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With the arrival of version 3.1, Divi has brought to light a complete API for developers that will mark the future of this visual designer, greatly facilitate the programming of modules for the well-known and popular theme and visual constructor.

Divi Developer API

The new API has an immense documentation and tutorials as well as a utility of creation of extensions for Divi to make it easier to make your own Divi modules.

The importance of this movement is vital, since ] opens the door to the creation of third-party modules and a huge ecosystem around the popular layout .

With the new API you can create modules and extensions for Divi suited to your needs or those of your clients . In addition, using a custom React component, you can preview your module in the layout as you program it.


There are already lots of modules of other programmers for Divi, but until now these modules did not work well in the cover visual mode, and could only be edited in the classic constructor.

With this new tool those same modules can be updated to work in the editor too visual, as in the classic.

Learn to program with Divi

As for the documentation for developers, include step-by-step tutorials that teach you how to create your own modules for Divi, as well as offering a complete look at the Divi API.

Even if you're just starting out with web development, the tutorials for beginners guide you through the whole process.

The new extension creation tool

With the new extension creation utility for Divi a fast creation model of custom modules for Divi is included.

With a single command you set the development environment in motion, install dependencies and create a React base application with a WordPress plugin that has all the files and structure that allows you to register it for use with Divi and WordPress.

a basic module that works from the first moment. From there you only have to configure your extension and configure your module. When you finish, with a single command you optimize your extension and leave it ready for production.

This new utility is open source, and is based on the Create React application. You can use it, copy it, modify it, whatever you want.

An example to learn

In addition to the extensions creation utility, the people of Elegant Themes have also created a basic example of extension for Divi ] That you can use to learn from it.

It is an example of how a module for Divi should be created. If you like to learn by revising code you will love it.

Divi has prepared for the future

Closed tools have no future, and if you want to have a future you must open your code to others. It is the model of Android versus that of Microsoft or Apple, and the new API and tools for Divi are a great step to open this technology to others and thus make the layout even bigger, taking it to where each programmer wants to reach.

A very smart move.

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