Restrict user names

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<p> If you have ever installed <em> WordPress Multisite </em> one of the options that allows you to administer the network is <strong> you can limit the names with those who can register new users </strong> Unfortunately this utility is not available if you do not activate the network of WordPress sites. </p>
<p> And it is not nonsense, because <strong> restrict user names and aliases can prevent misunderstandings that could get you in some mess </strong>. Just imagine someone who has registered with the username <em> admin </em> or <em> webmaster </em> or even with your name, and answer in the comments as if it were you. Until you discover it and eliminate it completely, it can get you into some small mess. </p>
<p> In all cases <strong> it is always good, in large communities, that there is no room for this kind of possible misunderstanding </strong>avoiding the use of certain user names. </p>
<p> This has been the case for years, because in the forums this limitation has always been possible, <strong> a basic of community administration </strong>. </p>
<p> Going back to WordPress, although by default do not consider this possibility – unless you activate Multisite – it is easy to add it, as always by several possible ways. </p>
<h2><span id= :: Restrict user names without plugin ::

If you do not want to install any plugin you can create a function to avoid the creation of certain user names, which you must customize to your liking or needs.

Just use the following base and adapt it to whatever you want by replacing the example names with which you want to restrict:

When a user tries to register with one of the user names in the list, an error message will be displayed and you will have to choose another one that is not in the blacklist.

:: Restrict user names and aliases with plugin ::

The previous method is effective but what if you could define more exhaustive rules? this case is nothing less than the plugin called Restrict Usernames .

Once activated it offers you a settings screen where you can specify the restrictions you want to apply:

  1. If user names can include spaces or No.
  2. Minimum and maximum length for usernames.
  3. Exact usernames that can not be used.
  4. Words that can not appear in usernames, so they can not, for example , use Fernando-Admin for what ades here the word Admin so that any user name that includes not permitted.
  5. mandatory words in the username. Just the opposite of the above, for when you want all the user names associated with a word, for example wordpress so that a user named Pedro would not be allowed but if one called Pedro_wordpress .

 restrict users wordpress

Just a couple of things to keep in mind. One is that, of course, you must have the user registry activated in " Settings -> General ", and another that the changes you make do not affect existing users or users that create an administrator, who will have no restriction to choose user names.

Come on, perfect.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Less options is more freedom • WordPress Help

The urban myth tells that all Albert Einstein's outfits were exactly the same, so he did not have to spend time every day thinking about what to wear and instead he could dedicate that valuable time to that in what was most good: "physics."

If what is said is true, it seems to me that it is a very intelligent decision and we can apply it to the web design context and to our clients.

Website owners are very good at their job: managing their business, developing products and selling them (or whatever their mission). However, setting up and / or maintaining a website for your company is generally something that is outside your range of expertise, something in which you should invest the least possible time to focus on your business.

 Confusion Thanks to WordPress this task becomes quite simple, but some themes (usually the most popular ones) complicate the management experience of such a restriction that website owners end up investing more time than they should in set up your sites.

These WordPress themes have badly gotten used to customers, spreading the idea that the more options available, the higher quality is delivered.

But this is rarely the case.

Many options paralyze

A few weeks ago, one of my clients asked me for help with a website because he bought a very nice subject but it was difficult to configure it, which seemed strange to me. or being that it is someone quite intelligent and that has handled quite well the other sites we have done.

But at the time of accessing the administrator, I find this:

 too many- options

As you can see the administration menu had added some extra elements (Page sections, Slides and Revolution Slider), but the most important thing is that an extra screen with options of the theme was added to your it included 11 screens with configurable options.

Yes, you read well: 11 screens!

A few days ago Fernando was talking about " swollen themes ", and the truth is that this time I was facing one of them.

Decisions or options?

The best decisions are made when there are fewer options available, so everything must be done to ensure that this condition is met. For this purpose, a funnel filtering model is used.

For example, if I need to buy shoes, I must decide if I want shoes or sneakers, that reduces my options by half. Then I must decide if I want formal or informal shoes, my options are reduced again. Then I establish what is the price range that I am willing to pay, less options and finally I choose a place in which to look for shoes (the mall of my city for example). In this way my options are limited and I can make a better decision.

