How to disavow links to your website that may be harming your SEO

One of the factors that Google takes into account when positioning your website in the results of the SERP is the number and quality of incoming links .

And in this respect there is an equilibrium relationship, whereby quality links improve your SEO, but those of poor quality hurt you, because they could be considered as toxic links .

How do I locate toxic links?

The best way is to go to the Search Console, where in the "Search traffic" section you will see the sites that most link to your site.

If you detect sites of poor quality, incompatible themes or link farms that link to your website, they could be damaging your SEO.

Likewise, if in the past you made purchases of links to your site , and some update of the Google algorithm has penalized you This would be another clear symptom.

How do I eliminate these toxic links?

If you have toxic links from previous links purchases, it is best to contact the administrators of those websites and ask them to remove links to your website.

You can also have toxic links from comments on blogs, links in forums and directories, almost everything.

Before resorting to seniors you should try to eliminate all these links manually.

If you do not succeed in this endeavor, or there are websites with which you can not contact or are farms that link you massively, the last resort is to use Google Disawow .

Google Disawow

Disawow is a tool from Google where you can request that your search engine disregard incoming links to your website from certain sites.

To get it, first go to the website of the tool, at https: // www. Google com / webmasters / tools / disavow-links-main? pli = 1

Once there, choose the domain for which you want to disavow links.

The next thing you see is a warning from Google to use Disawow with caution, and always as a last resort. Keep it in mind.

Then the tool asks you to upload a txt file with the list of links you want to disavow. The format of the file is simple: a link or domain per line.

More or less it would be something like this:

As you see, you can include comments to Google staff, and the structure allows asking for the elimination of toxic links like URLs or complete domains ( domain: nombredominiomalo.tld ).

Once the file is uploaded you will be shown a summary of the action Done, and you just have to wait.

Last resort

Nothing more, just remember that using Google Disawow should always be the last resort, you could get just the opposite of what you're looking for and hurting your SEO instead of improving it.

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