WordPress 4.9.5, possibly the most irrelevant and controversial version of the story

WordPress 4.9.5 about to leave the first days of April, will surely be one of the versions of WordPress at Same time more controversial and irrelevant

I say it will be irrelevant because none of the news is any improvement for the WordPress user because there is nothing that does anything for us really review?

PHP 7.2 as recommended minimum version

Although it could be seen as good news, in reality it is totally irrelevant, and in fact no one would notice it unless it is customary to read the files readme of each version .

Because the change is that in the readme instead of recommending PHP 7.0 recommends PHP 7.2.

Piece of novelty for a WordPress update!

The text "Cheating" is changed s? eh? "

We are lately in the generation of the offending and someone has come up with the error message that WordPress sometimes shows when a user tries to access a administration page which, by its profile, should not be accessed, could be offensive.

Yes, offensive, because someone has thought that saying that is an insult as you read it.

] And go ahead that does not seem bad to be replaced by a more explanatory text but it is the reason for the change that surprises me.

I still do not know what text will be, but ] Piece of news for a WordPress update!

Censorship in several sentences of the Hello Dolly plugin

What you read. As in the previous case, someone on Twitter said that some phrases from the mythical song Hello Dolly which won a Grammy and is part of the culture musical of the whole planet, not only of the USA, they are offensive for the woman because they are out of context.

That is, someone has activated a plugin to show the lyrics of the song Hello Dolly some phrase bothered him and, instead of deactivating it and / or deleting it, it has been proposed to change the lyrics of Hello Dolly [19659010]

Apart from the piece of debate that has opened this issue and not only about political correctness and self-censorship, also about who decides what goes on WordPress installations (Matt, of course).

Years of requests to remove Akismet from WordPress for being a plug in payment that requires registration in a proprietary service and nothing, someone complains about this and the lyrics of a mythical song are changed.

Piece of novelty for a WordPress update!

Invitation to try Gutenberg

To finish, on the WordPress desktop 4.9.5 (finally postponed to version 4.9.6, blessed joy) will appear a box that will encourage users to install Gutenberg the futuristic new WordPress editor with a really big button to install it directly.

And all that without notifying that you are going to install a plugin in beta in your active WordPress which could cause problems in your active installation, that's why, because it's in beta, and it's not that it could have errors, it's that it has them, and will not work half of it of the plugins and go find out what else problems. [19659003] Piece of novelty for a WordPress update!

Are there more changes?

Well, decide yourself looking at the list but they are minor changes, and very few, not even acceptable for a maintenance update.

And then there's the usual issue, who makes these decisions. Matt, as always. An unconventional easement

How to fix the "Error establishing a connection to the database" in WordPress

One of the ugliest errors you can find in WordPress is the one that says " Error establishing a connection to the database ", basically because it is a blank screen that leaves no room for action on it, something must be done, but behind the scenes.

Although this error is quite radical in the result you see (your entire site has disappeared ) is usually not hard to fix .

The first thing you should know, before panicking, is that it's quite likely that your data is still alive and safe, so , take a deep breath and let's get down to work, okay?

What does "Error establishing a connection to the database?"

The ugly mistake!

To begin with, it is important that you know the mechanisms that are behind the error.

In WordPr There are two main parts:

  • The HTML / PHP code – This is what controls how your site and its features look.
  • Your database – It's where all the information is stored of your entries, pages, settings, comments, and everything else.

When a user comes to your site the HTML / PHP part of WordPress consults in your database to know what content to insert in HTML / PHP. [19659003] So the first thing that WordPress does is consult the database and for that you need to establish a connection with the database.

Offline, WordPress does not You could access any of the content you have to show your visitors. So if WordPress is not able to establish a connection to the database, specified in your file wp-config.php shows you that ugly error .

we have a first place to look!

What causes the "Error establishing a connection to the database?

Once we know what the message really means we will begin to investigate to see why the error is showing on your site.

If you just installed WordPress, you probably entered the database credentials wrong.

But if you see the error in a WordPress site already running, there are other possible guilty:

  • Your database is corrupt. Sometimes, WordPress will show this error if your database is corrupted. Next we see how to check this, do not worry.
  • Your credentials to access the database are not correct. If you have recently changed your credentials to the database you will see this error if you forgot the credentials or did not add them to your file wp-config.php . They could also be errors with the user's permissions to access the database.
  • You are having a problem with your hosting provider . There are some other possible problems that could also cause this error.

Seen this, we will see how to solve each of the possible problems.

How to fix a corrupted database

There is a simple trick that will tell you if the problem is causing a corrupted database:

Try accessing your WordPress desktop, wp-admin

If the error message changes to "One or more tables the database is not available "then you have been lucky, you have to repair the database!

That means that the database is really corrupt, not that there is a broken connection to the database. On the contrary, if the error message does not change, you should go to the next section of this article .

To fix your corrupt database you will have to do 2 things:

  • Add a code to your file wp-config.php to activate the repair tool.
  • Run this repair tool.

So to start, open your favorite FTP program or the file manager panel of your hosting to edit the file wp-config.php . In this article I will use the file manager, which is what you will have on hand, and you do not need to install any additional program or learn to use it.

Go to the panel of your hosting and look for the File Manager ]then locate the site affected by the error.

In the root folder of your WordPress installation with the problem click on the file icon wp-config.php ] and, at the top of the file manager, click on the Code Editor.

When the file wp-config.php is open in the code editor add the following code before the line that says that " That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging ":