How to create a custom color palette for the Gutenberg editor

You already know that I'm not especially a big fan of the editor Gutenberg . Not from his philosophy of introducing visual editing to WordPress, which you know it is, that I think is necessary, but of how to implant it by noses and from its first versions, as a substitute for the default editor in the tickets, a big mistake.

Now, one thing does not take away the other, and is going to touch us, yes or yes adapt, so better to learn things, tricks, from the editor Gutenberg like this one that I propose to you today, I do not know if by conviction or because José Ángel Vidania has abducted me .

Well, one of the curiosities that the Gutenberg editor incorporates is ] the color palettes which by default is like this:

What you do not know is that these color palettes can be customized either because you use a special combination on your website, because you are a developer of themes, or simply because you like to get involved. [1 9659003] In either case, it is very easy to add your own color palette . You just have to edit the file functions.php of the theme and add something like this:

When saving your changes what you will get is the following:

Logically, in the code put the colors (in hexadecimal) you want in your color palette. Here I opted for two shades of magenta, a light gray and a dark gray (basic).

As you see, customize Gutenberg is very easy and you have to thank the development team huge documentation that is generating for this new and brand new WordPress editor, like it or not.

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