New actions and WordPress filters 3.8


As not everything is going to be aesthetic novelties, you should know that WordPress 3.8 has also incorporated new actions and filters of vital importance for developers, either topics or plugins.

The list of new features in this regard is as follows:

  • automatic_updates_complete: Action to be executed after each automatic update (wp-admin / includes / class-wp-upgrader.php) [19659005] automatic_updates_debug_email: Email debug filter that can be sent after a kernel update in the background (wp-admin / includes / class-wp-upgrader.php)
  • comment_notification_notify_author: Filter whether or not to notify the authors when have comments on your entries (wp-includes / pluggable.php)
  • dashboard_glance_items: Includes additional elements in the desktop widget "At a glance", formerly known as "Right now" (wp-admin / includes /dashboard.php)
  • user_{$name}_label: Filter the tag of a user's contact method (wp-admin / user-edit.php)
  • wp_prepare_themes_for_js: Filter the themes prepared for JavaScript, in themes .php. It can be useful to change the order, which by default is by name (wp-admin / includes / theme.php)

You have a more complete list, with other minor changes, in WPSeek .

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