How to modify the CSS of your WordPress without using a Child Theme

Surely more than once you had to modify the CSS code of your WordPress and have had fear of losing everything when you update the version of your WordPress .

I'm sure that after a lot of reading on the internet at the end you have come to the conclusion that the best solution to change the CSS of your WordPress without losing it with an update is through a Child Theme or son ​​theme .

Well, this process is not a simple topic and requires minimal knowledge even if there are plugins that do it automatically ]

So today I come to bring you a plugin with which you can modify the CSS of your WordPress without having to worry about installing children themes or strange things . You will only need to install the plugin and you will be ready to write lines and lines of CSS code.

The plugin I am talking about is Simple CSS . This wordpress plugin acts as a kind of child theme and gives priority to this style sheet above the rest .

Once the plugin is installed you will only have to put write lines of code in the new plugin .

In case any property you have written in Simple CSS is not respected you simply have to add the code ! Important before ending each property.


In this way you will ensure that all your properties written in Simple CSS are respected.

Also, with this plugin you can do things as interesting as modify the CSS of a particular WordPress page

 simple plugin css

To do this, you simply have to indicate the page on which the CSS (ID) will be modified and then write the CSS code

To know the ID of a WordPress page you will simply have to edit an entry or page in wordpress and look at the URL that appears once you are editing.

In this URL you will see the ID of the page since it is the number that appears after the code post =

You can also modify the CSS of the WordPress blog section using this code: You can also modify the CSS of the blog section WordPress using this code:

How you can check there are a thousand and one ways to modify the CSS of your WordPress with this plugin even if you use some visual layout ( Divi Elementor Visual Composer ).

Note that this plugin is the perfect complement for this allows to modify the CSS of any part of the web saving resources and optimizing your WordPress to the maximum without Necessity of any Child Theme.

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