Unfortunately, this exercise does not apply when this type of issue comes into play.

The client / buyer thinking model is more or less as follows: [19659020] I need a website

  • I want it in WordPress
  • I want to use a pre-designed theme
  • I'll buy it in ThemeForest
  • I'll look in the 'corporate' section (corporate or institutional) )
  • With this reasoning the options are considerably reduced and he can calmly take an option.

    However, after choosing and installing the topic, thinking that his decision-making process was over, he finds this issue which makes it enter again into a complex decision-making process, although on this occasion, instead of deciding on its own, it is opting for different alternatives, several of which have no idea what they mean. [1] 9659003] There is no need to make people go through this frustrating process.

    If you have already made your decisions, until you get to buy a theme, ideally, the next step is as simple as installing, adjusting colors, uploading your logo and start posting.

    Client Sites

    My day-to-day work is to design and develop websites for clients (of course using WordPress as a base) and something they greatly appreciate is that the sites have some options Of configurable design: the logo of the header, the text of copyright, the links to social networks, etc.

    Of course there are only a couple of options so that if you decide to modify any of them, do not take more than A couple of minutes.

    It is not about offering transcendental options that allow them to completely change the appearance of the site because that is a decision that they already made at the time of approving the design, it is instead a matter of putting I have enough tools to have control over their sites.

    Another element that is undoubtedly a relevant factor for my clients is the simplification that I usually make to the administration area to make the task of maintaining their sites more pleasant. [19659003] For example, the menu " Entries " is often confusing for customers, which is why in many cases I choose to change this term to " News ", which is much more easy to understand.


    Depending on the site and the client, I sometimes delete some dashboard widgets and replace them with others that are customized to give them the welcome to your site, also, I teach you to enter to edit your content with a user of the type editor and enter as administrator only to manage plugins, menus and updates, so that you are not distracted by other options that are not relevant at the time of writing a page


    Some time ago I published a tutorial on my site about how to improve the administration experience, if you want you can review it, and follow the steps indicated there.

    Recently I have launched a course called " Creation of professional WordPress themes " in which everything related to the creation of WordPress themes, and the standard version of the course also includes access to a complete module on the customization of the WordPress administration area.

    The course price starts from USD $ 99 in its basic version, however, As a fan of this site, I am giving away a 30% discount for WordPress Help readers.

    If you are interested, you should only use the coupon " ayudawp " at the time of purchase. [19659003] PD : This is an exclusive promotion of the author of this article in which WordPress Help does not directly participate or obtain any benefit. All the responsibility lies with the author and promoter of the same.

    (Note: in case you have not noticed some of the links in this entry are affiliate, so if you buy a product it costs you what same but you pay me a coffee)

    NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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    WordPress and color blindness

    An article written by Antonio Villegas, from the company A / B Testing that talks about the color blindness and WordPress .

    In addition to describing what color blindness is, has called me a lot. offer a series of tools to check if you're colorblind, highlights the fact of how friendly WordPress is with people who have this difficulty to distinguish colors.

    Specifically, Antonio points out that – also in this – interface of administration of WordPress offers a design of high quality, with colors of high contrast that do not mix the meaning of the elements of color something vital for the colorblind ones.

    It does not pass the same with some plugins, and sets the example Yoast's WordPress SEO although it also offers some trick to fix it.

    Force the default administration color • WordPress Help

     colors admin wordpress

    WordPress 3.8 has introduced a new design to the management area based on the plugin MP6 which, among its features, includes (to this day) nothing less than 8 color schemes for each user to choose .

    Now, if you manage a site with many users and want to offer an experience solid and uniform aspect may seem like a good idea define a default color scheme for all new users .

     color schemes admin wordpress

    And this is very easy to get, you just have to add a bit of code to your custom utility plugin something like this:

    In the previous example the chosen color scheme is " sunrise " but you can customize it, choosing from any of the available ones, putting your name in English and lowercase.

