How to meet the RGPD in bbPress

Do not forget, bbPress is also WordPress but interestingly almost nobody has remembered that this system forums also has to adapt to the General Data Protection Regulations (RGPD).

And the truth is that there is not much, although it makes sense.

Privacy policy

There is not much because you do not need a tool specific for the privacy page because bbPress is a plugin for WordPress, then with the tool included in WordPress you already have it .

Yes you have to add the specific information of the data that you collect in your forums , which at least are:

  • Username
  • User email
  • IP address


You also do not need anything specific for cookies because any cookie plugin you already have and cum pla with the RGPD also applies to bbPress .

Data availability

The same goes for data export, a priori, but not, here nobody has remembered bbPress ]because in principle WordPress does not export data from bbPress forums.

So on this occasion we do need help.

For this, luckily, there is a plugin, bbPress GDPR that adds the bbPress compatibility with WordPress data export and deletion tools .

When installing and activating it, the data export may include:

  1. Forums (Deletion / export if requested by a user)
  2. Discussions (Deletion / exportation if requested by a user)
  3. Answers (Deletion / exportation if requested by a user)

In this way we can already comply with this part of the RGPD.

Anonymized data

But it turns out that bbPress captures and, above all, it shows by default the IP of the users of the forums and that is because it captures them.

Here we can do 2 things:

  • Continue capturing IPs and inform the user before registering in the forum and in our privacy policy page
  • Do not capture IP addresses.

For this last one I have not found any plugin, but you can add this custom function to your customizations plugin that, now, will anonymize your users .

Actually the function does not erase or avoid the capture of the IPs, what it does is that they are all, which is the same as not collecting them, when assigning a generic to all users.

] A fix? Yes, but the goal is achieved, which is what matters.

And nothing else. If you know of any other way to comply with the RGPD in our forums bbPress and it's slow to tell us in the comments.

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