted or embedded, is irrelevant.

Among its functionalities you have the following:

  • Automatically creates a map of the videos XML site
  • Complete compatibility with the marking of schema.org
  • You can change the video thumbnail that will be shown in the rich snippet
  • Tags opengraph
  • Re-indexed videos
  • Configuration by content types and / or taxonomies
  • Customizable videos ( responsive )

SEO Video Settings

To begin with, once you install and activate the plugin, you must configure it.

General settings

In addition to or blame the XML map of videos to normal users so that they are only shown to search engines, you can indicate which custom fields you use if applicable, to upload videos, if your theme requires it, and even add extra information in the videos using Embedly .

Insert settings

You can force the videos play automatically on your favorite social networks make them responsive thanks to the service FitVids.js define the width of the content if you want a different one to the default of the theme, or configure your domains Vzaar and Wistia if you use these services.

Content type adjustments / taxonomies

This step is vital to determine what types of con had ( post types ) are those that will be indexed as containing – or may contain – videos, and of course, also taxonomies.


If you have configured for the first time, or have made any changes, in the settings of content types and / or taxonomies it is important to force the re-indexing of the videos .

How to create the rich video snippets

Once you have configured the plugin to your liking where the magic is done it is in your publications .

To do this, if you already you have installed Yoast's SEO plugin you will see a new icon where Yoast's extra plugins are hosted, and there you'll find SEO video settings for your content .

If not yet no video will detect it.

Simply add a video to your content and save as draft of the moment …

Now it will give you the options to create your rich snippet video :

[19659005] Of the available options I ALWAYS recommend to define a personalized image for your video, indicate the duration of the video, give it a rating of 5 (for what less truth?) And, unless it is clearly offensive, mark the video as suitable for all audiences.

When you post your content it will appear on the video site map with its preview and perfectly labeled . Of course, the results of the search engine will appear with the parameters you have defined.

And yes, rich snippets video improve your results in the SERP


Loading …

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celebrates its 6th edition on May 12 and 13 so you're still in time to register (free) for this event, and in the meantime take advantage of this weekend enjoy the wonderful courtyards of Córdoba a city that I love (I spent part of my military service there and, despite that, I chose it for my wedding night) and that you will love when you meet her

The program consists of two separate days, on Friday the 12th for workshops and on Saturday the 13th for papers . The program of lectures on Saturday is as follows:

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