Use WhatsApp as an instant chat system on your website

When you open a web of services or an online store every time it becomes more essential to incorporate a live chat system to your site to attend to immediate inquiries of your visitors / potential buyers.

Either as system of pre-sale support or simply direct service a chat system in your website is a fantastic way to get more conversions, and also loyalty and direct contact which brings many benefits.

Because it is clear that no matter how much we analyze the usability of our website, we put menus, apply techniques of funnel sales there is nothing like asking a human directly where is the product we are looking for, how to use the payment gateway or where to find the content we need . [19659003] And ah í there's nothing like instant chats .

Now, the problem is which one to use? There are so many that it is difficult to choose, and most are also payment systems .

But this is where WhatsApp arrives to the rescue .

Why Whatsapp?

No matter how popular or well designed an instant chat system is, there is nothing so recognizable worldwide and as adopted as Whatsapp .

Your mother has Whatsapp, your grandmother has Whatsapp and even knows how to use it even you organize yourself through WhatsApp groups and use it daily, acknowledge it.

There are currently even operators that do not count the use of WhatsApp as data consumption, that there is no more extended service, cheap and easy to use .

Then why not use this system so recognizable and that everyone knows how to use it as a chat system also on your website ?

Welcome Whatsapp Me!

Everything Ahead or they should have seen very clearly Creame the developers of Whatsapp Me a free plugin for WordPress that, in the simplest way possible, allows you to use Whatsapp as an instant chat system on your website.

Just install it just go to your settings page ( Settings> Whatsapp Me ) to configure some basic options, namely: [19659017] Your telephone number (to which the messages will arrive and from which you can reply) ( Note : add the country indicator in front of your number, eg +3466677788, otherwise it will not work ])

  • If you want to show the system only on mobile phones or on other devices (recommended not only on mobile phones)
  • The default text that will be shown on the web icon.
  • The delay (in milliseconds) ) how long it will take for the default text of Whatsapp Me to appear on your website (also n will only open the message as soon as the user leaves the cursor on the WhatsApp logo)
  • Once you save the changes on your site you will see the WhatsApp icon on the bottom right .


    And the attention message that you defined will open when any of the conditions that we configured previously are met

    If the user presses the Whatsapp icon on a computer will open a confirmation message to chat via web .

    If you do it from a mobile it will directly open the Whatsapp application of your smartphone.

    But the thing does not end there, because if you want it not to be shown in any entry, page or type of content, the plugin adds a meta box to the editor where you can decide to hide the call to the chat action.

    What is great about pure simple and effective?

    Who is this system for?

    If you have an online store, a service website, a user support forum, or any site where you want to give direct attention to your users is a simple and very effective system .

    The only disadvantage that it has over other instant chat systems is that does not convert the messages you receive when you are not online in emails and of course not discriminates neither if you are offline or online.

    But hey, how do you get messages to the mobile phone? Who is offline from the mobile in the current times?

    The best thing is that you do not need install any application, or attend any desk of another service from the WhatsApp of your corporate phone you can answer questions wherever you are .

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    If you use WordPress professionally, should you do something for WordPress?

    As you already know WordPress is a software free in its two possible meanings: free and free . But that something is free to use and free does not mean that it has no costs of production, exploitation, maintenance had you thought about it?

    What does WordPress do for me?

    If you use WordPress professionally, you are benefiting from, at least …

    And, surprise, all these teams are formed by volunteer professionals who, without charging anything for it, dedicate time of their daily life to do WordPress to continue using and enjoying the best CMS of the world.

    It turns out that when you see that there is a new update of WordPress available, with improvements or solutions to failures, it has been possible – at least – by the computers of …

    • Meta
    • Core
    • Translations
    • Security

    Likewise, if you go to the support forum in Spanish where there is no unanswered question on the day a, something that not many companies with large templates get, you get help and support e of volunteers, eager to help you, without charging anything for it.

    What does WordPress need to be able to compete with proprietary software companies?

    This whole ecosystem of Volunteering exists because for a non-profit project, which offers free and free software, to compete with proprietary software companies, it needs to offer a series of services to professionals who use it . ] Because as much as anything is good, free and free, when the professional market is approached, if it does not have some basic ones that offer guarantees to the corporate user, it will not prosper, nor will it be consolidated and will end up yielding land to companies to use.

    Therefore, when a company or professional bases its business or part of it on free software, without a company behind, needs at least a few basic what guarantee in the survival of his business :

    • Security
    • Support
    • Maintenance
    • Updates

    and those aspects and many others are the ones that, on a daily basis, cover teams of volunteers that, as much as he can, he brings his knowledge to WordPress.

    Why are you telling me all this?

    You, if you use WordPress professionally if only for your own interest that WordPress is still alive and growing, you should already consider contributing your bit to do WordPress .

