Redirect 404 errors to your homepage

SEO is an annoyance, I do not know if you agree with me, it turns out that it is not always enough to write a lot and write good original articles, there are imponderables that can damage your web in the face of search engines ]and page errors not found, or 404 are one of those imponderables.

Okay WordPress themes usually offer a 404 page so that it is not an error pure and hard, and incidentally offer a search engine or whatever, but sometimes it is more convenient that all 404 error is directed to the cover of your website where there is content.

If it is the case, and you want to do this redirect you just have to add these lines to the file .htaccess :

What it does is redirect the 404 in searches, tags or categories to the main page . Just change the sample URL for yours and save the changes.

Permanent redirect 301 on

The problem of redirect 302

Until now, when you opened a site in even if you updated the account to use your domain, if you later migrated to your own accommodation, when someone linked to a post on your old site from search engines, for example, it offered a redirect 302 a temporary redirect that warned of the new site that where it used to be ' 'now it was' ', but that could make you lose positioning since the bot receives the indication that the content is' ' but it's still indexing ' '.

Now it's not like that since the permanent redirects 301 have been introduced for these cases, so the SEO of your site will not be harmed if you migrate from to WordPre All a success and an incentive for anyone to be encouraged to try the freedom and complete control of using WordPress hosted on your own server even when you have started in the community.