Adobe migrates 1200 blogs from Movable Type to WordPress • WordPress Help

I think you do not need news like this to ensure that WordPress is the king of the CMS but it is just another example of that today, and increasingly, ] WordPress is the preferred online publishing platform for all and we have the pleasure to enjoy and learn every day.

Do you need more samples that you are not here by chance, that you have chosen well?

Course on creation of themes with Dreamweaver CS5

The Spanish DreamWeaver User Group and the Adobe User Group Granada are going to make an eSeminar about how you can convert a static page into a WordPress theme using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, a of the main novelties of the new version of the Adobe suite, such as we already announced .

The best thing of all is that being an online seminar is completely free, you just have to register in this website .

From Photoshop to WordPress Free • WordPress Help

On the site of DIVINE offer the download of a tool to convert free layouts made from Photoshop to WordPress for free.

You just have to provide your address email and they send you the download link. Then the process of use is quite simple but you can be guided by the official tutorial . Basically it is to execute the received link and access the new menu Divine that will appear in Adobe Photoshop CS3 (minimum requirement).