    Because WordPress does not it is done alone, it does not stand alone, it will not grow alone . If we are selfish and just focus on receiving, as we do not pay for it, in the end it would disappear.

    Fortunately there is a large community of WordPress users, professionals and amateurs, who have already understood this, and within their means, help in what they can do WordPress.

    It does not matter if you are a freelance and you develop WordPress, or you have an Ecommerce, a blog, a means of communication or your company has its corporate website in WordPress. If WordPress has provided you with a high quality CMS at zero cost and in continuous improvement and evolution, you can be part of the present and future of WordPres s.

    A lot to ask but … what about you? What are you doing for WordPress?

    Well seen. That should not be demanded from a distance, but from the example o. For my part, these are some of my small contributions:

    • More than 10 years ago that I share daily in this blog what I learn about WordPress
    • I organize the local meetup of my people, Collado Villalba
    • I'm an organizer by WordCamp Madrid
    • I am the organizer of WooCommerce Madrid
    • I manage the WordPress website in Spain
    • I dedicate at least 1 hour a day to translate WordPress, plugins, themes and applications
    • I dedicate at least 1/2 hour a day to help in the support forums
    • I coordinate the WordPress translation team in Spain
    • I coordinate the WordPress support team in Spain
    • I attend and participate in all the WordCamps I can
    • Libero plugins that I use for my projects and clients
    • I have created ADEWEB, a non-profit association to bring WordPress to those who do not have the minimum to have a website

    How can I help make WordPress?

    There are many ways to do WordPress I'll just give you some examples:

    • If you are a developer, join or lead the development of the next version of WordPress in the group of Core – Estimated time: according to project and your availability
    • If you are a polyglot, join the group of translations – Estimated time: 2 hours per week
    • If you know something about WordPress, it does not matter what level, help others in the forums – Estimated time: 15 mins. diaries
    • If you have created a plugin, download it in the official directory
    • If you have created a theme, download it in the official directory
    • If you discover a bug in WordPress or a plugin or theme inform responsibly ]
    • Help whoever needs it most to have their web WordPress
    • Sponsor a local meetup or WordCamp event
    • Organize a local meetup or WordCamp event
    • Share what you know or do in a local meetup or a WordCamp event
    • Attend a local meetup or a WordCamp event
    • Share what you know in a blog or web
    • Do not hide that you use WordPress, spread it
    • … and more

    WordPress exists, is a leader among CMS and in creating content on the web thanks to legions of altruistic volunteers who dedicate a little of their time to continue making WordPress continues to grow and be better every day. [1 9659005] You too can be an active part of this great community and feel proud to be part of the team that makes WordPress every day .

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    How to meet the RGPD in WordPress comments

    Updated on 05-29-2018

    One of the main requirements of the RGPD, mandatory since May 25, 2018 is to obtain the express and conscious consent of the users of the data that you will keep from them on your website .

    And one of the elements of your website that stores user information is comments

    You might think you can save it if, in the comment settings, you uncheck the email request box and name.

    But no, WordPress will continue to store the IP so the trick will not do you any good.

    What you have to do is add a check box in which the user expressly allows you to store the information you save and with a clear link to the policy of priv Acid where you are reported by:

    • Who is the executor of your data
    • What data is stored
    • Who is shared with
    • How long do you store them
    • That the data will travel and be stored encrypted
    • Where and how to delete your user data .
    • Where and how to request your data.

    But, in addition, you must also provide the first layer of information (summarized) of the above

    Do we add it?

    Add acceptance box of the privacy policy in the comments with a code

    If you are one of those who prefer to add a simple code here I leave a series of filters that add the express acceptance box :

    As with the previous code, review it to replace the example data with yours.

    If you prefer, here's what you have with the first layer text in table mode:

    Remember to change the sample texts again for yours.

    Add acceptance box and first layer of information with a code ( all together)

    Did you like it? So we put the two juntitos and you will have the full compliance of the RGPD in comments:

    And you'll have this like this:

    Add acceptance box of the privacy policy in the comments with plugins

    If you prefer add the acceptance box with a plugin, there are a couple of them that comply with everything.

    One of them, very simple to use, is called WP Comment Policy Checkbox recently updated at my request, and you just have to install it, activate it, tell it in Settings> Comments what is your privacy policy page, the basic information text and that's it.

    The box and the text will appear at the end of the comments form, and before the submit button.

    Another good option is the plugin GDPR Comments .

    Not only does it allow you to add the acceptance box and the information text but you can also anonymize the IPs of the new comments and even those already stored previously.

    You will find the settings in Comments> Compliance with the RGPD ]

    Will WordPress do something to help us fulfill the RGPD?

    Well it seems that it is also possible, in fact a specific group has been created to work in the changes that would be necessary in one's own WordPress core to adapt it to the RGPD.

    And one of the proposals made is to natively include the acceptance box in the comments, and could even create in the WordPress installation pages for the privacy policy ].

