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In the last WordCamp Cantabria I had the opportunity to learn from the hand of one of its creators, Pancho Pérez, the platform Octi. io a different concept of a project development and hosting platform which deserves our full attention because of the interestingness of the proposal.

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In principle, Octi is a platform in which developers, for free, can host developments for their clients and when they finish their project, they can host their client's application in the hosting they offer.

The service is free for developers all be told in passing, it will be the end customer who has to pay their hosting through Octi, as usual.

But not only that. Actually, the same name, Octi, acronym for One Click To Install offers free development and staging spaces to developers, in which – one click – install WordPress, or another CMS like Magento, PrestaShop, Drupal or whatever works in LAMP.

Installations are made, as the name goes, at a click and they install WordPress, demo content to be able to develop on existing content, something that always is a basic in every project, installs the theme that the developer wants to use and with the necessary plugins to complete the site:

  • AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild
  • Akismet
  • Breadcrumb NavXT
  • Contact Form 7
  • Media Files Tool
  • Related Posts for WordPress
  • Theme Check
  • TTT Crop
  • TTT LoadMore
  • Social TTT
  • WPML

The process to have your development space on Octi is simple:

  1. Go to the web Octi.io
  2. You access the Store and choose a theme base to start with.
  3. On the next screen, click on " Try this app now ] "To install your Octi space with the chosen theme.
  4. Begin the installation of your site, creating a host for your project in a temporary address (which you can change) to which you later associate a domain and hosting for your client.

The hosting and staging space is complete so you have full administration access to the WordPress installation (or the CMS you want ) and even FTP and MySQL access .

 complete management octi

And, of course, access to the administration of your site … [19659007]  octi desktop


Special mention deserves the theme LongSocial from the company 33Themes in which the Octi team also has a lot to do, a real gem, as the slogan says, a theme for Social Influencers.

It has special features that you will not find in other themes:

Basic features

  • In the loop, in addition to the entries, you can specify your social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vimeo) and your latest updates will be displayed in these networks interspersed between the entries of your site, giving meaning to the name of the subject to integrate your social publications with those of your blog .
  • Includes several input formats: Standard, Minientry, Status, Image, Video, Audio, Appointment, Link and Gallery.
  • Custom Thumbnails: Header Slider, Masonry Image and Content Gallery
  • Header Slider, where you can choose whether to display the contents of a static page or enter Fixed pages, being able to insert video, images or even galleries
  • Static page template for cover page
  • Custom menus: Social links header, main menu and footer menu
  • Sidebars or zones custom widgets: Vertical for pages and entries and horizontal for the footer.
  • Full integration with the WordPress Personalizer: Favicon, logo, header design (left, center, right), link color, header image, background, social links, header slider, everything.
  • Page templates: with right sidebar, centered without sidebar, centered without title, contact (adapting special styles for Contact Form 7), with left and wide sidebar complete
  • Custom widgets: latest entries with thumbnails, social menu as a widget, contact widget with map, address, and some more.

More details:

  • The entry format The image works with both the highlighted images and with images that are in the content, it does not matter where you put it that recognizes it and will use it as long as you choose that input format, something not usual in most subjects.
  • The video input format for the header slider is fully compatible with oEmbed, so it will display smoothly videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Ted, Kickstarter, Vine and WordPress.tv.
  • The gallery entry format has a template special personalized you will love.
  • The cover excerpts of the entries will be displayed without any need to use plugins, because the theme checks if you have defined extract or not, or if you have inserted the tag "Read more", and cut the content to be displayed correctly in the loop, it does not matter if it is a normal input or if you use an input format such as video, image or whatever you want.
  • If you do not use the personalized menu offered, the default will default to the categories of the entries, so you do not start with an empty menu or a huge list of pages, that horripilancia that we see so much.
  • The information of the author of each entry will show the social links that you have put in your profile and as avatar will use your Gravatar image. You can also use the plugin WP User Avatar plugin By flippercode which fits perfectly with TTT Social Profile Social Links
  • Integration with JetPack: If you use the Share module of JetPack to show social icons with which to share, you can choose the option "Only icons" of the module and LongSocial will apply its own styles to suit the general design of the theme.
  • You also have the option to do Click to Tweet as with the plugin that uses all quisque, but in this case a solution of the LongSocial theme, which applied to your own styles to be integrated into your entries perfectly.

Some captures of this gem …

Are you still drooling over the possibilities of LongSocial? do you want it? it runs that the good people of 33Themes have given me a coupon for WordPress Help readers so that, the first 10 readers who want it, instead of the usual € 79, for only € 15, only until December 31, 2015 . The coupon to enter longsocial-ayudawp-offer

But there is more, if you create your own Octi you have LongSocial complete, in addition to all its functionalities. And, doing the opposite route, when acquiring LongSocial you are offered to do a one-click installation that creates you a space in Octi, yes, at a click . Also, of course, you can try any other of the many good ones on the Octi website .

(Note: in case you have not noticed some of the links in this entry is affiliation, so if you buy a product it costs you the same but you pay me a coffee, without affecting the impartiality of the content)

NOTICE : this publication is made two years or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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