How to export emails from WordPress comments

Sometimes you have had to clean your database or your users, but the problem is that you lose some contacts from great interest .

Likewise, if you want to send emails to your visitors who have commented the internal process can be tedious, and it would be better to send them an email through a newsletter system right? [19659003] Well, let's see a simple way to export the emails of your commentators so you can have them in a more appropriate and clean format to send them an email or a newsletter, of course with prior consent. [19659003] For this we are going to use an SQL command so we will go to the hosting panel and open the application PHPMyAdmin which is the database manager.

[19659003] Once inside select your base of data and go to the SQL tab

That's where will execute the following SQL command :

Where you will have to substitute the default code prefix (wp_) for the one you use .

In any way it's easy because PHPMyAdmin has a predictive search engine as you type the name of a table

Then press the continue button and it will show you the results:

[19659003] You only have to click on the link of Export from the bottom of the list and on the next screen choose the format, for example CSV .

Y exports a super cute list to be used at your will.

Oh, what do you prefer a plugin?

Well, nothing, you learn less but existing exists, it's called Comments Emails and it's very easy to use … and pull, when you have finished using it.

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