    Puedes seguir el avance del grupo en los artículos del blog Make WordPress con el hashtag gdpr-compliance.

    Con cualquiera de estos métodos solicitas el consentimiento expreso de tus usuarios para almacenar sus datosles informas de tu política de privacidad en primera y segunda capa (en el enlace a tu política completa), y se guarda el consentimiento en la base de datos, así que puedes dar por cumplida esta parte de la RGPD o GDPR.

    Eso sí, hay más cosas que cumplir, que iremos viendo en el archivo de información de todo lo que debes saber para cumplir la RGPDque iré actua lizando poco a poco con más guías actualizadas.


    Puede que también te ayude:

    Wish lists on WooCommerce

    One of the most interesting features of any professional online store are the wish lists a great way to avoid losing sales, offer customers the possibility of loyalty to your store, so that if you do not want, or can not, buy something now do it later .

     wishlist "width =" 838 "height =" 309 "srcset =" 840w, 550x203.jpg 550w, 1024w "sizes =" (max-width: 838px) 100vw, 838px "/> </a></p>
<p> That's why that <strong> I consider it almost essential to include a wish list system in your online store </strong>something that in WooCommerce is really simple. </p>
<p> In the list of <a title= the best free plugins for WooCommerce [19459] 004] I already mentioned one that allows you to do it but let's see if there are more options, or at least which are the best.

    YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

    Great free plugin for add to your ecommerce online store the functionality of wish lists, and more things .

    From your page of settings, very extensive you will be able to configure the whole aspect of each of the messages and available elements, as well as the page from the user's wish list, which the plugin automatically creates.

    In this regard, if you prefer to create it yourself you just have to add a new page and put the shortcode to show the wish list, this:

    And in addition, you can also add social icons for your customers to share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or by email their wish list something tremendously interesting sue and practical, as well as very professional.

     wishlist settings

    Click to enlarge (settings)

    You can also customize the appearance of the buttons and the wish list table . [19659016] Click to enlarge (more settings) ” width=”150″ height=”150″ />

    Click to enlarge (more settings)

    It is a free, very, very complete plugin, and it will look great in your online store.

    And if you want more customizations, check users' wish lists or send them promotional emails you have a premium version (highly recommended) for only € 64 .

    WooCommerce Wishlists

    Plugin, let's say, official WooCommerce to add the functionality of wish lists.

    In addition to the basic functionality of wish lists, and the icons to share their wishes on social networks, what distinguishes it from others are the following characteristics:

    • The customer You can create several lis wishes
    • You can define several levels of privacy for your wish lists: Public, Private, Shared
    • And most importantly, a customer wish list panel, visible by the administrator of the store where you can identify and order the customers' wishes for email marketing, come on, to encourage them by email to fulfill their "wishes", thanks to their own lists.

    In short, that facing the customer of the store does not provide much more, especially considering that almost nobody is so organized as to create several wish lists and keep them updated, but if it is important for the administrator of the online store since it allows to easily segment their email marketing thanks to the users' tastes being collected.

    What's wrong? That is quite expensive nothing less than 79 $, about 72 € to change.

    WooCommerce Wishlist

    Payment plugin, although quite cheaper than the official, with very interesting features:

    • ] Responsive Design
    • You can place the buttons to add to the wish list above or below the products
    • Create a Slider with the wish list that can be displayed wherever you want and at the customer's will
    • Share on social networks
    • Personalization of texts, buttons and appearance of all the elements

    What contributes to the previous ones is the slider, or carousel, as you prefer to call it, that can be shown in the product pages or the complete catalog, and that the client can show or hide, leaving it as a drop-down tab.

    Its price is a few $ 17, about 15.5 €

    YITH WooCommerce Save For Later

    Interestingly, the same plugin developer by the that we have mpezado also has another plugin that can also serve us as a wish list for WooCommerce .

    The idea is that the customer save items for later, which ultimately becomes a kind of wish list but without calling it that.

    The idea is that if the customer is adding products to the cart, when it's time to pay he realizes he does not have enough money or is not entirely convinced of certain items, you can save them for another time.

    Saved items will be available for subsequent purchases, in the page of saved items for later , which you can customize to your liking simply by putting the shortcode, in addition to what you like, this:

    With another name, but definitely a different way for your customers to create their list of seos. That if, less complete than his older brother that we saw at the beginning, but in many occasions just as useful and easy to include in your online store.

    Are there more options? Sure, but these are the best, and you have everything, free and paid. Which one do I recommend? Well, I think the decision is simple …

    My winner by the win is YITH WooCommerce Wishlist the first of this list. It is a free and very complete plugin, more than enough for practically any online store.

    Now, if you are going to work in email marketing consciousness then perhaps you should consider buying the premium version but otherwise there is no doubt whatsoever.

    But, as always, you decide. It's more which one would you use and why?

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