    If, in addition, you want the color scheme selector of the user profiles to disappear you should add a little more code, this:

    What you get is this:

     no color schemes admin wordpress

    Do you want to add more color schemes to choose from ?, then install the plugin Admin Colors Schemes .

    NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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    News in MP6 – WordPress Help

     mp6 "width =" 430 "height =" 500 "class =" aligncenter size-medium wp-image-72781 "srcset =" https : // 430w, 660w "sizes =" (max-width: 430px) 100vw, 430px "/> </a></p>
<p> The plugin in which you are experiencing <strong> the future of the WordPress administration interface </strong><a href= MP6 has had recent updates that have incorporated some very interesting improvements.

    For example, now there is a new color scheme called Midnight quite nice for my taste, although I still prefer softer and minimalist schemes, that has them.

     mp6 color schemes

    Another very interesting novelty, although I do not think that everyone likes it, is the redesign that makes the widgets area [19] 459011]. To start, change the area where the sidebar areas are, going from the right to the left, which I think is a great success, but what you might not like so much is that the descriptions of what each widget does disappear , although you can see them by clicking on the question mark of each one.

     mp6 widgets

    There are also changes in the menu area design … [19659004]  design menus mp6

    and redesign of some icons :
     mp6 icons

    Also has improved response and adaptation from mobile devices although I have found that it is still not perfect still overlapping some menus at lower resolutions, something I hope will be solved little by little.

    In any case it is a redesign of the administration area of WordPress very interesting, that It is convincing me, and if you get used to using it there is no turning back, especially the icons, much more illustrative, and the recent change in the use of widgets, a greater improvement than you think at first sight.

    NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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    Notifications on bbPress • WordPress Help

    The WordPress forums system, bbPress, works for all sizes of forums, it is easy to manage and use, but it must be recognized that it lacks advanced functions that do have more veteran forums systems

    . those are the plugins, which we can also add, specific to bbPress.

    One of them is bbpress notices which adds the possibility of leaving notices of the administration in the forums. For this, after installing it, you have a new type of input – so you do not have to research or learn anything new – to create notes that you can assign to be seen in all forums.

    You just go to the menu " ] Notices "under the main forums menu and there you create the ads you want.

    Project management from the WordPress desktop

     manage wordpress projects

    If you have a collaborative website, and especially if your site is corporate, where different people from the same team usually access To publish content, it makes perfect sense to have an integrated project management system since everyone will access the WordPress desktop at some point, nothing easier than having the business tracking tool there too Right?

    Well, it's simple.

    Because you just have to install the WP Project Manager plugin, which adds a complete management system to the WordPress administration area . projects free, free, and powerful. There was already another pretty majete, CollabPress but WP Project Manager far exceeds it .

    For this, its administration screen has 5 areas that cover everything necessary for project management and for each project that you create:

    1. Activity : it is a kind of page of everything that is being generated in each project, a list of everything that is cooked with a link to each of the activities.
    2. Messages : here you can leave global messages or specific users, related to goals, tasks, whatever.
    3. Tasks : you can create tasks for active projects and assign them to specific users.
    4. Goals : important dates or objectives related to projects or tasks, not all the activity is shown, only the important one, where you can assign specific tasks to users.
    5. Files ]: list of uploaded and assigned files to any aspect of existing projects

    In the following screenshots you have a good sample of the different actions that can be performed:

    As you see, tremendously complete, easy to follow and offers the most the functionalities of any specialized project management software so it meets the fundamental needs.

    That's right, you will not find Gant diagrams or other virguerías which often distract more than help, but functional is, and for a while, in fact it is of the simplest, and consequently practical, that I've seen in a long time, and above without leaving WordPress .

    If you have any doubts here you have a couple of videos …

    Quick demo of features:

    More detailed review:

    Do you want even more? 15 $ you can take out the manager of p royectos to the visible cover of your web with another plugin of the same developers.

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡projecting it well!

    NOTICE : this post is from two years or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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    Teleport, managing WordPress with shortcuts

     teletransporte star trek "title =" teletransporte star trek "width =" 500 "height =" 385 "class =" aligncenter size-full wp -image-65168 "/> </p>
<p> Well, I'm decided, <strong> the next version of WordPress should have incorporated Teleport </strong> and so this CMS will come close to the simplicity we all look for. </p>
<p> And that is that is a lover of the <strong> keyboard shortcuts </strong>you have to admit it, because <strong> you get to any site with 10 fingers before with just one </strong> no matter how fast you are with the mouse. </p>
<p> And <a href= Teleport is the perfect assistant for any administrator, editor or manager of a WordPress, because with the asset you will save many clicks, even click when managing your WordPress. [19659003] The best thing is that it is a plugin, free, that once active puts your fingers to its full power . [19659] 003] What does it do ?, put your WordPress in space orbit

    Once active you just have to press the key " w " to activate it and choose to click in its pop-up icons or use the quick access keys that it puts at your disposal, namely:

    You press the "w" key and then one of the following:

    • e – (Edit) Edit the current page / entry
    • d – (Dashboard – Desktop) Takes you to the desktop
    • s – (Settings – Settings) Takes you to the settings page
    • to – (File) Takes you to the page of entries / pages / types Custom input (depends on what you're looking at that moment)
    • q – (Quit – Quit) Disconnects the current user / Redirects to the login page
    • w – Closes Teleporter / Access
    • esc – Closes the Teleporter

    To see it in action nothing better than this great video, which also has a …

    Mola eh?

    At the moment it only works on the web, not within the administration area but they plan to incorporate this possibility. Enjoy it!

    NOTICE : This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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    How to hide the WordPress screen options tab • WordPress Help

    If, for some reason, you want to hide the screen options tab from the WordPress desktop, actually from all the administration screens, it's very easy to do it.

    It occurs to me that you can be very useful for client installations where you do not want – along with other customizations – to tap the screen options to, for example, not activate the custom fields widget in the editor. Whatever you think.

    With a simple code, added to the file functions.php of your active theme (and if you do not believe it) you have it once you save the changes.

    Tune the WordPress desktop

    One of the things that I love about WordPress are the plugins. And although it usually shares functions or hooks with which to modify aspects of WordPress, when a plugin comes out that makes our life easier so that with a couple of clicks you can do virguerías I love it.

    CMSfy is one of these little wonders. As a WordPress administration customization tool is priceless, and above is free, at our disposal in the plugin installer and the official repository come on, you can not ask for more.

    What do you do? Well, a little bit of everything …

    What you are looking for is to offer a complete customization of the WordPress administration and for that it offers a single screen, yes, with 3 different tabs and a multitude of possibilities in each one. It is what is usually called a " tweaker ".

    In the first tab we can make many customizations to the visibility of the elements in the administration deciding that users will see of our WordPress and no. I will not detail them all because they are a huge amount, but you can hide the updates to those that are not administrators, choose which Desktop widgets will be displayed, which widgets will be available for the sidebars, even which columns you will see in the input windows and Pages

    The second, called " Media ", offers us a couple of important questions. On the one hand we can provoke that the images that we upload automatically resize in the load, avoiding an excessive consumption of space and time in load of the server due to fawning users who upload their photos to top of quality, for example

    The next thing that this tab offers us is to be able to add additional sizes that will be created when uploading an image, defining not only the size, you can do that in the standard settings page, but also the names of the different images. You do not replace the standard sizes but you can create more.

    In the third and last configurations tab, called " Editor ", you can improve somewhat the ticket editor TinyMCE choosing which text style formats you want to show (which always remains), but you can also add new formats and sizes to your liking.

    And if you're left wanting more in the last tab you have a series of recommended plugins for to improve the experience and control of your WordPress CMS . ] Well, no?

    I think, however, that you can still improve the plugin, because for example it does not allow you to define what user profile you will see depending on what things, for example. In the current version if inactive, for example, the Quick Press widget will not be available to the administrator. With that it would be perfect at all. But come on, that's great, and more so for a version as early as 0.5.

    NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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