Does Yoast have a future?

As you already know, recently, coinciding with the 5th anniversary of the company, Joost de Valk has sold his company Yoast to CrowdFavorite [19659004]which raises a lot of uncertainty and doubts about the continuity of its products and services, among which is the very popular WordPress SEO by Yoast .

Although in principle Joost has said that its intention is that none of the plugins and services suffer with the acquisition and neither the updates nor the licenses suffer changes, there are some elements that make doubt such claims.

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Team integration

The first is that, logically and as acknowledged, for a few months will be dedicated to the necessary integration of your company in CrowdFavorite what you learned The resources, and even the attention of employees and managers, will be focused on the acquisition, integration of equipment, migration of licenses, servers, software, etc. Anyone who has suffered an acquisition or merger of companies knows what I am talking about.

The reality is that, despite Joost's well-meaning statement, the reality is that a merger or acquisition of companies takes months adaptation, in which the services always suffer some kind of abandonment simply because the employees are to something else, such as what their future will be in the new company. Joost has already secured a position as Marketing Director at Crowdfavorite, but what about the others? It is logical, right?

Other acquisitions

On the other hand, another aspect that worries in this matter, and that adds to the problem I mentioned above, is that turn CrowdFavorite, and acquired. about a year ago by VeloMedia is currently in the process of being acquired by another company, 10Up . All this volatility does not help to know what future awaits the products of the various acquisitions.


But the thing gets worse if we take a look at the plugins that the same CrowdFavorite keeps in the official WordPress repository . A simple review of those offered shows that they are without updates a long time ago, they have problems, in short, they seem to be abandoned by the company, which does not bode well with the addition of one more product.

The star product of Joost is the plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast with a huge implantation in the WordPress community, with millions of installations, and an abandonment, even if temporary, of its development could compromise the digital strategy, and even security, of thousands of WordPress installations worldwide .

Of course, this situation could affect any of the other 28 Yoast plugins . among which is the one that integrates Google Analytics, another of the most used, which could also be compromised.

I hope I'm wrong and this acquisition breaks the rule and everything is perfect, being able to continue enjoying the Yoast plugins, without stoppages or license changes or loss of benefits, or even improve, but experience and signals teach us to be cautious and we will have to be vigilant, for example, if Yoast plugins maintain the current update rate, especially when they have been compromised previously.


Are there alternatives? Of course. There are plugins as capable and professional as All in one SEO pack which has been offering quality SEO improvements for years and which is incorporating important improvements in each new version. And on the other hand we can always manage the SEO of our WordPress using a intelligent tagging of the theme create our own SEO plugin or by applying the basics which they always work.

Note: it seems that in the end it was a joke, so calm down

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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